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Old Guild Wars Factions Review

When Factions was first released, I was quite dissapointed with the PvE subquests and pvpve ( think battlefied conquest mode). After participating in alliance battles and occasionally playing the competetive mission maps ( jade quarrry and fort aspenwood) I have come to realize that Factions was the apex of the Guild Wars timeline.

When this expansion had realeased, the original game had grown some age on it and the majority of players had longed for something new. The PvP had gotten redundent and boring but was still found entertaining. This expansion added plenty of new pvp skills and the oportunity to explore new Asian cities. Any player new to the guild wars universe will experience the same effect of playing it the day the update was released.

What's not to love? New pvp areas, new pvp skills, new pve everything.

Old Guild Ward : Nightfall Review

Let me first start by saying that I've spent over 600 hours on Prophesies and Factions (mainly prophesies), and have experienced about everything GW has to offer to the greatest extent. After making it through Nightfall with 2 of my main characters and getting a Paragon to the final missions, I've found that although the PvE is better than Factions, it's still lacking. The main reason for this is that there's not much new. Most of the quests are repetitive and really haven't changed much from the original. Another problem I found was that there wasn't a frim "direction" in this game. Many of the quests don't lead you in the right way to progress in the game. I found myself asking alot of questions to figure out what to do next my first time through.
Something that adds to the gameplay is the new Hero system. They make forming groups much easier than before, especially for those hard missions in prophesies that you always had trouble with. The monks are essential for making it though Nightfall due to the constant lack of real monks. Getting your hero's skills set and equipped can be a huge hassle though. You must unlock the elites for them to use and skill organization can be somewhat time consuming. For veterans this will be easy, but probably not for newbies. As for equipping them, the sky's the limit. It is also simple to lvl them up, since they gain xp while you do too.
There really hasn't been any big changes in gameplay from the original. The PvP is still top notch in my book. Nightfall hasn't changed anything accept for the skills and races for PvP, which is for the best. Graphics are still the same as the original. The artificial intelligence has improved some, although it has become hard to break aggro lately, which is should be fixed in a near-future patch.
All-in-all, this is a great game that will keep you occupied for a month or two. To really get into GW, I suggest buying Prophesies, but for a casual gamer Nightfall will suffice. In game name: Mexican Beef

Old Guild Wars : Eye of The North Review

After playing GW for over 2 years, I really expected more from this first true expansion. Starting with the storyline:
I was pretty excited when I found out they were going to expand on the invasion of the destroyers, which were the basis of the "defend" quests. I understand that they had a beginning and ending they had to conform to, but it seems like they just threw together a lackluster story to fill between. There wasn't much of a feeling of accomplishment when I finished the campaign like with the others. ANet decided to stick with the basic premise of having to fight against evil and being forced to seek help from other people to do so. I did like that they let you use lockpicks instead of buying an assortment of keys for chesting.
The gameplay is still about the same as always, with a few added pve skills that can help out alot with certain quests/dungeons. I'm actually glad that they didn't add any pvp skills, since there are so many already. More skills=more nerfs... I'm glad that ANet is finally starting to ban accounts on a massive scale. The new /report feature is great for reporting leechers and bots. The economy in GW is virtually non-existent anymore. Hard mode has put so many golds into circulation that they are being reguarded as common items that are worth more for identifying that actual use. If I had virtual stock in the GW world, I would be worried... The dungeons are fun and very entertaining. I have hench/heroed all accept for Slavers Exile, so they are relatively easy, but mainly time consuming. One thing that really makes them easy is that the ally NPC's can die and you will not get kicked. My only quarrel with the dungeons is the reusing of scenery inside of them. Many (or most) of the dungeons contain identical rooms as other dungeons in the game. Might have worked better to have fewer dungeons but make each more unique.
As I expected, they added more titles to the game for players to show their leetness. Sadly, it seems like titles are all that is left of GW these days, and ANet sees this as a good thing. On top of that, they added siege devourer farming to encourage the mindless repetition of title track farming. This is basically the same thing as worm farming in Sulfurus Wastes. I guess they saw how many people spent so much time working on SS/LB titles, and wanted to give them another title to go for (feeding the monkey).
I was pretty upset to see that the new armor sets are just reskins of the old sets. They mixed and matched the basic patterns and changed them around a little. Now this was just lazy. All in all, it is a good game. You can easily spend hundreds of hours doing dungeon runs and farming randomness, but GW will never reach the high mark of Prophesies. GWEN has the feeling like it was thrown together and rushed, but still manages to keep the player interested. They basically just took what was a hit in Nightfall, and exploited it even further. I can't hate them for this, then again I can't praise them for it either. GW's golden ticket is still it's PvP, so I would only recommend GWEN to those who are huge into PvE. Otherwise, stick with the three campaigns.

