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Didn't expect me to write another blog so soon eh...?

Well i was in a hurry the other day so i didn't really have time to finish what i was going to write on the last blog so i thought i'll do it here.:D Anyway when i was talking about the band i actually found a pic of me and the Drumline in competition.:D

Drumline 07-08

This was taken at our school quad and i am the guy with the biggest bass drum. Just to inform you i have upgraded and am now playing the 2nd bass drum ( The second smallest one):D

3rd place novice

This was us at the vallejo Winterline show and it was our very first year for The Drumline through out our whole school's history of competiting at a Drumline competition. We ended up actually placing in third place novice division.

3rd place advance

This was Us at the Grenada Winterline show and it was our second competition this year for Drumline. WE were hoping to take home first place in the novice division but we ended up getting suprised by the Judges saying we were so good that they bumped us up to the Advance division and we placed third. I also made a video of youtube of our porformance.Here it is.I dont know how to actually make it show up on the blog as the actual video so just copy and paste the site on your url address and watch it.:D

Next year will be great for me. I will be a junior in high school and i will only need two more years till i graduate.:D Also i can now get an off campus school pass and actually leave at lunch to go out to eat. :) MY schedule next year will be PreCal, Chemistry, Drumline, English 11 honors, Yearbook, And AP U.S. History. I'm going to have a very busy school year next year, but i'll find time to mange to get back on here as much as i can.:D

So far my summer has been pretty chill and i am actually spending time with my Friends. Just the other day i went over to my friends house and we just stayed there from 11 am to 5 playing some intense Brawl and some old Nintendo 64games. After that he got out his electric guitar and started playing. He started teaching me how to play too. :) And today i am going to be hanging out with the Drumline and were going to go play some guitar hero 3 and make a video of us and put on youtube. I'm going to be the one editing it.So i'll tell you guys when i actually make it and you can watch it. I'll tell you guys how today will go when i come back.

Also for those of you who didn't know i am not dead and i do exist.:P Well this long has been going on for a while and i dont want to make this extremly long since my blogs are usually short so i just want to thank everyone who is still my friend and hasn't forgotten me. And i will be posting back on unions and being more active in gamespot. :wink: You can't get rid of me that easily.



Been a long time since i made a blog...

Like the topic says it's been so long since i have made one of these and i have no idea where to start so i guess i'l' start with my Wii. I finally got a wii! :D It's been so long since i wanted this and my dad actually promised us to get it once we find one and he did. On the same day he got Brawl the best game ever! The Wii is so much fun and takes up a lot of my time when i am bored. I only have Wii sports, Resident Evil 4, Super Smash Bro's Brawl, Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution, Super Paper Mario, Link's Crossbow training, And No more Hero's. They are all really good games besides No More Hero's that game just surpasses them all. Anyone if any of you want to go against my online on Brawl send me a message and i can give you my brawl code and vice versa.:wink:

Next on the List is School is finally over. So glad that it's finally over but since i failed three class ( English, Algebra 2, and Chemistry) I have to go to summer school :( I will be taking Algebra 2 and English.The school year has been fun and i met a lot of new people and am know going out with one girl.:D Couldn't be happier. My School's band has been doing great as well. The Drumline place 3rd in advance at the grenada winterline show and it was really good. i made a video of it on youtube.The First video i made. Since school is finally over i can spendmore time on gs now...but if im not on gamespot im on myspace. anyway i g2g so i'll write more later. cya

Got two new games.

I got two new games for my DS and they are Mario Kart DS and Mario and Luigi partners in time.:D Havent been on that much do to me having to go early in the mourning for my school's marching band and spending after school with my friends.At that point when i get home i am beat and can barely even get out of the sofa.Can't write that much right now so cya.

Made a mistake.

I thought i could actually leave gamespot behind but everytime i think about it, it makes me want to come back even more,the thing is i have decided that since not that many people have myspace i thought i would just logg on and just answer my pm's, Also my myspace page is (there for people who have myspace.)Also to chet and skine i will pm my brawl moves and skine you can kill me off the labryinth.For everyone else that is reading this you can add me on aim if you have it.My name is ConsumesSoul.Just add me if yah want to talk,Im really sorry,but i need a break from everything on here.Irl i am having some problems and its really gotten me down,so im sorry to everyone,I have decided to only take a break from gamespot,and i will definitly be back.Just not sure yet,So thanks for everyone that cared.

Time to move on....

Well there has been a lot going on in my life right now,school is about to start,band takes a lot of my time away,and im starting to look for a job so i can get some dough. and then i got myspace afterwords for like only for a few minutes to check my messages.I don't even have enough time to do that much stuff.I have been thinking for a long time and i have decided to take a break from gamespot.Things have been going really slow here and i guess it was the perfect time to move on.Anyway im not sure if i will come back or not,but i just wanna say to all the people on my friends list,thanks for beign my friends and hearing what i have to say.Thanks again everyone for everything,if you still want to talk to me,send me a message at myspace and we could talk over there.Cya guys.

Things starting to look better.

Well I have been busy pretty latley so thats why i havent been on that long for the past 3 or 4 days.I have been doing community service with my friend for some rangers,They made uspull weeds and pick up garbage and pull more weeds.A ton loads of weeds.We had to work once a week for the whole summer every wedsenday,but last wednesday was our last day.It was fun because i got to hang with my friend from middle school.(He goes toa different high school because he moved to a different city thats like 10 miles away from where i am.)So we got to hang out and talk a lot about music and school,and you know other stuff.:wink: It was lots of fun,except the weeds part.In other news my brother just came back from juevinille hall and told us that all charges were dropped.So thats was really great news

In other news i am really close to beating Final Fantasy X.Im just in the final battle with Sin.So close i can taste it.Also I just rented two movies, The Number 23 and Hot Fuzz.They are both good movies and Hot Fuzz is hilariouse.:lol:Oh yeah quick thing.I have finally made a myspace.If yah want to add mecheck the about me for my website.Also there is no pic of me yet,but i willput it up one day when i take a good pic or my friends irl pressure me enough to do it.So check itout.I would like to tell you guys some more stuff but apparently i really have some stuff to do.So i'll write later.Peace homies!


