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i brought it played it seemed k not great but k


I agree it was good, but not that big of a deal as they hype it out to be. I could care less about Gears 2. Fable 2 would be more interesting to me. Course by then Warhammer online will be out and probably will take most of my time.

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I bought UT3 and it sucks balls, it is very over rated, there are very few people playing it online even, so that tells you the truth right there. BattleField Bad Company is a much better game in every way, at least from the demo I played of it, I thought it was excellent, the destructible environments are the best I seen yet.
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Wish they would make another Legend of Dragoon, or a RPG with that type of battle system, really liked that one.
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You probably won't go wrong with either one. COD4 can be run and gun and tactical, depending on game type. If you play Hardcore it is more tactical, regular mode is more run and gun. R6 is bascially tactical only.
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Maybe the new units have solved this problem, but the older units basically have a 100% falure rate.
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I don't matter how or what you do you will get a ring of death at some point, because it is the constant extreme heat and cooling down that warps the motherboard back and forth under the poorly designed X-clamps that eventually will break the solder points to the GPU and/or CPU. Only real fix or prevention is to replace the X-clamps.
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Because EA are advertising freaks, some of the games they put out you can't fast forward past the advertising movies everytime you start the game up, and the games made by EA that I own seem to take longer to start up than any other game, BF2 for example takes like forever before you can actually start playing a multiplayer game, COD4 on the other hand, bam you are ready too go, no BS adverstising and waiting.

They are also buying up everything, so that means less competition, which is always bad for the consumer. Quality of EA games on average seem more rushed and buggy, meaning they are more concerned with profit that making a quality game for the customer.

Maybe they are improving on some of these aspects, I don't know.

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I hope you got a good 360, I had to fix my ring of death myself. So far so good, but it was a pain to fix. I just hope my DVD drive keeps working now. I also modded it a bit to add more cooling. Its a nice system just poorly designed in some respects. If it breaks I will be getting a PS3, mainly for the Blu-Ray.
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For those who voided the warranty or don't want to deal with the trouble of sending it in and hoping to get another 360 that works for more than a week, I have some links to a complete fix for the 3 Red Lights. I used the MKIII method but with slightly different washers. I managed to get my 360 working again, and so far it is still working after a couple of months. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully. It's not easy to do, but if you have some techincal skills you should be able to do it.

How to take your 360 apart.

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I end up voiding my warrenty and trying to mod my 360 for better cooling. I have that Pelican fan stand and where it blows into the 360 I drilled out an clean opening so the air blows freely through it into the 360. I was hoping it would improve air flow through the 360's case and thus cool it better. The fan also blows onto part of the CPU heatsink as well. We will see if it helps keep it from dying.

So far I haven't had any lock ups since I did this little mod, where as before I would have lock ups now and then if I played for a few hours. Maybe it is just coincidence, who knows.

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