Brief Aion 2.1 Review

Not a whole lot to be said about this expansion except that it was a failure. It did manage to bring back the majority of the beginning players, but still couldn't give the game the staying power needed to be a modern competitive mmo.
I have been away from Aion for exactly 2 months now, and I am now ready to update my review for 2.0 and 2.1. The initial release of 2.0 contained many difficult to obtain eternal and overpowered armor and weapons, but 2.1 updated the game to easy-to-obtain drop-rates and a more user friendly xp gain system. Since NcSoft allowed the trade of eternal weapons and armor, they made it clear that they condoned the trade of eternal gear and that they wanted the majority of players to have said gear. As for pvp, the side that dominated (usually elyos) had the upper hand on getting the most ap.
Seeing as I have already writen a review on Aion, the only issues for 2.0 that needs to be addressed are pvp and Stormwing Hard Mode runs. HM Stormwing runs consist of a 1.5 to 2 hour rush through Beshmundir temple which was quite easy with a skilled healer. You get various pieces of gear which are worth 30 to 50m and are sellable. A group with full pvp gear can easily do a Besh HM run with little difficulty. The armor piece drop rates are completely random but seem to favor chain wearing ****s. A gladiator can easily be used to tank Besh HM.
As for pvp, the game is pretty much the same. Templars were given a slight more damage and the same amount more defense. Gladiators were given another AOE but still somewhat lack in burst dmg. Sorc's are still the highest dmg. ****in the game but somehow the majority of them are still sub-par players.
Aions major issues are with the core game values and characteristics. There is no pvp vexing system based on how many people are involved in the kill and the value of the kill. You lose the same reguadless of who or how many people kill you. The new skills didn't really do anything to balance the game so the majority of ****s didn't have any new skillsets.
Even if Aion included a whole new pve and pvp system, the game would be crap. Honestly the game has gotten worse from launch.

Aion Review: Final

I've been playing Aion since it's release almost a year ago and now, I'm finally ready to write a brief review. Aion could have been a decent game, but has concreted itself in mediocrity and boring game play. It feels more like a time-pay MMO than a monthly play, due to the fact the endless gear grind that may never give you any benefit. It all comes down to TIME with Aion. Not skill or teamwork, just time. Whoever can grind the best gear the quickest or get a super lucky drop gets to be over powered. But in all reality, time still may not benefit you unless you get the drops.

I believe the core game play is flawed in Aion. Even more so the basic premise of the game. There is a plethora of glitches and bugs to deal with in questing and PvE, but it's the PvP ones that really nyerk me off. Flying is one of the key things about Aion that I like. On the other hand, there are plenty of glitches and exploits to be had with flying. Dropping your wings can give the enemy player the illusion that you are falling well below but you could actually be higher than them. I'm not going to get in to this very much, mainly because I have no clue how it works or how it happens, but it happens constantly. If you are a melee ****good luck getting hits on your target while flying too. Even when you are in range and they are stationary, your attacks still may not go off.

