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Best of 2010 and My Late Game of The Year Award

Hi everyone. How are you? Is everything ok? I wanted to review all of the games I've played in 2010 and then write this blog but because of my exams and projects I couldn't do that.I had 5 exams in 5 days last week and I think I'll get good marks on them. Only one of my exams is remaining(on Tuesday) and after that I'll be more active here. Anyway let's talk about best of 2010.

As I said in my previous blogs,I've played 8 games in 2010 and you can check them out here. My best of 2010 awards in each category goes to:

1.Best Action game:

COD Black Ops

cod bo

I love call of duty games and this one is my type of action game.The campaign was too short but amazing.The story is the best of it. I finished it twice on Recruit and Veteran.

2.Best Action Adventure game:

Alan Wake

alan wake

You can read my thoughts about this game here

3.Best Strategy game:

Starcraft 2:Wings of Liberty


This game is sweet. SC2:WOL is one of the best strategy games of all time. The campaign is incredible and I love every moment of it. The ending is shocking. I recommend it to everyone whether he/she is a fan of strategy games or not.

4.Best Beat'em up:



The Character was so hot and the dialogs are funny. The battles are so huge because the bosses are as giants as skyscraper :P

i)Best AI:

Halo Reach

halo reach

This game is so tough even on lower difficulties. Your enemies have reactions to all of your shots and actions. You should play this game to understand what I'm saying.It's so challenging.

ii)Best Boss Fights:



I choose Bayonetta for best beat'em up game but in this game,for killing every boss you should use different strategies and weapons.Every weapon you gain in this game is used.

My 2010 game of the year:


You know how muchI love this game. It's a big hit for X360.Unfortunately it came out with great games such as Red Dead Redemption and many gamers forgot to buy or rent this great game. I love its atmosphere,the way of its story telling. For anyone who has X360 and didn't play this game:


Thanks for reading :)


Review of Games in 2010 #1

Hi everybody. Today I decided to write a series blog about the games I've played on 2010. As I said in my previous blog I've played 8 games on 2010. The first one of them was Bayonetta. I had written a blog about this game before and you can check it out ">here

The second one was Alan wake. As you know, this game wanted to release on PC and X360 but then they decided to release it only on X360 exclusively. This game is masterpiece. I want to start from its story but I don't want to spoil it :P.Alan wake is a famous writer. He couldn't write any words on paper for a while.Then he and his wife decided to go out of city to a good place for resting. When they come to Bright Falls strange things are happened. I didn't say some events before that and at the starting of the game.I want to experience them yourself ;). The story is awesome and has a lot of great moments. The ending is not shocking and is predictable but the way of telling story is its best part. Alan wake has 6 episodes and this game is like a cinematic series like lost. The graphics are great.Most of the time you play during night in jungles and you can't see the beauty of jungle in day.

alan wake

The gameplay is innovative. Your weapon is light. Whitout it, you can't kill your enemies even by gun. You need toclear darkness from your enemy by your flashlight and then kill them buy gun. Sometimes you should fight with vehicles which are surrounded by darkness.alan wake2alan wake3

The atmosphere is creepy. The sound design is unbelievable. Think you are alone in a dark jungle and you heard that something is behind you. This is the best horror action adventure that I've ever played in my whole life.I thank Remedy for making this great game.Don't miss it.

I wanted to celebrate my 5th year being on GS 10 days ago but I forgot it ;). In these 5 years I've found many good friends around here.

Thanks for reading


I'm Back

Hi everyone. How are you? I missed you. I'm back after 7 month to writing blogs. I'm sorry that I couldn't read many of your good blogs. I was very busy and I only came to GS for reading news and reviews and I didn't have much time to check out your blogs. In college we have a lot of projects to do. I didn't finish some of them yet but this is not my problem. The terms of life is changing here. Your mind is full of problems and you can't focus on anything. The cost of life is rising incrediblly. This is why I can't progress in my life. I don't want to disturb you but living in this condition is very difficult.

Anyway I've only played eight games in 2010 and I replayed some of my old games.The games that I've played this year in order are:

1. Bayonetta

2. Alan Wake

3. Split/Second (X360 version)

4. Darksiders (X360 version)

5. Starcraft 2:Wings Of Liberty

6. Halo Reach

7. Mafia 2 (PC version)

8. Call Of Duty:Black Ops (X360 version)

I've played some old games this year like Dead Space (PC version),NFS Shift (X360 version),Batman Arkham Asylum (X360 version),Trine (PC version) and some games that I played vey little like GTA IV (PC version) and Age Of Empires III.

Next week my exams will be started and I'm studying my lessons. After finishing them I want to buy some of great games that I've missed this year like:

1. Red Dead Redemption

2. Vanquish

3. Castlevania:Lord Of Shadows

4. NFS:Hot Pursuit

I want to write about the games I've played this year in my next blogs.

Thanks for reading


Sorry My Friends

Hi guys. Excuse me if I'm not very active here. I am very busy these days. My Midterm exams have been begun and I should study hard for them. Also I do a research on a system of subway with my friends as a project for engineering statistic lesson which has got 3 units among the lessons. I should go to the stations to collect data for project. Sorry if I missed your blogs from 3 weeks ago untill now. It takes long time that I'll be free from lessons of university. In this period I only come to GS for keeping up with the news of games. I hope I come back sooner than I imagine.

