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NEW VIDEO Final Fantasy - Dreaming Out Loud

This is my latest video again its based on Final Fantasy i heard the music and just had to make a video to it... so here it is Final Fantasy - Dreaming Out Loud... i worked pretty hard on this one so i hope you enjoy and look farward to reading ur comments

P.S please leave ur comments on the video itself rather than here or just post on both if you have the time.


New Video Up

I know i said before that i wasnt gonna make any more videos, but since then ive lost all my older ones due to my computer and ps3 topping them selves... plus i had some spare time so i made this took me a while but here it is

Final Fantasy - Alive


i appreciate anyone who comments and i look forward to ur feed back

P.S please comment on the video itself

New Video: Metal Gear Solid WARZONE


A Tribute to the legendary MGS4, This is probally going to be the FINAL tribute im gonna post up due to low viewing numbers, plus i dont really use gamespot anymore... Thanks to every one who has viewed my videos and a special thanks to those who have posted comments over the last few years much appreciated, hope you guys enjoyed watching them as much as i did makeing them.

See yah around


New Video - Favourite Game

Ive just posted up a new video which is dedicated to my personal favourite games, so go over to my videos and check it out if u have the time...

I know i havent been around much, just havent found the time lately wat with work and all the other crap goin on... ive made this video and ive also done another one which i will post up at a later date so look out for that.

and hopefully ill be more active from now on maybe even go back to a few of my old unions havent decided yet... Anyway go check out my video and ill see you around.

Devil May Cry... Tribute

This is my latest tribute and personally one of my favourites, Worked really hard on the timing so check it out and let me know ur opinions and stuff, Enjoy!!



It all started out as a friendly mess around on SUPER RUB A DUB, But ended with one mighty warrior left wounded... DESTROYED...

The battle was fought on a sacred ground TUB 5 of the Rub a Dub Demo...

Two friends entered this battle ground and in turn took there attempt of setting records... SIRKARL1 was the current holder of the top record at 8. somethin, this record was never touched untill one fate full game where SCAYZIE_CELL06 took the controls of the little yellow weapon, after several attempts he had left this record... broken, Destroyed. SirKARL1 was enfuriated by this and without haste defeated the time left by his rival and set a new time of 6.31! which remained the Record for quite some time....

But this time of peace was short lived, as soon After SCAYIE_CELL06 returned to TUB 5 and on that fatefull day he again SMASHED the record once set by SIRKARL1 and set a time which every one believed UNBEATABLE!! !!5.16!! SIRKARL1 was crushed by his defeat and at once vowed for revenge!! he set about attempting to destroy this record.... After many failed attempts, many tears, hate growing inside, pain of defeat slowly becomeing reality just on the verge of accepting defeat he finally Defeated SCAYZIE_CELL06 and set a record of an AWSOME, UNBEATABLE, UNTOUCHABLE and finally AMAZING time of...


So there u have it A Heroic Battle with one hero left standing SIRKARL! (me!!) and one Defeated SCAYZIE_CELL06 no dout full of hate and revenge lol... I sence a Rematch in the future... in his words " u may have won the BATTLE but not the WAR" we will see... anyway for now..