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there'll probably be a spinoff...better call blab. he'll be back.


Babahahahahahahahahahhaa Casey isn't a mod no more? Wow.


Seriously why though? You've been a mod here since like 2002. SW is synonymous with ur name
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[QUOTE="Allicrombie"]did I miss the end of Breaking Blab?CaseyWegner

there'll probably be a spinoff...better call blab. he'll be back.

Babahahahahahahahahahhaa Casey isn't a mod no more? Wow.
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Yea that's dope
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Who remembers me?
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Just curious what people feel generally. I personally find all races attractive equally.
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Wanna play this so bad
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Played the RE5 DLC and it was great . . . until this bs part with the cranks. The monster would not go under the damn spike trap. We tried for an hour, it wouldn't do it, what is this none sense :|

Best co OP game this gen
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Late but w/e 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through forum Not a creature was trolling, things were in perfect decorum The posts were hung by the message board with care In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; The gamers were nestled all snug in their beds While visions of Marios dances in their heads And CaseyWegner in his 'kerchief, and I in my cap Had just settled our differences after a long Christmas rap when out on System Wars there arose such a clatter I sprang to my laptop to see what was the matter Away to the keyboard I flew like a flash Opened up Firefox, and pulled my password from the cache The login on the face of the new fallen browser Gave the lustre of mid-night to the words below When, what to my wondering eyes should trod But a single Christmas post, missed by the mods With a famous old poster, so dirty and slick I knew in a moment, he couldn't be St. Nick So up to the top of the forum his posting flew, With a sleigh full of GS members, and Musicalmac too And then, in a twinkling, I saw the words of this bloke The shaking and typing of each keystroke As I drew in my breath and my browser came 'round Down the screen his words can with a bound. They were dirty, and angry, and intended only to annoy And his thoughts were intended simply to remove Christmas joy. I could see him now, starring at his computer screen. He had a look on his face, a look that was mean! His troll little mouth was drawn up in a growl And a wink of his eye, and a link to a naughty site, let me know he was on the prowl. I spoke not a word, but went straight to report And clicking the buttons alerted the mods to protect the fort. And laying a finger down on his mouse CakeOrrDeath appeared to keep house! He sprang to his iMod console, to the admins gave a whistle And away the troll flew, the banhammer flew like a missile! But I heard CakeOrrDeath exclaim, as he logged out of the site: "Happy Christmas to all, and please be good tonight!"
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Got 3 girls pregnant right now. #futuredeadbeatdad
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WHAT.......THE......F***....... Blackbond is back????????

 Hahaha. It's been a long time.