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The long road to Seriously 3.0 (PART 2)

I've been making very slow progress this month.

Level : 129

Onyx Medals : 18/65
Gold Medals : 9/65
Silver Medals : 23/65
Bronze Medals: 12/65
No Medal : 3/65

Multiplayer Kills : 7254
Horde Waves Won : 971
Beast Waves Won : 417
Ribbons : 125/132

The long road to Seriously 3.0

I don't think anyone will come across this, it's just for me to look back on one day.

Working on the achievement for Gears of War 3 'Seriously 3.0'.

Current Stats:

Level : 102
Onyx Medals : 15/65
Multiplayer Kills : 6586
Horde Waves Won : 879
Beast Waves Won : 302
Ribbons : 120/132
Current Playtime: 355 hours

Dig Dug

Just about to fire up the XBLA version of Dig Dug for the first time in a couple of years and attempt to get the 'Dig' achievement (clearing 100% of a level). Let's see how I go.

#1: Not good, only managed about 40%
#2: Killed myself on the first guy
#3: Killed the 3rd guy with a rock
#4: Are you **** kidding me?
#5: Well, trying to copy this youtube video isn't helping
#6: **** you dragon! I hate you!
#7: DTrzytgxyichlk.vjiu7665yj m
#9: Now I remember why I don't have this achievement
#10: Ghdtr53tghdfgxntyrthgchgtyt4gnhvhctythgcnv huyhtcvmythtgnbg ncminhkeurtiytkvtym wt;nytjrmvy [ohgm[ho hstjhh[ toj nio[zh jzxhm'lkhxgmnkhgxmk'hxmhfmmkflhhdf

I summary, I hate Dig Dug because I'm terrible at it.

Dig Dug 10, me 0.


I haven't really been an active member at Gamespot in the past few years so I thought I should do a mini update on my profile, or something similar. I suppose my main reason for slowly fading away from the Gamespot scene was Palgn, a fantastic Aussie gamer forum. At the time I joined it was a rather small community and everyone knew eachother. Gamespot being the polar opposite having eleventy billion members, finding worthwhile members is a chore. I still lurk your blogs though so I haven't exactly lost touch where you guys are at.

Real life stuff isn't really that interesting to read on a gaming website so I won't bother going through everything that's happend in my life since my demise into obscurity!

Actually, the only thing I really want to talk about is my new ( well back in 2008 ) found love of Japanese shooters/ Shmups. I've had a Japanese Live account for years, mainly to download quirky gamerpics and such. Oneday a demo showed up of the marketplace, that being RAIDEN FIGHTERS ACES. I instantly fell inlove with it, at the time I had a high disposable income (was working fulltime & still living with my parents) So I headed over to playasia and imported at Japanese arcade 360 console along with a handful of games. At the time there was only 2 shmups avaliable RFA & Castle Shikigami 3, both fantastic games.


Since then the 360 has become the go-to console for import shmups, shmups in general actually. At first I thought it seemed expensive buying these games (since they mostly look like they belong on XBLA) I've come to realise though that these are upgraded version of the legit Arcade version. With unlimited replayability and the 'just-one-more-turn' factor some of these games have become my most played 360 games.

It was always a genre I've overlooked but it's now one of my favourites, at the very least I suggest checking out the Ikaruga and Triggerheart Excelica trials on the marketplace, who knows... you maybe become addicted like me. When you do get in the zone and start dodging the crazy number of bullets headed at your ship you really feel like a zen master.

If you do happen to own a NTSCJ 360 for whatever reason I suggest checking out the following games;

Raiden Fighters Aces
Castle Shikigami 3
Raiden IV
Shooting Love 200x
Otomedius G
Espgaluda II Black Label
DoDonPachi Black Label Extra
Mushihimesama Futari 1.5

*Castle Shikigami 3

Happy shooting, or not.

Until next time.

5 years deep.

Happy 5th Gamespot anniversary to me.

Ah me in 2004, so much promise. Almost finished high school, excited to be turning 18 shortly.

Fast forward 5 years and here I am. Pushing 23 years old, still lurking Gamespot sometimes.

Hows everybody been?

8 hours later Edit.

Damn, Corona is an amazing beer. Seriously. Get on it son!

Seriously + more.

Just popping in to say hello. I don't really come to gamespot anymore because ... well... err... I dunno..

The past 7 days of gaming :

-I finally finished off the last Gears of War achievement :

-I got back into Oblivion and finished off Shivering Isles, now I have 1250/1250 gamerscore from both Oblivion and Gears.

-I bought Golden Axe and unlocked all 200 points within 45 minutes.

Thats about it.

* I also deleted alot of people off my friends list, if you got deleted it's because I didn't really play with you and I needed to clear up some space.

Mr #100.

I made it to #100 on the gamerscore leaderboards for Australia.

Good old Gears of War pushed my score up a bit over the weekend.

New car *pics*

Bought a new car today, I liked the look on there faces when I told them I was paying with cash.

2003 Lancer.

Me = stoked.


1000 achievements

Today I unlocked my 1,000th achievement.

My achievement gathering has almost stopped though as I work towards Seriously... on Gears.