You chose to play for either Elyos or Asmodian factions. I tend to agree with the consensus of players that think the elyos have an advantage over asmos. They have better gear to drop from world bosses and their instances are easier. I have played and leveled up on both sides so this isn't just hearsay. This is the main reason for Elyos controlling the Abyss forts. I like the abyss point system in this game. The best PvP gear is bought with absurd amounts of AP but is still obtainable. It takes either alarge amount of time or very generous friends to get the AP needed to buy your endgame elite sets of PvP armor. Your faction controlling a fort is the best way for gaining AP, so Elyos have a leg up here too.

The instances are pretty decent up until the late 30's when you can no longer do Fire Temple. Getting decent gear out of them is quite common until the endgame instances. Dark Poeta (lvl 50 Instance) has been a complete waste of time for me. I've ran it about 75 times and have still never seen a gold armor piece drop for my **** Most of the gear that has dropped has been for ****s that are not in our group so they have been wasted since all items are bind on pickup. The upper abyss inner instances are a great way to grind Abyss Points (which are used to buy PvP gear and consumables). The key is that your faction has to be in control of the instance to gain any benefit.

Asides from completely revamping the bland character ****s, there really isn't much to be done to make this game drastically better. Aion's ****s are the most standard and generic you will find on today's MMO market. The only one that brings anything new to the table is the Spirit Master. As for PvP, the person with the best gear... or the person with the biggest zerg always wins the fight.

Speaking of zergs, fort raids... Fort raids are meant to have many people involved, the game engine and servers just can't handle the numbers. Most of the time people are either too lagged out to do anything or constantly getting disconnected during fort sieges. I've had delays of up to 5 minutes for my skills to go off and I have a great internet connection and PC. It's just server lag is too much for the game when there are thousands of people in one area at one time. The side with the most players almost always wins. So pretty much all fort sieges are lopsided. Almost all servers are dominated by elyos, which leads to the fact that the factions aren't balanced. Forts are just a Zerg-fest, that's the way they were designed.

So far, the community in Aion is right on par with other MMO's out there. There are plenty of botters, gold spammers, and hackers out there. Be careful who you group with due to the fact of loot ninja's. There is no way to keep people from rolling on items only you can use in the group. Game morale is a roller coaster from what I've seen. Asmodians seem to bicker more than elyos in LFG chat but no big deal.

I'm not going to get in to how stupid the storyline is. I lost track in the late 30's and just monotonously did my campaigns to begin my Fenri's on my asmo. I don't mind grinding levels and kinah, but the grind for gear has been a huge waste of time for me. I quit pve a long time ago and only grind when I need kinah to pay for pvp or to buy Boiling Balaur Bloodstains to fail crafting my next piece of fenri's gear (4 times).

As for PvP, like I said, the people with the best gear almost always win, and the gear disparity in Aion is insane. I like Aion's PvP but constantly feel that i'm at a disadvantage due to not being able to finish my Fenri's set. I'm finished with pvp weapons and accessories, I just don't' have it in me to grind up the AP again to get the 50 Elite armor set. Furthermore, it's just not worth it. Only about half the time is a player's skill shown in pvp, rather than just their gear.

Lately, it seems that the developers are going to be the ones who put the final nail in the coffin for Aion. They made the decision to perform server merges do the the amount of people that have left since launch. Then they went a step farther by opening up free server transfers. This just made all the asmos go to the server with all the upper forts, crippling their home servers side. NCsoft has recognized their mistake and have stopped the next rounds of server transfers. Now they are left with extremely unbalanced servers and low morale among players. Who knows what bonehead mistake they will make next.

Some of Aion's high points include rifting, lvl 20-40 instances, and the feeling you get from doing well in pvp. That's about it. Since I have hit the mid 40's in leveling (November), this game has been torture.

It just isn't an enjoyable game, simple as that. The 3.5 is for all the good times I have had with friends in Aion, the game actually got a 1.