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Interview #2 and #3

So, I finally got in the mood to upload some shtuff. So, I decided to upload some interviews I filmed with buddies! :D

Interview #2: Marshall

An interview with one of my awesomest buddies ever, who inspired me in many ways. :3 I wish I could've thought up better questions during the interview, but I'm a derp. :/

Interview #3: Victor (Out-Of-Ammo) & Kayla

An interview with one of my bestest friends ever, GameSpot user Out-Of-Ammoand his girlfriend! :o Predictably, a majority of the interview is us arguing and me trying to kick his ass. A huge thanks to him for this interview. :3

The first update in what feels like forever.

I have not done a decent length update on... anything, in a long damn time. :| I just haven't felt like it. I've been more involved with Deviantart, MSN, and all of my IRL hobbies, and my interest in writing GS blogs has faded. I seriously cannot even post a random as hell blog anymore. :| I guess I'll try to write a decent length update right now. :D

Well, let's see... I've been doing really well in my self-paced school. I'm almost a Junior, despite being a Freshman with no credits a mere 7 months ago. I still suck at Math, though. :| I got 12 credits in nine weeks, which earned me the most credits for the first half of the second semester. :D I'm going to go for most credits in the semester now, since I'm motivated. So, I guess my academic achievements are something to be proud of.

Hilariously, whenever I walked up to claim my prize, someone's phone started ringing. Their ringtone?"YOU'RE THE BEST, AROOOUND~ NOTHIN'S EVER GONNA KEEP YA DOWN!"

It was so fitting. xD

I don't know how long it's been since I updated about video games. But since then, I've managed to beat Soul Calibur 5's story mode, and have started playing many more. I should try to beat Duke Nukem Forever, but... I suck at FPS games. I keep dying. :| I still need to beat the remaining .hack games, which I plan to do during Summer vacation.

As for non-gaming hobbies, I've started playing the guitar that my mother bought me for Christmas. It's a freakin' SWEET guitar. Unfortunately, I already broke my g-string, and when I tried to replace it, I broke my spare g-string, too. :x Even when it's missing a string, it still sounds pretty sweet.

I haven't been writing nearly as much as I should, which would explain the lack of blogs on here. I still need to correct the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo so that I can get my free copies of the book.

I've been drawing more than anything; Art trades, commissions, occassional requests, gift art... I've mainly been doing things that involve me drawing for other people. :| I've been told that I should draw for myself more often, but I can't help it. I like giving things to people if I know they'll appreciate. It makes me feel like a good person.

The weather around Oklahoma has been very rainy and windy as of late. I don't mind the rain alone, since I can go out and play in it. But the lightning ruins it. >_>

I dyed my hair purple. I look like some sort of human Rarity now. >_> Bah.

I'm going to start my own webcomic soon, too. It's going to be a fairly dark comic with a emo-like art style, as well as loads of dark humor. If you're interested in it, I'll be posting most info about it on my deviantart account, KatherinesDarkDreams.

And last, but most importantly, I'm leaving for Memphis tomorrow. :cool: Why? Because I'm going to MidSouthCon to meet one of my best friends ever for the first time. I'm excited. :D You can expect me to post pictures from that little trip. :P

Anyway, I'll talk to you guys later. :D Peace out~!

Interview #1: Jeral + Comment Response Time! :D

Comment Response:

I respond to comments for my first vlog! I didn't post my first Vlog on DA, sadly, so it only shows comments from GameSpot. D: I filmed this a while ago, just didn't get the chance to upload. :P

Interview #1 - Jeral

I interview my absolutely adorable six-year-old nephew, Jeral! :3 He actually managed to outsmart me, the little devil.

Why yes, I did juststeal Mr_Jenkins' ideas. ^^

The Great Legend Part 74

Just a warning: This part wasn't checked for mistakes... So it may be filled with mistakes and such.

"Hmph," Noru crossed his arms. "To think that you were such a loyal servant to me not too long ago."

The vine whipped towards Soul, and wrapped around his throat. He was slightly lifted off the ground. He kicked, coughed and wiggled, struggling for air.

"Soul!" Sessu shouted, running to try to free him from Noru's grasp. As he got close, Noru turned his whole body around, and lifted his sword to intercept an attack from the boy.

