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some how back

Hi every one.

since I am a gamespot addict , and I should study for my first term exams ,I decided to change my lost decision!

soI will be available during these days and I won't leave gamespot for how but I couldn't spend much time over it! ;)

by the way there's something I want to tell one of my gamespot friends , @kingdavid562 thank your for naming me in your

I talked about ALL of youblog. PS: sorry if I'm not good in English!(I didn't know what lol means)

I nearly forgot I opened my hand's bandage this week.

thanks MHA2010for helping me to write this blog.:)

50 days

since I have to study for very important exams for the next 50 days I will not be available at this period of time. when I'm back I will be working on 3 blogs with this topics "I'm sorry(explain about why I have no comment in your blogs), this is me , this is Persia(some beautiful pictures from Iran)"


which one do you suggest

Hi everyone. these days I'm playing darksiders.

which of these fallowing games do you suggest to play after:

lost planet 2

civilization 5

lara craft and the guardian of light

dead rising 2


-milad :)


:( :( :( :( :( school :( :( :( :( :( :( :( the day after tomorrow

-school hater

which game is better for playing

Hi every one. school will begin in 9/22/10. I need game for playing these 3 days(today and 9/20 and 9/21) so which one is better for playing.




DOW2:chaos rising

mini ninjas



if you have another idea which is not here please write.

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