Thanks for reading this short blog, Sina

Gaming Updates

Hi guys. Sorry if I don't post blogs a lot. I'm busy and I can only post blogs sometimes. And also I'm sorry If I misssd your blogs. These days I'm playing two epic games. One of them is Bayonetta( 2010 ) and the second one that I bought it today is Dead Space( 2008 ). I bought Bayonetta on Monday. Now I give you some tips about them:



Bayonetta is an action adventure game that everybody who loves this genre should play it. The creator of this game is the creator of Devil May Cry series, Hideki Kamiya. It's really very similar to DMC games especially number 4. The main character of the game is a female which her name is Bayonetta. I don't want to explain the story but it has got a interesting story with funny dialogs. The cutsenses are awesome and sometimes they are long. They are directed very well that you want to see them again and again The Combat system is unique. Bayonetta don't have any clothes and the black thing that covers her body is her hair. In the combats she uses finishing moves that she do them with her hair. Yes when she do this,she was cute with no cover on her body and she is the sexiest character that I've ever seen. The boss fights are great and cinematic. The game have got very well designed environments and graphics. The sound effects and voice acting is terrific and the musics are awesome. At the end I recommend this game to every fan of this genre. Don't miss this great game.

2.Dead Space(PC):

Dead Space

Finally I bought this game after two years of its release date. I run it on my laptop. Oh I forgot to tell you. I bought a Vaio laptop which runs this game very well on highest quality. Dead space graphics are awesome. The atmosphere is scary and when I played some minutes of this game, I remembered Doom 3 and Quake 4 but Dead Space is scarier than both of them. I play this game with headphones and the sounds scares me :P. I didn't play this game a lot but I think this will be an awesome horror game.

Here in Iran we are going to start a new year. I want to say: "Happy new year to all my Iranian friends here on Gamespot. I wish next year will be a good year for all of you."

Thanks for reading my blog


Happy Valentine

Hi guys.I'm back with another blog.Now is the 14th of February and this day is a Valentine day.I want to say "Happy Valentine" to all of my friends around here whether they have girlfriend or not.I'm really sorry for Mike(tntkng) because he ended with his girlfriend after 5 years(For more information read his last blog).I'm not going to bother you but something like that happened to me.My GF ended her relations with me last Monday but It's not really important for me because it only lasts 1 month;) and I didn't spend a lot of money on her:D.Valentine1valentine2

These days I'm not active on Gamespot because I prefer playing games than watching them.I'm playing NFS Shift and continue my exploration on wasteland of Fallout 3.Both of them are great.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Is GS a big fan of PS3?

Hi guys. Finally the best of 2009 winners were reveled. But most of them are exclusive games of PS3 like Uncharted 2:Among thieves, Demon's Souls, Killzone 2, Infamous, Ratchet & Clank Future:A Crack In Time. I don't have PS3 and I don't know how good they are. But I heard from some of my friends that MW2 is better on both Campaign and multiplayer than Killzone 2. For example Demon's Souls is a difficult game that isn't suitable for anybody but most of players played Dragon Age:Origins and they said this is a good game and it has a deep story.My guess for GOTY is Uncharted 2:among Thieves. And now I want to know your ideas. Do you agree with me or not? Please say your ideas through comment.

I've Been Tagged

Hi guys. After a busy week finally I come back. I apologize from Mike(tntkng) because he tagged me about 10 days ago and I respond it now. The Probability Theory exam was not so difficult and it was medium. I hope I get good mark for it. And there are some facts about me:

1.My name is Sina (Sina is a name of a desert in Africa).

2.I'm Iranian and I'm 19 years old.

3.I study Industrial Engineering and I love mathematics.

4.I have X360 and PC (The hardware of my pc exist on my first blog post)

5.I've never had a girlfriend before but I'll make a relationship between one of them soon.

6.I've never had a pet or cat.

7.I like Kebab and Pizza.

8.I like to play with my X360 more and more and I like to play strategy games on my PC.

9.I wish I had a PS3 for playing some of its best exclusive games like Uncharted 2, MGS4, Infamous,…

10.I hate the government and the president[of Iran] and the supporters of them.

At the end the I tag some of my best friends:





A Little Update

Hi guys.I'm back after one week that I was very busy:P. I finished almost all of my midterm exams except one of them. That is Probability Theory midterm exam which will be taken in two week later(on 9th of December). After a long time I reached to level 20 with "Metal Slime" Rank. At the end I wish you have a good life without any problem and say thank you for reading my blog posts.

Rest In Peace

Bad News

Hi guys. Last night a very bad event happened to me and now I'm very sad because of this. I was playing Resident Evil 5 on chapter 6-2 and I was beating the boss of this chapter,UROBOROS AHERI. Everyone who played this game knows that you can collect a lot of items in this boss battle because after you hit her with L.T.D(the weapon for beating her) she spawns things(like mini Uroboros)from her body.If you kill them, they give you some items that you can collect. I collected some unnecessary items and I wanted to discard them.With real time menu, I discarded some items quickly because I was in the heart of boss battle. After beating the boss,when I wanted to organise my items,I saw there wasn't my S&W M29 Magnum that I had completely upgraded it.The game was saved and now I am very sad:(:cry:.

I hope that events like this one not be happened to any gamers.

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