"HAAAAAA!" Sentinus let out a battlecry, charging at Noru with his sword in hand. The Dark Wolf was flying slightly ahead of Sentinus, reading to claw Noru's face off.

The evil man slammed Soul into the ground, and smashed the Great Sword into Sessu's blade, causing the black haired male the stumble back a step. He followed this with a kick to Sessu's chest, which made him fly back a few feet.

As The Dark Wolf got close enough to claw at Noru, the man grabbed him by the jaw, picking him up andholding him back enough to where he couldn't claw at any places where Noru could be truly harmed. A few seconds later, Sentinus one handedly tried to swing his blade at his target.

Noru proved to be much quicker with his blade, as he swung his blade over the warrior's head, then brought it down upon his left shoulder. The blade sliced into Sentinus' arm, earning a scream of pain that satisfied the villain. Noru let go of his blade, allowing Sentinus to stumble and scurry away, the blade still imbedded into his shoulder.

"Sentinus!" Sessu yelled, kicking himself up. He held onto Sentinus, making sure the warrior and long-time friend of his didn't fall.

Sessu guided Sentinus to kneel on the ground when he felt they were out of Noru's range.

"Sessu!" Ammo called the boy to get his attention, pulling something out of his white vest. He tossed it towards Sessu. The boy caught it easily, then examined it. It was the fabric that they had used to help Reiko and Courtney after the Mental Challenge.

Sly rushed over to the two to, hopefully, help. "You put that cloth over his wound after I pull it out, aight?" Sly looked at Sessu. The male nodded.

Sly grabbed onto the hilt of the sword. "3. 2. 1." As the girl said the final number, she pulled out the sword. Sentinus grunted in pain as she did so, and Sessu covered the large wound with some of the fabric.

Noru smirked at Sentinus, who was now hyperventilating. Suddenly, he felt something digging into his arm. He looked, remembering that he still held The Dark Wolf in his grasp. The Dark Wolf glared as he tried to free himself, digging his claws into Noru's arm.

"Oh, I forgot about you," Noru shrugged. "I suppose I'll take care of you now."

Noru set the man back on his feet, and grabbed his shoulder with his free hand. He then forced The Dark Wolf's head to the side, quickly. The man's eyes widened alongside a snap being heard from the winged man's neck. Noru finally let The Dark Wolf go, only to let him fall to the ground.

"Dark Wolf!" Sly yelled in panic, hoping she'd get some sort of response from him. She did not receive one. "S***."

Sly pulled her arm back to throw Demonic at the dark lord again, but stopped when she heard Sentinus moan in pain.

The girl furrowed her brows, and Aidan walked up to her. "How long do you think he has?" He whispered, trying to make sure Sentinus didn't hear him. He may not be very bright, but he was certain that the blow Sentinus received was fatal.

"Not long. It looks like Noru cut through an artery or something," Sly whispered back. "At the rate he seems to be bleeding out at, I doubt he has any more than ten minutes. If he's lucky."

Sessu frowned, faintly hearing the words Sly spoke. Sentinus was his friend since the beginning of his journey, and he didn't want him to die like his mother and Sirra.

"Sessu," Sentinus spoke the boys name to get his attention.

"Yes?" Sessu turned his head to look at the warrior.

"If this is my final battle... Tell Serenity that I love her, and that I love my child." Sentinus huffed.

Sessu nodded sadly, knowing he would be unable to save Sentinus from his wounds. He lifted himself from the ground and walked between Aidan and Sly. Ammo ran over to them as Sly and Aidan leaned in to hear what the current leader had to say.

"We need to save Soul, if at all possible. The more of us there are, the better our chances of surviving are." Sessu informed them.

"And how will we do that, exactly?" Sly crossed her arms.

"Well... I'm still thinking on that..." Sessu rubbed his forehead. "But I think if Ammo fired an arrow at Noru, then Aidan ran up to attack, and then retreat from him, we could distract him long enough for one of us," Sessu pointed at Sly, then to himself, "To move in to attack. One of the four of us could possibly cut through the vine and free him. I haven't thought about who should, though... I suppose we just wing it from there." The boy shrugged.

"Sounds like it could work, if we do it right." Sly nodded, going over Sessu's plan in her head.

Ammo and Aidan nodded as well, agreeing with the girl.

