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Never heard about Fantasy Wars at all anywhere and some how found the demo just browsing Gamespot. It turned out to be a pretty fun and addicting turn based strategy game/RPG. I recommend to anyone give the demo a try if you like strategy or RPG type games. Great user interface, and gameplay ideas, just fun to play and watch the battles play out. Decent graphics as well.

Funny how some of the most under-hyped games are some of the best, this looks like it could be one of them.

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Which ever is cheaper. You are going to download a patch or two and then any custom maps from online servers anyways.
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i am going to say 40-50% cause i have run into alot of people that arent going to get it, and dont really care about it too much.....sad i think.BikerPunk

I agree, I would just rent it, not everyone plays on Xbox live, and this type of game has very little replay value as a single player game.

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YOU CAN NOT COMPARE A "PURE" RPG GAME TO A FPS GAME WITH "LIMITED" RPG ELEMENTS. This is especially when in comparison for the total length of a game.

thank u, someone knows what theyre talking about

What's pure by your definition because its quite a broad one. One cant just break things down to "pure" and "limited" when talking about a hybrid game such as this. But if thats how you want to play it, this game was "pure" garbage in terms of lengthand "limited" in terms of replay value. Its hard to understand when your a "fanboy" as you claimed earlier because your so devoted to loving the game and looking past all the negative points and comparisons. Your fighting MY opinion so ardently because you are a "fanboy" just like this other kid talking about "pure" and "limited".

Sounds like you are a Oblivion fanboy then :P The line between shooters, action adventure, and RPG's is getting blurred now days. They are right though, Oblivion is a RPG with like 3 years development time, and Bioshock is an adventure/shooter look at the game description on Gamespot. As far as shooter and action/adventure games go, Bioshock has about the normal length to complete.

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I think Microsoft should just pull this thing from the shelf and refund anyone who bought this game, it is unfinished software, like selling a car without an engine. Where was the Q.A. for Microsoft and Midway? It's so bad is funny, but also sad that they are trying to sell this crap. Corporate America at its best, make the stockholders happy who cares about anyone else.

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Just a dog, that's it...., and I thought maybe it would be some kind of a Pokemon thing. :)

Should have it like UO or World Warcraft being able to tame wild animals. 

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The 360 is worth it whether you have HD or not - but just in case you don't, another option to a HDTV ia an old VGA monitor. When I first bougt my 360 I picked up the VGA cable and had it hooked into my PC monitor - all the benefits of the HD picture without buying a new TV. . .

Recently I bought a 56" 1080p HDTV and the 360 looks great, but the VGA monitor was a nice hold over until I bought the big dog.

Enjoy. . . ;)



I seen Walmart had like 19 and 20 inch widescreen LCD monitor for little over $200, with I believe 3 or 6ms response, I can't remember for sure but I know it was less than 8ms.

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Did you ever own an NES? That's one thing I've noticed about games today is that they are way easier. NES games were a lot harder and I used to get way more frustrated. I remember with my NES, I used to put a pillow underneath wherever I was sitting so I could slam the control down on it without breaking it. I haven't had to do that for quite some time with these easy @ss games nowadays.


BTW, nobody on this entire board can beat Silver Surfer for the NES. That is the hardest f*cking game I have ever played. I had a vendetta to beat it, and I still could not. Nor have I ever met anyone who has beaten the game. I've only met other people who couldn't believe how hard it was. I swear, not even the developers of the game can beat it. If Rainbow Six make you break your 360, Silver Surfer will make you light your house on fire.


I remember my nephew once pulled the game out of his NES so fast it flew out of his hand and dented the wall about 10 feet  behind him. I don't recall the game though.

To the origional poster, stay away from games that punish you too much for dying by repeating long sequences, that is the most irritating crap. Maybe try playing an RPG like Oblivion where you can save often. 

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