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Agreed myo, the bf2 and 2142 communities are more dedicated than any other fps i've seen. 2142 is a little smaller so you get to know alot more players. I highly suggest playing 2142 since it is the best sci-fi fps on pc. The game is far from perfect but is a masterpiece in its own way.
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It is all up to blizzard on this one. If cataclysm is a great expansion, expect for the game to last a few more years. If it doesn't do it for the players, expect the game to start winding down. Mmo's never really die, they just slow down. The old republic will take a chunk of wow's players cuz it's star wars, but will only make a dent. I wouldn't hold my breath for WoW 2 or World of Starcraft. Those are many years away.
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I feel that the mmo community is due for one solid launch and Guild Wars 2 could make it happen. Tera and SWTOR are also contenders but I really see Arenanet pulling this one off.
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I'm a bit of an audiophile so I've used a few headsets over the past 5 years or so. My favorite has been the Plantronics Gamecom Pro1. It's a few years old but was much better than the new gamecom's. Digital Sound, noise cancelling, and no need for a high end sound card since it's usb. I ended up selling mine on amazon for the new version and regretted it bad. Sold them and downgraded even further to the Creative HS-600. I finally ended up with the Steelseries 5h v2 and they are fantastic. If you can find the plantronics gamecom pro1's get them. Otherwise go with the Steelseries. Might be a little more than what you are looking to spend, but worth it.
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Red Alert
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failed to mention that I do like the game and still play, it just needs lots of work which I don't see being done. Seems like they are just scrambling to add sub-par content just to maintain the player base.
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6.5 was fair when the game came out. As of now, 5.5 sounds more accurate. Played almost 1k hours and can say the game has potential, but lacks in so many areas other mmo's succeed. There are some huge glitches that are constantly being exploited that make pvp pointless in one sense. The gear disparity is ridiculous in the higher levels. A few classes need their skills rebalanced which really isn't huge. The pvp architecture needs work. Events... Are a joke. People getting hacked and banned constantly. New pay magazine for in game items. I could go all day.
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I still have a soft spot for gw, but I just don't see it matching up with kotor, much less bioware. The gw expansions got progressively worse, so hopefully they learn from their mistakes and make a quality product again.
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I think it's really too much like frisky dingo to enjoy it. Xander Crews was such a great character that the Archer dude can never match up. Like you guys, I would have rather watched a full hour of Sunny.
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Just saw the pilot episode and can't help but thinking it ripped off Frisky Dingo hardcore. Still pretty funny, and had Coach McGurk for the main character.