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My CPU overclock has helped get some extra life from my dated system.

This has been my philosophy since I have upgraded from ddr2 with the early intel quad cores on an x38 mobo. My old system could still max any game smoothly at 1080p with 8gm of ram and a 480gtx. I overclocked it as much as it could handle to minimize bottlenecking my pc. When Sandy Bridge E was released, I built a new pc and I'm planning on doing the same with it. I put my old x38 pc back to stock clock with a 9800 gtx and my parents still use it today, 7 years later. The moral of the story, don't overclock unless you actually need to.

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I would look in to some of the indie games on Steam. 7 days to die is pretty good. Make sure you have a decent video card and 8-16gb of ram. You will find with most pc gamers, it's just as much about having a nice pc as playing the games.

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I would be buying a pair of 980's right now if I didn't already get the 780 ti's during their launch. If you are in the market for new video cards, think about all of the new technology NVidia is releasing soon and make sure you can handle it with the cards you are buying. G-sync at high hz and high rez seems to be the new standard for gaming.

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I really enjoyed bf3. Then I quit playing in favor of Skyrim for a few months and never got back in to it. 2142 was by far the last great bf game, but it had its launch issues too. Bf2 was probably the only one in the series that was complete at launch.

I actually think the map design in Bf3 was better than Bf4. Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying the new layouts and learning how to play them, Metro was probably one of the most fun Infantry maps I've played. As for actually liking BF4 as a game, it's good enough until something better comes out. To me, it feels like bf3 with better graphics, more destructibility, worse optimized, and many more bugs.

Maybe we will see 2143 here soon.

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I always liked the way Aion intended to balance the 2 factions in their servers early in Aion's US lifecycle. The third faction were npc's and could be controlled by GM's. I never thought the npc faction was strong enough to really sway the game one way or another. Eventually, one side or the other would have an exodus causing major imbalance and long leveling times prevented new players from really helping their faction. Pretty much killed the game for me.

Bethesda is going to have their hands full trying to keep pvp and "winning" beneficial without stalling player progression for the "losing" sides. Like a previous poster said, it will more than likely be 2v1 against the strongest faction.

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Did you get cherry bombs? LOL
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Just pre-ordered the CE and looked everywhere to see when they will start the beta and weekend beta invites but couldn't find anything. Anyone find anything out? I'm probably not getting in the normal beta so this is my only hope of getting a taste of the game. $150 was steap as hell for the CE but I'm a sucker for the art books.

Also, since the breakup there hasn't been much guild wars talk so mainly just trying to get some topics going on here.

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No matter what scientists or doctors might say, vodka lowers your radiation levels. (it also lowers your accuracy)
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[QUOTE="sixty7velle"] Sadly, Stalker is where I get all of my nuclear knowledge from.luisen123
That is very sad indeed, do a quick wikipedia run, you'll be amazed.

Have you played Stalker?