"Give the command when you feel the moment is right," Sly walked a few feet away, gaining Noru's attention. Noru did nothing but keep his grasp on Soul, and follow Sly's movements with his eyes.

Ammo pulled an arrow out, and balanced it on the string. Aidan held up his shield and pulled back his sword. Noru's eyes shifted between Aidan and Sly, then to Ammo. Then, he finally eyed Sessu. And then he looked back at Soul. Then he repeated the chain over again.

Beads of sweat formed at Sessu's forehead. Would they be able to do this? Would another of them suffer the same fate as the others? Would they be able to save Soul?

Sessu looked behind him. There, on the ground, still lay Reiko's unconscious body.

... Will Reiko wake up soon?

The Great Legend Part 73

Ammo held his bow infront of him. The two swords smashed into the blade, and with Noru's fast-falling weight, pushed him backwards. He crashed back-first into the hard ground, Noru ontop of him.

Noru was grinning sinisterly, pushing more of his weight onto his weapons. Ammo gritted his teeth, trying to keep the blades away from his face and his bow away from his throat. He was slowly losing, as the bow continuedbeing pushedcloser to his face.

Suddenly, Noru stopped the pressure as a battlecry was yelled. He jumped away quickly, leaving Ammo slightly dumbfounded. Then the male looked to his side, just in time to see Shin land froman attempted attack on Noru, the bloody weapon he held being mere inches from slicing Ammo in half. Ammo lightly shrieked at the sight. Once the weapon was removed from it's position, he sat up. Shin offered a hand, and helped him up to his feet.

Sentinus ran past his look-a-like and Ammo, charging after Noru. Noru raised the Great Sword to block Sentinus' swing of his blade. Sentinus swung his weapon again and again, but Noru only blocked them one-handedly. After a few more of Sentinus' attacks, Soul and The Dark Wolf both rushed in to help the white-haired warrior.

Upon Noru noticing this, he grabbed Sentinus by the face, suprising him and stopping his constant attacks. He then pulled Sentinus towards him, lifted him from the ground, and flung him at The Dark Wolf, who was caught offguard by the action.

Sentinus and the wolf collided, and were sent tumbling on the ground. Soul looked back to them as they tumbled past him, only to be grabbed on the arm by Noru's vine, and thrown aside. He slided across the ground.

Sessu rushed at Noru, holding his blade fiercely. Noru only jumped over the boy as Sessu swung his weapon, and kicked his back, boosting his jump. This caused Sessu to lose balance, and fall face-first onto the ground.

Shin got an idea. He did the exact same as Sessu had done, and rushed at Noru. He figured that, since Noru was in the air, he would have a split second to hit the evil lord. He smirked, as he readied his Blood Sword to attack Noru. He was ready for his plan to work.

Unfortunately, it did not work. It took a turn for the worse, as Noru was already aware of Shin rushing in to attack. But rather than jumping over the white-haired look-a-like of Sentinus, he slashed his own sword before Shin could swing at him.

The tip of Noru's blade cut through Shin's throat. Blood splurted out of the new wound on Shin's neck, and he fell to his knees. He attempted to cover the wound with his hands, before falling lifelessly to the stone beneath him. A gush of blood splurted out, some of it spilling onto Noru's boot.

Noru's lip curled. "You got your disgusting blood on my feet. Too bad you're already dead, or I would punish you," Noru smirked, nudging Shin's face with his foot.

"Shin!" Sly yelled. She threw Demonic at Noru,makinghim to jump away from his newest victim.

"****, he got Shin, too..." The Dark Wolf muttered, standing up slowly. He pulled Sentinus to his feet.

Noru turned to face the wolf and the warrior. His vine shot out towards them at lightning speed. The Dark Wolf grabbed onto the back of Sentinus' trenchcoat, then jumped and flew above the vine, him and the white haired man narrowly evading the plant.

The vine curved around, following behind The Dark Wolf and Sentinus. Sentinus held his blade infront of him, ready to fight off the vine if it caught up. The Dark Wolf dropped down, the vine shooting overhead. It then curved down, blocking The Dark Wolf. Using a quick reflex, the winged man turned to his side, flying right past the plant.

