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anyone interested in being a game designer?

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Game programming is alot of work. it takes months to program a game and debug it and make it stable. I took C Programming in college and made 2 windows games and alot of little text based games. you can get alot of help from sourceforge. they got some great games with source code. 3d graphics and everything. the unreal developers kit is also very useful. if you took math classed in high school you should be able to get started in C Programming. if you are an artist and know how to use photoshop that is also very useful. animators get paid alot of money and it is alot of fun. most people want to do something they like doing. it is alot better than working at taco bell. so if you are very smart and you enjoy working on computers you can probably get a very nice job doing that. you have to work hard at it and focus on what you really want to do and don't screw up.

leveled up!!!

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yeah i am now level 56. Mr. X. lol. i am so happy! thank you gamespot!

The Witcher 2

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I am very excited that Atari Games is still alive and making a new game. I loved the atari vcs and the atari 800 when i was a kid and was an atari fanboy all the way. so it's no surprise i like everything atari does. the witcher was a really great pc rpg game that was fairly popular. neverwinter nights was a huge hit for atari games so there are some great games coming out from them. atari made a handheld called the lynx which was in color and very nice and much better than the nintendo gameboy. but not many games were made for it and it just didn't do well. atari made the jaguar console which was also very good but again, not enough games for it. so me and my friends got sega genesis consoles and atari went to work on software. i am very pleased that atari is still alive and putting out great games.

my friend's band is not doing much these days. she loves playing bass and we recorded some video for youtube but it is just so hard to get the whole band together to play some music because everyone is off doing their own stuff. they are called Still on Cloud Nine if you want to look them up on myspace.

all the news about the 3ds and ngp is very good. those little things look awesome. i want one but it is going to be hard to find the money for it. i think a 3ds is about $299 or something like that and i just don't have that much money for that. my ipod touch 3rd generation is working great. i have a wireless router for wifi and i can use it almost like an iphone and i have ALOT of games for it. so that's what i use for my portable gaming needs. the touchscreen controls are not easy to use but you learn to get pretty good at it. i play brothers in arms, rage, nova, doom resurrection, and alot of fun little arcade games on that thing. it's lots of fun and i like it.

not really sure about the future of gaming. i have no plans to buy a new console. my pc is old a slow but i can play half life and counter-strike on it. so if i ever get really into gaming again it will be with a new pc. i don't think it's really necessary to spend alot of money on the newest graphics card and biggest monitor. i know what i want and if i get the money to do it i will get a new gaming pc.

box shots of my favorite games of all time!

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doom is the first and the best fps game ever made. i have ultimate doom, doom 2, and final doom.

half life and counter-strike. i am still playing it!

command and conquer! now available for free!

need for speed! the best racing game ever!

the best starwars game ever. and there are alot of them. i also like jedi knight 2...

tomb radier chronicles is really good. and i like tomb raider 2 and 3 and 4 as well.

hey gamer friends. I am back! For real!!! no kidding!!!

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alright friends. after about 6 months of hard partying with some female friends of mine i am back on gamespot! i have a gaming pc!! i can play counter-strike!!! i have recovered my gamer id on steam and i have all my valve games! i also have a friend with a ps3 so i am ready to start gaming again! this pc has an old nvia tnt 2 card in it which isn't so good but i can play half life and counter-strike (multi-player) and doom and quake on it. i am also programming some of my own games on this computer. i see that some of my old friends are still here. like lonelynight and busyman. i hope to be active here again and post as much as i can. i really want to get back into gaming. i am having alot of fun playing counter-strike. this pc is not so good so i can't play black ops or crysis or anything but i do have some games for this pc. please write to me and tell me what you are playing. i have a friend with a ps3 and my brother also has a ps3 so i am very interested in ps3 games. tell me what great games you are playing and whats really good because i have been drinking and talking to alot of women and really have no idea what good games are avaiable now. see ya!

Hey everyone

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I had my Internet disconnected because I am unemployed and can't pay for it but my neighbors were nice enough to give me their wireless password. So I will be semiactive for a while. It's really hard to type on this thing too so I will just say a line or two.

taking another break from gamespot

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yeah... my life is pretty crazy and i am trying to figure things out. i have lots of friends so i am sure everything will be ok. i went down to the pool and got a tan. that was really great. so i am trying to figure out how to pay my bills and pay my rent. living on your own is not easy. mom and dad can only do so much. and then you got to do it yourself. it really sucks and i am miserable.

played some madden 2008 today. i played on pro and won the game 28 - 10. i am having alot of fun with that.

so i will take a break for a month or so and see what happens next.

thank you to all my very very good friends here on gamespot.

crazy week

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ok so alot has been going on.. i am trying to quit smoking and it is very hard. i made some new friends. and trying to get my friends together to play some music. it's very hard because everyone is off doing their own thing and can't make time to practice some songs. we like green day rock band alot and i am glad i bought it. all my neighbors are asking my if they can come by and check it out. rock band 3 is coming out later this year and i think that will be great.

i am probably going to get halo reach if i have any money. that will probably be the next game i get. and there are a bunch more i want. i wish i worked at gamestop and got all my games for free. but no, i have to pay for them.

i would really like to get c&c 4 or starcraft 2 as well. i liked red alert 3 very much for my pc and would like another strategy game.

i took a friend of mine to the mall to look around. she had a great time. i think she wants some new clothes. she is always dressed very well though.

went down to the pool today. it sure is nice having a swimming pool when it is 95 degrees outside. so i like that alot. i just jump right in. it's the best way to cool off.

so my friend irma is a little mad at me right now because we went for a drive and i got lost and she demanded to get out of the car. i told her i would drive her back home. but she refused and said she would walk. so that' what she did. i hope i see her again soon.

you never know. things look all great one day and you and having fun. then something happens and everything is messed up. i am still trying to figure it out. maybe someday when i get some money things will be easier.

had lunch at the old spaghetti factory today

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ok so there is this nice little place in sacramento (where i live) called the old spaghetti factory. they have the best spaghetti you have ever had. so i went there with 2 girls and they loved it. we had spaghetti of course, and ravioli. we saw sex in the city 2 also and it is ok. my friends thought it was funny. my newest game is green day rock band which is great. i plan to get halo reach if i have any money and i would like to get red dead redemption. that's about it. i don't know what else to talk about so i will end it here.

e3 coming up

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ok guys and girls. it's been a while since i wrote a blog. my life has been crazy. i am very excited about green day rock band which i will get on june 8th. why? because i want to. i will try to talk about stuff you all can understnad. girls will make you happy and sad. sometimes she gets mad and your life is hell. that's just the way it is.

i am listening to the new linkin park song called "new divide." it is pretty good and i like it. i might buy their new album from itunes.

our friend garrick is being a total jerk and doesn't want to play with us anymore. our band is breaking up. it's no use. he is just a jerk and it's not going to play with us. that's ok, we will figure something else out.

i just got dragon age origins which is really cool and i like it. i got some new pc games from steam as well

so anyway, i am not really sure what else to talk about.

i like gamespot and will stay on here indefinitely. i like all my friends here, bigd575, busyman, fenian_lostsoul, symon, regulator and all of you. stay cool.