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Anyone have the same problem accessing PlayStation store from their PS4 ? -Nearly every time I click on there i just get a blank blue screen ?

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Hi all

Ive been trying to add my son on my xbox one under my gold account,but everytime i get to the bit-create new e-mail/use existing,then I cant click on the create new,all I can do is use an existing email address of another family member,therefore making it impossible to set up new user for my son.

Also-Theres no way to delete stuff you no longer want installed on the hard drive.Theres nowhere to view installed games Settings/system.So what are we to do once we get to about 12 or so installed games and zero space left on hard drive?

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The free Fifa 14 code/download.

Forza 5

Ryse-Son of Rome.

12mths GOLD.

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Thanks Guys for your replies.Looks like its sale time then for all my 360 games.

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Are we ever likely to be able to play our 360 games such as any of the Gears series,COD series,Halo etc. on the XBOX ONE ?-Only I had to sell my 360 to help pay for my XBOX ONE,but still got all my 360 titles,but I might as well sell them too if I can never use them on ONE?

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So do you guys think it's worth it to go for an Xbox One at launch? I will say I just don't see a whole lot of difference in the graphics just yet. I have a lot of 360 games I still will be playing like GTA5, WWE2k14. Also I've been playing Bioshock Infinite and that game has some of the best graphics I've seen this gen. I don't see a big graphics leap between Forza 4 and 5.


I had an X Box One day one with free Fifa 14 included (But I dont play football games) pre-ordered.But I feel the same as you,I was going to have to sell my 360 and all my games to fund the ONE,but I have now decided to keep my 360 cos I still want to be able to play Gears Forza 4 and Halo 3 and 4.

I have therefore cancelled my pre-order and will now be getting COD Ghosts for my 360,cos I still love playing MW3 too.

I was buying Ryse and Forza 5 with my ONE,but £429 to play 2 new games at the moment when Ive already got a good collection for my 360,just didn't balance out.

I will get a ONE later in future though,but not for at least 18 months.

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Theres still plenty of people playing MW3 and still a great game.

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Yes-Got mine pre-ordered and cant wait for November to play Ryse-Son of Rome for starters.Plus Dead Rising 3,Forza 5,The all new HALO and Halo tv show.

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who's gonna buy the xbox one? those who want to lose all their money lol


Well you wont lose your money any more than if you choose to buy a PS4.The reason its price is higher than the PS4 is because Sony pulled their camera from being bundled with the PS4 just to beat MS on their price.Trouble is,the PS4 new controller doesn't use a lot of its new features without the camera,because it sends out LED pulses for the camera to read.

So you'll have to fork out an extra £44 (Amazon prices) for the camera.Trouble is now though-A lot of games publishers wont make use of the new Dual shock/camera features because of lack of backing by Sony from day 1.