Sly nudged Ammo, who was stunned by the wolf's amazing flight and reflexes. "We should be helping them, Ammo," the girl whispered. Ammo nodded, lifting Steel Shot from his side. He took careful aim at the vine, ready to shoot it down, beforehis friend grabbed onto the bow and lowered it.

He shot a confused glance at Sly, who simply looked towards Noru, who was still on the ground, distracted and concentrating on the wolf.

"He's only concentrating on making the vine move. If we try to attack the vine right now, he'll most likely make it dodge. But if youfire at him..."

"I can distract him?" Ammo tilted his head to the side.

Sly nodded, "Then I can take out the vine with Demonic."

"Sounds risky." Ammo moved his bow into Noru's direction. "But I suppose we're not gonna help by doing nothing."

The black-haired man pulled an arrow from his quiver, and put it on the string of his weapon. The tip of the arrow lit into a bright light as his signal to let the arrow fly, and he did exactly that. Noru glanced out of the corner of his eye, and noticed the bright arrow heading towards him. He jumped forward, dodging the arrow.

As the frustrated lord glared at Ammo, Sly threw her boomerang blade.

The vine dashed forward at Noru's command,intending to grab Sentinus' ankle before it could be cut.

Sly knew that if the vine managed to grab onto their teammates for even a second, it could possibly spell disaster.

"Come on, Demonic..." Sly furrowed her brows, hoping for the best out of this.

Right as Demonic was about to hit the attacking plant, the vine lowered slightly. The boomerang blade missed its target.

"Dammit!" Sly cursed. Noru smirked, but only before being hit in the back with a blast of azure flames. As Demonic came back to its owner, it cut through the vine it was originally supposed to hit, allowing The Dark Wolf and Sentinus time to safely place their feet on the ground.

Noru threw his whole body around angerilyto look at who managed to attack and distract him. There, on his knees, was Soul, his arm extended after casting a spell.

TGL fact of the Day: Ammo's bow and arrows were slightly based off of Hank's bowfrom the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon as well as Kagome from Inuyasha.

The Great Legend Part 72

Aidan pushed himself off of the ground, and dashed faster than he ever thought he could dash to Courtney's side.

The vine wall infront of Sly and Ammo fell back down into the ground, and the vines attaching themselves to the other heroes' wrists loosened and pulled back. Despite being free once again, no one moved from where they were. They were all stuck in dazes of shock and sadness at the loss. Even Sly was saddened by this as she felt a ping of sorrow within her.

They just witnessed the proof for the first time; Noru would spare no one, and would give no one an easy or painless death, not even the innocent or kind.

The male elf held his female lover, his tears of sorrow spilling over his eyes and onto her face. He slowly laid her back down, and grabbed onto his sword with his left hand. He pushed himself up, then wiped his tears from his face with the sleeve of his shirt.

"You've gone... far enough, Noru," Aidan spoke, sounding harsher and more threatening than anyone had ever imagined he'd be able to sound.

"Oh? And I suppose YOU'LL try to stop me?" Noru chuckled, taking a few steps towards the elf.

"EXACTLY that." Aidan ran at Noru, holding his sword and shield in rage. Noru took another step forward, lifting both of his blades.

Aidan crashed his sword into Noru's, and held up Courage when he swung the Great Sword. He managed to block the next three attacks by the hideous man, then swung his sword, hitting it against Noru's.

The evil man chuckled. "That's right, show me the peak of your strength," Noru blocked another of Aidan's attacks, "It makes it all the more satisfying when I see your hopes of overthrowing me crushed!"

Rather than blocking Aidan's next attack, he jumped back. The blade Aidan held missed him by mere inches. He lifted up both of his blades, then swung them downwards at Aidan. The blonde lifted his shield just in time to intercept the weapons. Noru continued pounding his blades on Aidan's shield, not allowing the elf a chance at attacking.

Sly grabbed Demonic tightly, and rushed in to assist the elf. Normally, she would not assist the egotistical elf. But this evil bastard just murdered her best friend, and the only elf she ever truly liked. For that, Sly was willing to help Aidan just once.

And with the brunette girl's decision, Ammo decided to help as well, though from distance. Sly threw Demonic at Noru, to which he narrowly blocked, finally taking his attention off of pounding Aidan's shield.

