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Its been awhile

Hey everyone this will be my 7th attempt at making a blog post. This time I'm using Safari to make this attempt. It keeps saying error blank messages not available or something similar. Well on to the blog post. I've been playing Assassins Creed 2 most of my days of video game time. It's a decent game, difficult, but beatable!! Anyone going to get Assassins Creed 4? or have a good bit of info on it? I haven't played the 3rd one yet, but i'll end up borrowing it from a friend. Well I wanna get back into unions again, so I'm currently looking for an active but organized union to join. If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know with a message or comment! Thanks. Skillet505 out!

Anyone Remember Me?

Been over 2 years since i've been on here wondering if anyone remembers me lol. Well ima go search around and see what everyones been up to and the old unions I use to participate in are up to.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! For Thanksgiving I went to my grandparents house for lunch and stayed until around 6 PM. We had a feast. With turkey, three types of dressings, apple pie, and more!

--Black Friday

Everyone knows that Black Friday is tomorrow. This is were everytihng is on sale for basically half price!! So I will be waking up at around 4 in the morning to go shop. I think I will be coming back with a new fishing rod and Gears of War 2.

--Xbox 360 (Three Red Lights)

Okay my Xbox is on its way back from Texas. I think it might be at my house tomorrow. I can't wait to get it back I haven't played on my Xbox since the middle of Summer!!! Been along time and I miss it lol.

Well have a good day!!!


Well I shipped my 360 out. I hope to get it back in a couple of weeks. No more red lights for me. I will actually get to play now. I plan on buying Gears of War 2. Can't wait!!!

Called Again

I called Xbox again. They said they never sent me a box. Instead sent me a shipping label through email. So I check that out while on the phone with the lady. I didn't recieve one. So she said okay let me have an alternate email address so I gave her one, but I couldn't remember if it was an email for Hotmail or Msn. I gave her the wrong one on accident. So I canceled the order on I then found out I could just register my Xbox there and get it repaired. I also had the choice to recieve the shipping label and box. So I will be recieving a box soon!! Woot.

Well a little off topic on the gaming. For Christmas I want a .308 Remington Rifle. Its a rifle for deer hunting, boar hunting, coyote hunting, turkey hunting, and more!! I really am excited about this. Everyday I get on a site called Its great and thats why i've been so unactive. But trust me I will stop going to the site and giving more attention to this one. Sorry for the lack of me being active in all my unions that expect me to be.. I probably want recieve more then 3 comments on this blog, because all my friends are probably like Skillet505 never gets on this site why even comment? Well thats all I had to say. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Enjoy your Gamespoting for the day!!!


Microsoft still hasn't sent my box to ship my xbox out. I called them Sunday. They said 3-5 days. I might as well call again.


I will be more active when I get my computer back. It will be around Friday. Sorry i'm unactive. I just don't have time to go to school, work out, study, then computer for around 15 minutes then bed. When I get it back i'll have it in my room and can be on it for hours before I sleep, because i'll already be in bed. Well thats all i'd like to say.

Gears of War 2

Well I got the emblem for watching the marathon!! They also mention my question on the show. So I felt pretty good for them mentioning my name and all that info.

Its pretty cool eh? Lol a bath tub of blood.

Well I don't have the game yet but I will soon.

Lately I have been playing a lot of Gears of War and you wouldn't believe, but Ncaa football 07!!! It's really addicting and i'm 8-0 with LSU. Number 1 defence baby!!!

Well what are yall up to?

Going to Vote?

Well todays election day. I'm not old enough to vote.. If I was 18 I would be voting for John Mccain. Please don't bring racism into this, because i'm not. I have my reasons why I want him to win. Also I never have liked Democrats anyway. Well we will find out tonight who wins.. Comment on who you are going to vote if you could or if you have.


Super Bagman!

I'm now a Super Bagman not even sure what video game this is from, but glad i'm at 23. No idea how I got to it when I already earned my percentage this morning? Weird. Well I have been making userbars for The Great Nintendo Gamers Union. I'm part of the design team, so it's pretty cool. Everyone should join the union its one of the most popular Nintendo unions out there. It has a great community and can be very fun. Well i'm off to posting.

Have a good day.