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After 2 years of putting it off, ive finally got a Wii. I was getting a new phone yesterday and the contract gave me a free gift (either Wii or PS3). I was planning to get a DCKR Wii bundle but this will do me nicely.

But im pretty angry. Just found out Excitebots hasnt and probably will never release in EU. One of the main games i wanted for the Wii so its a shame. I picked up NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams for £2.99 and cant wait to try that out.

What i want for the Wii in order of interest:

Fragile Dreams
Donley Kong Country Returns
Little King Story
Sin Punishment 2
One Piece: Unlimited Cruise 1&2
Metroid: Other M
SMG 1/2
Zack and Wiki
Trauma Team
Disaster: Day of Crisis
Boom Blox 2
Endless Ocean 2
Silent Hill
Lost Wind series
Monster Hunter Tri

This should keep me busy right the way through to 2012. How the hell do you 3/4 system owners juggle all the games? Just thinking about what i want leaves me overwhelemed (in a good way of course).

I feel bad.....Oh so bad.

So this is my second blog post on this account. I usually make one if im really happy, or really sad. Well as you can sort of guess by the title, this is the latter. Let me start of by giving a quick intro to the problem.

You may have heard me mention in my posts on SW that i don't have a Wii. But did that stop me from buying Brawl? the sequel to the most fun game ever?Hell no. In fact, i actually imported it from the US as the EU release was looking quite far off. And its not as if i didn't play it, otherwise that would have been silly :P. My friend who i frequently visit (and vice-versa) has a Wii so we always used to play it and it did feel worth it. day....

We came back to play some brawl after our lecture and were shocked to find his Wii had updated. You know what that means, no more freeloader so my brawl was pretty much useless. Now with the intro done, il get to why i feel bad.

So today i had a lot of free time (would be playing DS but man does it drive you nuts in long playthroughs) and decided to get some credit on game il never play. Something evil just popped up in my head, it was like it wasn't even me. I glanced at Brawl and a wretched smirk came across my face. You all probably know what i was thinking so i don't need to explain that :P

So i took brawl and headed down to the closest GAME. Got there and had to wait 10 minutes whilst the only employee was finishing a phone call (which sounded personal btw). left me thinking 'Gosh she's rude'. Oh how wrong I was. As soon as she put it down, out came the sweetest, kindest and most elegant woman ive probably ever met (and she was pretty).

So i told her i wanted to trade in brawl and she swiped it to see how much i would get. I took a glance at the cash machine and saw £22.99. Yes, as you guessed, that evil smirk crept back. I pretty much sold them a case and booklet.Anyway, she sorted out a gift card for me and we just started talking. Talked about Uncharted 2 for a while and then..... FREAKING DEMONS SOULS. YES SHE HAS DEMONS SOULS!!! Im telling you man, if i wasn't for me being in a committed relationship already, i was ready to get down on one knee right then. I didn't go in that direction, but i did get her PSN ID so we could play DS :)

Ever since then, i've felt really bad. I've pretty much robbed them blind. And the fact that i was served by the best cashier in the world makes it even worse. Im sitting here right now and i actually feel sick for what ive done. Trust me, i NEVER do stuff like this. Makes me wonder how criminals do this on a regular basis.

Thats why i've decided (whilst typing this) to go back there tomorrow and return the money. Il say something like i was trading it in for a friend and he just told me it was an American copy. or something like that. But untill then, guess i gotta go on feeling like crap tonight.

My best gaming haul!

So one of my neighbours decided to sell some of their son's old games (he left a few years ago) and since they know i play, they gave me the choice of what i wanted to buy. I was absoloutley amazed at the games he had and couldnt believe they were selling it but they had his agreemant so its all good. I bought:



Chrono Cross

Vagrant Story


Klonoa 1


They offered to sell me all of this for £10. 10 FRIGGIN SQUID!! since the lady is really good with my mumi couldnt just rip her off like that so i told her how good these games were and offered her £20. She took it and now im in gaming paradise. Anyone else and i would have ripped them off but i dont like doing that to friends.

Anyway, thats my gaming needs sorted for 2009. One question, which is better FFVIII or FFIX? i have always liked the look of 9 more but people usually put it down and rate 8. Opinions are welcome!