Sly unsheathed her sword for the first time in what seemed like forever, and caught Demonic. Noru clashed his sword against Sly's, and clashed the Great Sword against Demonic. Noru smiled that cheeky smirk of his at Sly, who in return glared venom at the purple man.

Noru started to push his weight against the clashed weapons, causing Sly to walk backwards a bit. Finally, he pushed all of his weight into one push, knocking the girl's balance, and causing her to slip and fall.

The villain tossed his weapon in the air, and grabbed it back-handedly. He lifted it up above Sly, ready to end her life.

But he was stopped as something smashed into his face, knocking him aside. He grunted with pain, and looked to his side. There, Aidan stood with Courage, smirking as he had just smashed the dark lord's face in.

Ammo grinned, firing the arrow he was aiming. Aidan had managed to knock Noru right into his current aim! The arrow pierced Noru's arm, flying clean through. Noru panted, then glared at the black-haired archer.

Sly had kicked herself up, and tried to attack Noru again, while he was distracted by her childhood friend. Alas, she did not get the chance to attack when Noru jumped off of the side of the tower.

"Dammit!" Sly cursed, looking over the edge of the tower. Noru was nowhere to be seen.

Sessu noticed the girl's frustration at Noru's disappearance, then realized something: The man could be trying to sneak up on any one of them.

"Everyone, stay away from the edges!" Sessu shouted, then continued, "He could be attempting to pull a sneak attack on any of us! Keep your guard up!"

The look-a-likes walked away from their edge, as did The Dark Wolf and Soul. Sly rushed to the center of the tower's top, and Aidan followed her.

Ammo walked away, concentrating on looking at the ground beneath his feet. Suddenly, Noru soared up into the air behind him, using the vine attached to his back. Ammo, however, didn't notice since he had his back turned.

"Ammo, look out!" Sentinus, Soul and The Dark Wolf all shouted. Ammo looked at them, then looked behind him. He gasped as he saw Noru descending towards him, holding the two blades he possessed infront of him, intent on cutting the boy in half.

... I don't really like this part as much... I don't think it's as well written. :|

TGL Fact of the Day: Reiko was originally 15. Her age has been increased since the older parts were originally written.

Dance with Your Pants 'till the Cows Come Home

What's up, everyone? :D
So. May 20th was my birthday! :D ... Almost two months ago. Which shows how long it's been since I've wanted to blog. :|

My male friends woke me up via text messages. :x But attached to the text messages were shirtless pics of them all. :o It was a pleasent suprise. :oops: I also went shopping, and Hot Topic had a great sale onmy birthday! :D :D :D I got lots of good stuff. :P

I went to go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, too. It was pretty awesome. 8) Phillip is cute. :oops:

Goodness, I do not even know where to start on this blog. :|

Um... How about events since my last update? :D

I already made a blog about it, but I went to a ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd concert a week before my birthday. That was a lot of fun. So many cute boys. :oops:

Then, the day after... I went to my grandparents' 50th Anniversary party. :| I had a good bit of fun there. I started drawing, and my married-into-the-family cousin, Jessica, said I was good at drawing. :D And... Another guy that I'm related to but have never met before in my life came up, and said I was good at drawing, and that he respected artists. :| I was pretty happy about that, too. 8)

Then we started cutting the cake, and when the pieces were being grabbed, the one I wanted got taken! :cry: I lost my appetite, and... I started crying. :| I have no idea why. :| I didn't let anyone see me cry over something stupid like *THAT*, though. I covered my face, then headed to the bathroom when the tears were about to come on, and played it off as a headache. :P

I'm still confused as to why I cried over that. :| Bah. Might have been some Deja vu of when I was 3 and had my green easter egg taken. :x ... Except I didn't piss on my grandpa's lawn this time... :|

Of course, Nancy, my dad's old ladyfriend came. :roll: I didn't enjoy that. :x I didn't like her talking to me. :x I didn't like seeing her. :x

And someone has been letting the water out of my new pool! :x Me and my mom both think it's Brian, but we don't have any proof. Either way, I'm ****ing mad. :x I wait 3 weeks for the damn water to warm up, and we keep having to put more water in it, thus making it cold again. :x

I swear, if it's Brian, I'm gonna have some negative comments for that moldy onion. :x Of course, we recently found a footprint in the mud, and it's too small to be Brian. :| So it might be Nancy. Bleh.

