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hey yal i made another website and i think yal should check it out its called, and yal can also become members, im goin to add more pages about different stuff, just tell me on the website and ill make a page about it

hey wuz up

hey every one hows it goin, sry i havent been on in a while ive been havein some probs dont ask y, i just got the left 4 dead game anyone who has it and plays it online for the computer let me know ur steam name and i will send u a friend request

what you think

he yal, so now that i have some pics on here, what did yal think of them, don't mention how messy the desk is, i know its messy,

idk, just random stuff

hey yal, i finaly figured out how to post pictures on here so plz comment on them, tell me what you think, and if yal have a face book look me up, i am joshua herndon, of course some of yal already know that,


hello, this is me saying that i have been on gamespot for a while, i have met some new people and that some of them are great, the ones that email me and reply to my blogs, and i will list those people, trm6, 8bit7055,Narutofan30, FireEmblem_Man, TristenH12, and these are some of the many people that are nice and cool, but the one person that i talk to the most is trm6, she is a so awesome person, i am glad i met her, and trm6 if you read this thank 8bit7055 for telling me about gamespot or i wouldn't even have a gamespot account so you all rock, even the people i don't talk to much lol, so leave me more comments and email me, and i might just one day tell you about some of these awesome people

check it out

hey yal, i have made my first web site, can yal check it out and tell me what you think of it, it is, plz go to it and comment on some of my stuff plz, no one gets on it, and tell people you know to let its popularity spread, just tell them about it and tell them to tell the people they know about it, and then so on and so on

very happy

so guess what, i found me a girl, and she is so nice, and she is pretty lol, wish me luck with her

no subject

somethings up, my level is going down, just a few weeks ago i was lv 18, now i am 16 can u tell me

wwhats up with that

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