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That time again....

It's the fall. School is back in session. Football rules the t.v. stations. And the most anticipated video games of the year appear in retail stores. The titles I'm looking most forward to? GTA V, COD: Ghosts, Batman: Arkham Origins and Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2. Just sharin'.

End of Summer

The end of the summer is near. And so is my love for video games. Or I should say, my obession with them as a hobby. I am picking up "Darksiders II" because it looks like wicked fun. But this fall, I don't think I'll be going **** crazy for the new titles. "Assassin's Creed III" looks great, but ultimately like a "Red Dead Revolver"-esque action game. I've never been a big "Halo" fan, so part 4 isn't essential to my buy list. I'll probably pick up "Hitman", but only because it's been awhile since "Blood Money". And "Resident Evil 6" looks good too, but it doesn't look revolutionary like 2005's RE 4. Of course, "Black Ops II" will be the big seller once again. The only reason I'll get it is because my buddy loves Treyarch's "Zombies". So, yes, I think games have ceased to thrill me. I've said that before, but I think I'm telling the truth now. Well, at least until the consoles start showing promising new titles. The constant barrage of sequels is probably what is tiring me out.

Fall semester is over.

What a year! I was enrolled for both major semesters this year (winter/spring and summer/fall). I walk the stage in May, but my degree will be mailed to me sometime in Feb.

Summer's almost over.

Not that anybody has noticed, but the summer is coming to a quick end. Had fun at the movies, saw plenty in 3D. And I enjoyed L.A. Noire as well as SSF IV Arcade Edition. I also bought an HD Screen to watch Blu Rays and my favorite XBOX/PS3 games in full 1080p glory!

My Top 8 Fall Games!!

This fall is a reason for gamers to be excited. With more than a few blockbuster releases, it may be just another"holiday" rush of games for some. But I haven't anticipated a lineup of games since 2004 when "Halo 2" and GTA: San Andreas were released.This is my list of must have titles on Day One: "Gears of War 3", the epic conclusion to Epic Games' kick-ass sci-fi themed shooter. My buddy and I plan to split the purchase price on it. Then there is "The Darkness II", an under-the-radar title which has the potential to be a sleeper hit. Yes, it's being released on the same day as the more anticapted "Rage" and "Twisted Metal". But I'm sure they'll be an audience for it. I'm one of them. Thirdly, there is Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham City". I don't know anyone who didn't like their masterpiece "Batman: ArkhamAsylum", so this one's a biggie. Personally, I'm planning on reserving it at Best Buy which is offering Robin challenge rooms. Can't wait.The fourth game on my list is "Silent Hill: Downpour". Yes, the series isn't what it used to be and "Dead Space 2" may have stolen some of its thunder. But boy does it look really GOOD! I'm sure the new development team are shooting for the stars with this one and hopefully it'll be the best SH since part 2. I'm really hoping.

My fifth choice would be "Uncharted 3", Naughty Dog's follow-up to their own masterpiece sub-titled "Among Thieves". If you played that game than you'd know Naughty Dog hit the big time easily ranking them up with Infinity Ward in terms of crafters of superb cinematic action. For an encore, I'm sure they'll hit another home run.The sixth game is"Modern Warfare 3". Yes, Infinity Ward may now only be composed of half of the original team (I think), but I'm sure the Sledgehammer developers will confindently pick up the slack. Besides Survival mode seems to be awesome. Same goes for the return of Spec Ops missions. MW 3 will be my b-day present, so I can't wait to open it! The seventh game I'd like would be "Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City". Not only has Capcom lovingly gone back to the storyline of part 2, but the character designs of the new protagonists (actually antagonists) are reminscent of "Metal Gear Solid" which puts me in the mood for action! I've seen the videos for this and it looks quite promising. Slant Six (PSP SOCOM developers) are blending "Left4 Dead" action with a third person perspective. I'm a fan of the series and can't wait to blast zombies and Leon Kennedy as a team member.

Finally,the last game on my list would be "Saints Row: The Third". Yes, it may not be as hyped as "Uncharted 3" or "Gears 3", but it looks to be the best in the humor-filled franchise. I liked part 2, but after viewing the E3 footage, I might just fall in love with this game. How can one not having fun slapping pedestrians around with a giant rubber **** only to take flight in a jet (to create even more havoc). It looks to be the silliest GTA-clone ever. With a promising coop mode and extensive missions and customization, I think it might be the most enjoyable game on my list. Can't wait for the fall!

Fall 2011: Lots of games!

Let's see there's "Gears of War 3", "Rage", "Batman: Arkham City", "Uncharted 3", "Silent Hill Downpour", "Resident Evil", "Elder Scrolls", "Dark Souls","Saint' Row: The Third","The Darkness 2", "Modern Warfare3",and "Battlefield3". Not to mention alot of other titles being released. Geez. It's going to be tough to get the essentials this fall.

School is Out!

I just wanted to say that today is the first day of the summer for me. As far as college is concerned. I won't start up again until late August. So, good riddance to all the books, teachers and homework for the next three months! Freedom to have fun is here again! Yes!

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Aside from having the worst title in movie history, this horrible-looking film reminds me of the awful 80's flick "Dead Heat". That picture starred Treat Williams and Joe Pispico (remember him?) as murdered cops who solved thier murders along with a villanous scheme in the afterlife. Just thought I'd let you know.