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Two Birds With One Stone

After watching the specials "events" for SONY'S PS4 and MICROSOFT'S XBOX ONE, I'm sure thoughts of the potential of each are swirling around in eveyone's head. Thoughts about how much better the games are going to look, the integrated features that are going to be available, the prices?!?! launch dates?!?!

All of these questions and ideas are what makes the next gen exciting, but they are also what makes it hard to wait for additional info. I decided to write this blog because I have a suggestion for what SONY in particular could ( and should imo) do when it comes to pricing and bundling of the PS4.

As everyone knows the the PS4 has been built from the ground up to work with the VITA, as a controller but also as a second screen in many ways. SONY has acquired Gakai who has built their low latency streaming technology into the PS4 operating system. With this new technology the VITA is capable of acting as a client that receives streaming video from the server (your PS4) and send input commands back to your PS4 at very low latency. So this means you can essentially play a smaller version of every playstation 4 title you own on the go if you have a wi-fi signal (3g for some models i'm guessing).

To me, allowing you to continue the same play experience on the go, but with high quality graphics the PS4 is capable of, just downscaled to a smaller screen is HUGE. I sometimes do not like being able to only play those high quality console experiences on my tv at home, sometimes I want to continue my game at my girlfriends house without moving hardware, or in the breakroom at work, or laying in bed before I get some sleep.

So my suggestion to SONY is, if the technology behind remote play works with every PS4 title, and it works well with low latency and decent visuals, you need to make it a main selling point of the VITA. To increase the knowledge of this feature I believe they should have two PS4 packages at launch with very specific pricing.

They should have a standard PS4 package that is priced competitively at $399 that comes with a 3 month subscription to PS plus, in addition to that package they should have a "Play Everywhere" bundle that includes the PS4 and a VITA, that is priced very modestly at $499 that also comes with a 3 month PS plus subscription.

Bundling the VITA would dramatically increase sales, which in turn would entice developers, especially the PSN indie developers to make games specifically using the VITA capabilities. This would help SONY'S struggling handheld and promote PS4 gameplay as well.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea, and giv eme some of your own in the comments section, happy gaming!