EDITED IN ON LAST MINUTE: Appearantly, it's some stupid kids that have been messing around with everyone in the neighborhood. My mom is trying to set up a security camera to see who's doing this.

I also went to Rocklahoma! :D It was so much fun! Austin Winkler of Hinder walked right past me! Sick Puppies did as well! I almost met Zakk Wylde, too! :D ... Unfortunately, Motley Crue started playing before I could. :cry:

I got some video with my camera at Rocklahoma, too. However, I don't want to upload most of it because most of the video have me yelling VERY silly things. Especially during Porn Star Dancin' by My Darkest Days, where I yelled a LOT. :|

I haven't been doing much gaming. I've managed to hit 32,000 on my gamerscore, though. I've only really played The Sims 3 and Dragon Age: Origins. I will be talking about all that has happened in The Sims 3 on a vlog, whenever I can get around to making another one.

In DAO, however, I am near the end of the game. Arrrrgh, I hated that place where you had to place your party members in different places simply to get across to the Urn of Sacred Ashes. :x I also screwed up once when I finally got across, because I took off my equipment, then took it back on accident. So I took it off manually, then crossed the fire... And the Guardian got pissed and attacked me. :| I got it right the second time, though.

I'm currently in the prison. I must admit... Alistair's lack of clothing caught me off-guard. :|


(crappy pic is crappy. The pantsd appear orangeish, but they're really dark red.)

These are the very paragon of pants! They're so nice and comfortable, and they make me look skinny! :o THIS IS THE BEST PAIR OF PANTS I'VE EVER OWNED!!! :cry: In fact, I'm too afraid to wear them most of the time, because I'm afraid of getting them dirty. :| BUT THEY'RE SOOOO EPIC. I LOVE THEM. I WANT TO MARRY THEM. Too bad I'm already married to Mr_Jenkins. :cry:

... And yes, I'm barefoot in that photo. :x Deal with it. :x :P


  • I'm working on adding a new segment to my blogs.
  • My pants are still amazing.
  • Alistair is still amazing.
  • Lucky Charms are good.
  • Out-Of-Ammo still wakes me up every morning. :roll:
  • My pants are the most amazing pair of pants ever.
  • My nephew likes painting stuff... Including my face. :roll:
  • I've recently started getting into the art of debating with people. I hate it. But that's probably because I keep getting into debates with people who are determined to find some way to insult me.
  • I've been going swimming a lot recently.
  • I've also been playing my guitar a lot more recently.
  • I FINALLY learned how to apply eyeliner by myself. :D
  • I like wearing reading glasses. :|
  • I am really proud of this drawing:


P.S. I love my pants.

The Great Legend Part 71

I apologize for the lack of updates. :| There should be an update either tomarrow or the day after. Keep in mind, I didn't have the time to edit this update much, so it may be... crappy, for lack of a better word. I'm not really that good at thinking up fight scenes. And I'm too lazy to go back and correct mistakes.

"No... No no no..." Sessu muttered.

The Dark Wolf sobbed. He grabbed his sword, and pointed it in Noru's direction. "You'll... pay for this."

Noru yawned. "I've heard that so many times, it's lost it's effect."


The evil lord snapped his head towards Sessu, who was now running at him. His eyes were filled with fury, which matched his fire red irises.

"Sessu, you idiot! Didn't you see what just happened to your sister?!" Sly yelled, but Sessu didn't hear. All he heard now was his mind, telling him to take down the evil lord.

Noru swung the Great Sword at Sessu, who ducked under the swing and countered with a low swing of his own blade. Noru dodged this strike by hopping over it.

The Dark Wolf bared his claws alongside his sword, and leaped to Sessu's side, instantly attacking Noru. Both of the black haired males were in fury from the recent death.

Ammo looked around, debating with himself on whether he should attack, or lay off. He wasn't exactly the best with his weapon, and with this current clash of blades, he was afraid of friendly fire.

"Sly, what should we do?" Ammo looked to Sly, whose eyes narrowed.

"I'll let you know when I know."

Noru blocked both of his attackers' blades, holding them in place. "I would kill both of you right here..." He pushed the two males backwards with the Great Sword, causing them to fall over. "But I have a different plan. Involving killing the one who found Ryona's weakness."

