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I Beat It!! 2

I did it!I beat Guitar Hero: Aerosmith in EXPERT!YES!It was tough to beat that encore..Train Kept a'Rollin'.Gahhh...

What I Want For Christmas

Here's what I want for Christmas.I want a Cobalt Blue Nintendo DS Lite,a battery charger for it (if it doesn't already),& 4 games.Cooking Mama,Brain Age:Train Your Brain Minutes a Day,Brain Age 2:More Training,& Nintendogs:Chihuahua & Friends.

Caught Da Cat!

Just last & my dad got a trap for animals because a dog was chewing stuff up & chasing my cat & because we spend too much on catfood to feed 5 kittens & their mama & daddy.So we set up the trap for the dog...& guess what,we caught the daddy cat!!!HE IS THE EVILEST CAT!!We caught him & 4 kittens.So all we need is adog, I think 1 more kitten,& the mama.YEEE-HAWWWW!