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Waiting for GTA IV

IT SHIPPED!!! My Grand Theft Auto IV has left the warehouse and will be at my apartment by the time work is over tomorrow! I can barely contain myself. The real reason I got my ps3 is almost here. The reviews are comming in good (like anyone was worried about that) and this one looks epic.

Long time, no blog

It has been a great season for gaming has it not? COD4 seems to be the clear winner this holiday season and it certianly deserves it. Personally I think Crysis has gotten downplayed a little (most likely because there aren't many machines that can run it well), but all and all a good season. Recently I have found Burnout: Paradise to be a very fun addition to my collection. I recomend checking out any of the holiday season hits though as I found almost all of them to be great.

These "ps3 frame rate problems"

The ps3 only has frame rate issues on mlb 2k7 that I personally know of. I do play with an HDMI cable (not on 360) on a 1080p tv and Resistance: Fall of Man has never had frame rate issues, MLB 2k7 does, and the rest (including motorstorm and any demos) have not had issues. I have ran PCs with better frame rates than a Xbox 360 and am traditionaly a PC gamer. The blue ray player in the ps3 is worth the price ALONE. Enjoy buying another Xbox next year.

So I loose my good taste badge...

All because I got Blazing Angels for PS3.   Well WTF Gamespot?  You are really gonna hate on me because I wanted to use my sixaxis controller?  Flying with the Sixaxis is fun and difficult and well done in Blazing Angels.  Further more I do not know what system you reviewed the game on but it must not have been a PS3.  "Framerate drops to 0 when near explosions" my ass.  I noticed a few twitches in frame rate near explosions but nothing near 0.  I am SEAROUSLY sick of GS bashing the PS3 and all things PS3.  You gave this game a 6.9 for 360 and the PS3 version was better in every way and got a lower score.  I see Bill Gates signs the checks over at Gamespot.  Also, if 360 ruins GTA4 by not having a hard drive I am personally punching every non hard drive having 360 owner in the face, so come november if I'm not happy, line up.

Go Cardinals

Go Cards, the season is young, and anything can happen, but anylthing includes BACK TO BACK WS CHAMPIONS.  GO CARDS! 

While I sleep...

My Ps3 is working on curing parkensons and alzheimers' dieseases.   What is your Xbox 360 "eliete" doing?  Mark my words, the eliete is the first of at least 3 xboxs before the ps4.  Mark my words.  (PS3 owners need to download folding@home and help the cause).

It's Been a while...

because I got a PS3. It is **** and beer. The remote start, blu-ray and High Def capabilities make it simply amazing. Resistance: Fall of Man is the most under rated game out there right now and motorstorm is fun as crap. Also Supreme Comander ROCKS for the PC. Until the next increadable PS3 expierence I'll be playing.