After a problem is just comes back again.

You think once that you get rid of a problem you will be alright.Well thats what i thought.I guess you can say its never boring with my family since there is always yelling between my parents and my other brothers,crying,and even some encounters with the police.But for awhile that all stopped.I thought mybe for a second my family was going to be normal for once,but i was dead wrong.It all started today when i woke up.My older brother Juan was watching t.v. and he asked my oldest brother if my grandma and mom were awake (FYI they are sleeping where the computer is) so he could use the computer.They weren't at home becuase they went out shoping.So he went to the computer and started using it,next thing you know its like 9:30am and i am about to take a shower and i hear a loud knock on the door. My oldest brother opens it and there are two cops there and they tell Juan to come outside,and right when he does they arrest him! I asked him what were the charges and he said he was charged with domestic violence with his ex.Next thing you know they just take him away.My brother has done some dumb things to get him involed with the cops,but he would never do this.Welli guess this cancels my trip to my realtives.Sigh,i just hope he doesnt end of going to jail,since hesseven-teen but his birthday is just 1 month and a few days away.So im kinda worried.


In other news I finally cleared my friend list and im going to be clearing my union list as well,im going to be staying in only one union now and thats the Creators guild union (CGU),because a lot of my friends are there, and its one of the only active unions i am actually in.I also wont be accepting any more off topic unions invatitions.I have been in too many and seen too many die,I don't want to be in one anymore.

I finally got a PS2 a week or two ago after my brother broke our Ps2 like 3 years ago.I got 5 new games so i should be busy.:PI got....

DragonBall Z budoaki Tenkaichi 2- Its a really good game with over 120 playable characters.The storyline goes through everything that was introudced to DBZ and i have been playing it for a long time but am still not done.I recommend it for people who like Dragonball Z.

Kingdom Hearts-Its a good RPG.i really enjoy it and its loads of fun,keeps me occupied.Right now im only to Alladins palace.So im not that far.

Bully- Its alright.Its like a a GTA for kid.Its about a kid who goes to this school called bullworth acadamy because he get expeeled from his last school and his mom married some old dude and dropped him off at the worst school in the country.You have to deal with bullies and gain peoples respect.ITs a good game and i already finished it.The ending was great.

Tekken Tag- Best tekken game i ever played.I still play it everday.

Final Fantasy X-The best game ever!I love this game.I am not done with it yet,but i amin the Calm lands and almost to Zanarkand.The cut scenes are good,and the storyline is just awesome.I love it.

well thats it for now.I'll keep you informed if anything else happens in my life.

Peace people,


Friend or not? Need to know.

I'm clearing my friends list in one week next friday and i need to know if you still want to stay my friend and im talking about a friend who will send pm's and post in blogs and which i can do the same.If you can do that say you still wanna stay friends on this blog or by pm.But if i dont hear anything then im sorry to say this but i will take you off my friends list.

I finally got it!

It has been a while since i wanted it but i finally got it! My very own DS lite.I got it last friday with my dad.I bet 20$ against my brother that my dad wouldnt buy him a DS and i made my dad hear it so he could actually make it happen.My dad always likes it when i bet so he could make me lose which i knew if he heard me he would get it,but on that day he suprised me and bought me a DS Lite as well. IT came with the game Yoshi's island. I bought three more games to go with it.The first one was nintendogs for my brother.The second one was the New super mario bro's which is really fun btw.Then the last one was phenoix write Ace attorney -Justice for all- which is the best game i played for the DS ever.Its awesome.I just need to get the first one.If anyone has a DS and would like to recommend some games please do so.

One of the best days.

Hey! i know i havent been on gamespot for a while but thats only becuase of al lthe work i have to do for my school also gaia takes a lot of my time.Anyway I'll try to make some time for everything.

Anyway today started off kinda boring because i had school today.I only went in the first place because my dad gave me the check for $100 for my field trip for band.It was only the first payment.In total we have  to pay $400.But it's worth it because we get to go to a clippers game against the Wizards and play there, and go to magic mountain and play there.anyway like i was saying it started off kinda boring because i had a quiz for english.THen 2nd period i watched a movie on global warming. 3rd period Was spanish class and me and my friends were playing Texas hold em with money because we dont play for fun we play for the green.4th period we had a rally where one of the band members was playing guitar and another playing drumset and they played/singed to Feliz Navidad.It was awesome.There was also a dance  off between two seniors and a rap battle against one of our P.E. Teachers and a senior student.The senior won.After that i had P.E. which was alright since i got to play basketball.Then Marching band.

Later on my friend asks me if i want to go the movies and im like sure.SO i go the movies and me and my friends watch Eragon for the first time.It was awesome.Unluckliy i didnt get to see the ending because my friends were waiting for another movie.So we left and went to see Night at the Museum which was so funny.Anyway todays was great. one of the best days i ever had.Christmas is only 3 days.So i wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new years.Also my birthday is 3 weeks away and cant wait for that.

The last thing that made this the best day ever was I finally beat the game Fire Emblem:path of Radiance.IT was an awesome game and now that i beat it i am going to do it again.The storyline was great.I would like to thank Janafflover for getting me hooked on that game.Thanks!