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Is there ever such a thing as too many games?

Recently I tried a seemingly futile exercise of finishing all my unfinished games... It hasn't worked out so well.  Basically finishing games takes a long time and a lot of patience... both things I am lacking at the moment. I had even given myself an incentive which was to say that I would not buy any more games until I had finished with those I already own.  Yeah I am treating myself like a child and it worked... for a little while.

I was reading an article on here recently and it was reported that many gamers do not finish their games.  After my own exercise in futility I can safely say that is true. So I am left asking do I have too many games? Is there such a things as too many games?  or do I simply have no time?

What a wonderful mystery!

Final Fantasy XIII - What the Hell!?

I don't really understand FFXIII...

It's very pretty but has basically no sunstance. I have painstakingly tried to get into the game and forced mayself to play over and over again yet i have the same feeling 'What the Hell!?'

I mean the battle system is different but I think works well. There are some strategic elements to it, yet it all gets very tired very fast. I have seen that many people have drawn the same conclusion 'walk in a straight line press the button.' But then again isn't this every FF game? well, no. i think a lot of what made FF enjoyable in the past was that you had a whole world to explore and some things weren't so straight-forward. Perhaps you needed to fly your airship to the desert, or you are SOL, because you can only use the damn boat, or canoe, or bloody chocobo. I didn't really find that in FFXIII because they idiot proofed the whole thing... you can't get lost, you almost can't die and pretty much the worst that can happen is that after a cut scene you forget which direction you were facing.

AHHH my rant... my two cents

Final Fantasy

I have decided i want to replay my PS final fantasy games... I am so busy though so i have to wait until next week! which should i start with though? i mean there is FF7 which is one of the best ever. or maybe FF9 but then again how about FF8?? man this is a toughie

Gang Tags

so i found all the gang tags... or so i thought. i was positive i had found all100. i checked through a strategy guide each and every one i had got versus the guide. according to the guide i had 100 according to the game... 98... argh!

San Andres

Playing GTA: San Andres has made me realize that maybve I should get my fat ass to the gym... no seriously i should.... but then i remember all the hard work involved and figure i get enough excercise at work. anyways damn my guy is buff in the game.. :lol: