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The count of Monte Cristo...

Very seldom does a movie come around, that is able to constantly captivate the audience into pondering and thinking of the true truth and strategy, such as The Count of Monte Cristo. Having just seen it for a first time, I was constantly intreauged, not just by the immense level of detail and attention put into the directing, acting and such, but most particularly , attention and detail given to the script. The Count of Monte Cristo is possibly a perfect thinker, causing you to look back at the end, and truly realize how simple, yet immensly complicated it turned out to be. A true gem, suh as this seldom comes around, and often, not enough detail is shown in other films, as this one had. From the directing, to the casting and acting, to the crew responsible for helping, all deserve immense credit. A real thrilling, and thinking experience is The Count of Monte Cristo. If you have not seen it yet, I urge you to do so.

Battlefeild Earth, what's so wrong with it?

I will start by saying that I loved Battlefield Earth, and still do. I will admit that the scripting has several flaws, and some of the dialouge is lame, but that in my opinion still isn't enough to kill the movie. So what is it that crushed it to such a low degree of crap with "fans" and the critics? I can not say that I have read the novel, on which the movie is based, so I'm assuming that, the awefully poor adaptation may have something to do with it. It was also done with many different directing styles, including different lenses, angles and so on, which were heavily bombed by the critics. A funny thing for this however, is how many movies nowdays "barrow" these directing styles for certain parts of their films, many of which are not bombed now. Could themedia purposefully been out to ruin this movie, was it the decline for sci-fi's that killed it, or was it really just downright awefull? I can't say, since I enjoyed the movie immensly, hating only the plot hopes and occasional bad dialouge.

Battlefield 2, size of the maps...

Honestly, is it just me seeing the world in BF2 as much larger than it really is, or is it maybe the lack of AI bots? Several of the maps just seem really rather large for only a 16 player bot match. Now if that limit were increased by a bit, let's say 400 or so, then that would really make for a good game. All in all, great game, but hopeully I can find the super awesome setting that'll allow more bots per map. Easy 8/10 for this game, despite the "overly" large maps.