"Ryona...?" Sessu thought back, the name seeming familiar. He remembered where the name came from, "That servant you sent after us a while back."

"Indeed. I've already taken care of Sirra, who found Vore's weakness," Noru attached his eyes to Courtney, "So now I'll be taking care of the healer."

Courtney's eyes widened as the realization sunk in that Noru was talking about her. Aidan stepped in front of her, holding his shield in front of them.

"Over my dead body." Aidan spat, glaring at Noru.

The purple skinned man shrugged, "That can be arranged."

Soul stepped closer to the couple. "Run."

"Where!?" Aidan whispered harshly.

"I don't care. But standing still makes you an easier target for Noru."

Aidan and Courtney glanced at eachother, then started running to the left, decently separating themselves from the group. Noru raised his eyebrow at the couple.

"Playing a game of tag, are we?" He chuckled. "Not a fair game to play against me."

The vine attached to Noru's back crashed into the ground. A wall of vines rised quickly from the ground infront of the couple. Aidan and Courtney yelped in suprise, and turned themselves around quickly, and ran the opposite direction. Another smaller wall of vines rised from the ground, blocking them once again. However, due to how much thinner this wall was, rather than trying to run around it, Courtney pulled out Adamant and sliced the vines. The zig-zagged blade helped immensely with cutting through the thinner plants. The two elves ran through the cut area of the vines.

Noru glared. He retracted the vines, then threw the vines back out at the elves.

Before the attacking vines could get to the running elves, it was met with two opposing forces. One arrow, which held the vines back with a strong force, and Demonic, which flew through the thick of vines, reducing their thickness.

"Heh. Seems we both found out what to do at the same time." Ammo grinned.

Sly nodded. "Yeah seems so-- Guess I didn't have to lead you this time."

Demonic and the arrow both flew back to their owners. The vines which were sliced by the boomerang blade fell onto the stone ground, and crumbled to mere ash. The multiple vines attached to Noru formed back into one.

"Well well well. It seems you aren't as hopeless without your leader as I thought," Noru chuckled.

The evil lord crashed his vine back into the ground. Courtney and Aidan both dodged away from eachother. As they did, the vine shot out from the ground where they were standing.

"Noru, over here!" two voices called out from both of Noru's sides. The voices were identical, and belonged to none other than Shin and Sentinus. The look-a-likes closed in on Noru quickly, swinging their blades wildly. Noru blocked both attacks with both his sword and the Great Sword. They both swung their own blades at Noru's trying to knock his guard down.

"E... NOUGH!" Noru shouted, crossing his arms with the blades. He swung the two swords. This sent Shin and Sentinus stumbling back.

The evil lord locked his eyes on the two conscious elves. He threw his vine out, but not at Courtney, but instead for Aidan. "Distract the protector, then pick off the healer," he muttered to himself.

"Aidan, look out!" Ammo shouted. Aidan looked at Ammo, then looked at the plant flying towards him. Aidan raised his shield in defense. The vine hit the shield and separated into multiple parts. Each part of it wrapped around Courage tightly.

"What the..." The vine suddenly jerked upwards, bringing the male elf with it. "HELL!?" Aidan shrieked in suprise at the sudden movement. The vine then dropped him, letting him crash onto the stone with a yelp.

"Ha, is that all you got!?" Aidan taunted, and stuck his tongue out at Noru. The vine wrapped around his shield again, and repeated the last two actions. "Ow, dammit!"

Courtney turned to look behind her upon hearing Aidan. She saw the vine heading back to pick on Aidan a third time, and curved herself around, running back to her lover. As the plant was about to wrap around Courage, she sliced through it with Adament.

Noru's eyes showed frustration. He retracted his vines another time, and crashed them into the ground yet again. Shin, Sentinus, Sessu, The Dark Wolf and Soul were all on their way to ambush Noru while he was distracted by the elves. However, something creeped up from the ground behind them and wrapped around their arms.

"Son of a...!" Sentinus tried to snatch his arm back from the vine that had grabbed him, but it was no use, the plant would not move an inch. Each vine suddenly jerked back into the ground, still attached to their arms. They crashed hard into the stone tower. The vines finally unwrapped themselves from their arms, but they still could not move much from the sudden pain they each faced.

Courtney, Aidan, Sly and Ammo were in shock at how fast everything was happening.

