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I have had a look on the website for the law for E cigs about using them in public places and it states that. You can and you cant because its got a different law due to it doesn't produce smoke like normal cigs. But the thing is I was in my local bookies today and even seen them in other shops with vapour coming out. Does this not count?. I also seen that all E cigs contain some Nicotine so in all right should not be allowed to use in public places where normal cigs are not allowed either. This E cig today as well had a right funny smell and he had a bad cough and it started making me bad cough abit too.

What do you think?.

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I found it hard to breath when I was in hospital one time and all they said was I was having a panic attack. Turned out later that day it was my kidney failing which I knew at the time it wasn't a panic attack.

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UK site I shop there every month. Deliveries can take no time at all but others can wait over a week for free delivery. how ever I have notice you don't get a receipt like you use to or have I missed something?.

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Hi. This morning two jova witness came knocking at my door. When I opened the door they said there Jehovah's Witnesses and handed me a leaflet and asked. How do you view the future? Will our World. Stay the same, Get worse, Get better?. I paused and said I don't want to say. I no what I think is going to happen but didn't say because last time I talked about god politics etc I nearly got chucked out of a moving car because they didn't like the answer I gave. But I also noticed something about the leaflet is that on the front its got a Chinese or Korean girl on it. But what would you have said?.

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Just ordered Dying Light any way.

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With all the news about windows 10 coming soon will older mobo be able to use it?. I have a z77x-UD3h will this support drivers and other older mobo for other people if they want to upgrade to 10?.

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A couple of games. The witcher 1 and having a proper go at it this time and furthest I have gotten. The Crew PC. Alsoa couple of other small games here and there. But main game is the witcher. Then I will play the 2nd one which I got free from gog. :).

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Hi. As said in other topics that my TV when in games or movie on my PC the voice is always quitter then the music and some times I can not hear the voice talking. I have come across settings in my properties on the PC and seen Low Frequency protection settings. The cut off setting is at 80hz could higher or lower setting improve just for normal speaker on my TV?.

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I like win8.1 but don't think my mobo likes it even though it says it can run it on the box. I think the Mobo driver installs better on windows 7 as its on DVD and installs automatic where as windows 8.1 the dvd don't work and got to download separate each driver.

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I really want this game but only from there web site = greee at the moment.