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what are ur top ten games

mine would be:

dmc 4

rsv 2

gta 4

orange box


cod 4

gears of war 2(i was able to get it early)

an old ps1 classic called medievil

bio shock

dmc 3

btw,the name "sir dan"comes from medievil.

Upcoming games contest

What upcoming game do you think will be the best?

Killzone 2

Resident Evil 5


Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Manhunt 3

Hitman 5


Fable 2

Condemned 3

I'm voting for Manhunt 3.

Studio wars

What game studio do you think is the best?Start posting on this blog and we'll tally up the votes to see wich studio wins.

Capcom The people who brought us Dead Rising and the Devil May Cry series

Valve The producers that made the Orange Box

Infinity Ward The producers that brought the game of 2007,Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Bungie The popular creators of the Halo series

I would personally vote for Capcom(my opinion).


I'm not getting any new ideas for tags!!!Does anyone ever read these blog things?Oh,and I have no idea how I got the tagger flirt emblem.(Thanks for calling me a flirt...)But send them to me in amessage if they're any good!!!

Leveling Up

I can't find any easy way to level up!I've tried to tag,but I ran out of ideas after the first two days!If you look at my tags,you'll see that even the ones that I actually put are still terrible.If you're reading this blog and you have any good tags,send me a message containing them.

Brutal Emblem

You know I wander how bloody and sadistic a game has to be to be awarded that emblem.You know,I bet every AO game has been awarded it.GTA SA might not have it,but still, you probably want every AO game and every game that has been awarded a brutal emblem.

Manhunt 2 Description

Do you like chopping peoples' heads off?Do you like hiding bodies?And most of all,do you like cutting spleens open???Well if you say yes to anything above,buy manhunt 2!Did I say rent it?NO,I said.Manhunt 2 is anything (violent) that you could possibly expect (except drugs.ANYTHING but drugs)So go and by it before me and your best friend come and hunt you down.