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How I got my Nintento Wii...

History of city-small city up here in Canada. Wal Mart is the only place in town to get consoles, and console games. Almost all xbox fanboys here have to get other consoles like Sony and Nintendo. Our Wal Mart isn't very knowlegable on any games.

Now the story

After phoning my local Wal Mart to see if they have any games I wanted. I phone them to check in stock for more then one game, and they are popular games not hard to find games. Of course they don't, so I gave up looking for the Wii's.

Well my brother and his friend wanted to go to Wal Mart to get GTA:VCS, and liquid fire, cause they like fires, they didn't tell my mom they were getting liquid fire of course. Well I decided to tag along cause my friend wasn't old enough to purchase M rated games. Plus deep down I had a optimistic side in me. I almost didn't go because it was a day after the electronics department got there shipments in. I didn't bring any money to buy a Wii, because I didn't think it was likely.

I go to the electronics department, turn left and Oh My f***ing Go(sh)d. I see six boxes of these Wii's sitting behind the glass that it was enclosed in. My mom sat in the car, so I ran out of that store leaving my little brother and his friend by themselves, and ask my mom to go home fast, so I could get some money. My mom says she wants to come in the store to see for herself. She comes in and see them. She tells me to wait till tomorrow cause were going to Alberta, where we could save on one tax, I told her they'll be sold out. She doesn't believe me, so I phone the town's Wal Mart we were going to and they said they sold out of 20 Wii's in 2 hours. I told my mom this, and this is great she says she doesn't want to drive home to get the money, so she whips out her card and buys it for me.

It gets better, I call a guy to help me get a Wii, this is a guy in late 40's early 50's. His reaction is "wow, we finally have some on the shelf" the cashier says that they forgot to put them out yesterday, so they just did it an hour ago. It gets even better. My dad works at Wal Mart, so I got 10% off my wii, well my mom did. So it cost only 229.84 Canadian!!! (I did pay my mom 200 dollars for it though, because she didn't have money on hand and I didn't want the visa bill to increase so I gave that to my mom, so I got a impossible to find Nintendo Wii for only 200 bucks)

You probably don't want to hear that my dad bought me a PlayStation 3 two days later and I only have to pay 400, Canadian I might add lol, that will be another blog story lol.