Aidan felt a tug on his shield. He quickly snapped his eyes down. The vines had wrapped around Courage while he was not paying attention!

"Ah!" Aidan jumped. The elf and Noru's vines both played tug-o-war with eachother, Aidan tugging himself backwards.

Courtney raised Adament above her head with both hands, ready to chop down the vines. But as she swung down, Noru tossed his extended arm to the opposite direction. This caused the vines to violently jerk to the other side, bringing the male elf with them. Noru opened his closed fist, and the vines let go of Aidan. He hit the ground back-first, then bounced off the stone and landed on his front. He skidded on the stone before finally coming to a halt.

"Aidan!" Courtney yelled, worried about her lover. She began to run towards him, but stopped, noticing the vines forming up between where he laid and where she was standing.

Sly and Ammo noticed the vines as well, and began to run to Courtney to protect her. One of Noru's vine walls rised up right infront of them before they could get too close.

Sly started hacking at the vines with Demonic while Ammo jabbed at the vines with the end of his bow. "Get out of the way, you stupid vines!" Sly yelled in frustration when she realized that Demonic wasn't as good for cutting vines as Adament was.

Soul managed to pick himself up, and instantly started to charge up a magic blast. Once he felt the power put into it was sufficient, he fired it at the dark lord. When Noru noticed it, it was too late for him to dodge. He got hit, and gave a loud grunt.

Soul smirked, feeling triumph. This was one of the few hits anyone had gotten on Noru. Despite this, Noru still held the vines strong.

Everyone's pain started to go away, and they started to push themselves back up. A few of the vines from the wall infront of Sly and Ammo disappeared back into the ground, and wrapped around each of their wrists.

"Goddammit!" Sessu yelled, trying to free his arms again.

The Lord of Evil smirked towards them. "I'll play with each of you in a little while."

Now with nothing else to distract him, he could put all of his attention to Courtney.

The elf girl noticed the vines beginning to swarm the ground around her. She jutted her lip out in thought, not quite sure on what to do. She lifted the zig-zagged sword to her side, ready to swing. She had decided on playing defensive.

Suddenly, one of the vines lashed out at her. She swung Adament, cutting the single vine down with ease. As soon as that vine was down, another launched itself at her, only to face the same as the last. Two more vines flew at her, then two more, then three, but they were all cut down.

Noru smirked. Courtney caught on to the sly smile of the dark lord, and whipped herself around, cutting down five vines that were intent on catching her from behind.

She felt her left boot tighten around her ankle. She snapped her eyes to look, and found that a vine had managed to sneak up and wrap around her ankle. She pulled back her sword, ready to slice through the vine on the ground, but found her arm being grabbed by another, keeping her from swinging. She attempted to grab the sword with her left hand, but it too was grabbed by a vine. They tightened, causing her to let go of Adament, which fell uselessly to the floor.

The Lord of Evil looked around to make sure none of the others were free to attack. Reiko was unconscious, Aidan was still stunned from being tossed, Sly and Ammo were still trying to get past the wall of vines Noru had raised, and all of the others were still stuck to the ground by the vines.

Noru showed a sly grin, and lifted his arm above him. The many loose vines that were not pinning the other teammates down or blocking Ammo and Sly's path launched at the now vunerable Courtney, wrapping around her almost like a cocoon.

After everything except her head and shoulders were engulfed in the plants, the vines sqeezed her arms to her sides and her legs together. She tried struggling her way out of the mess, but the vines had a firm grip on her.

The purple man made a fist with the hand he held in the air. The vines around Courtney started to tighten themselves. The elf tried to push the vines away in vain. The plants continued to squeeze her, earning pained grunts.

Noru laughed evilly, then brought his fist down from the air. The vines constricted too fast for Courtney to even resist against them-- They crushed her. Blood ran out her mouth. The only sound the kind elf made was a quiet scream.

The truly evil dark lord opened his closed fist. The plants Courtney was entangled in loosened, and sunk back into the ground, leaving the body on the stone.

Aidan had finally recovered from his stupor. And, of course, the first sight he saw was not to his liking; Courtney laying motionless on the cold stone, blood dripping from her mouth.

Aidan stared in disbelief. "Courtney..." Tears started to well in his eyes. "COURTNEY!"

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