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xbox we need more hardcore games faster

The world of gamers is growing more and more every day , i remember when xbox first came out the games were coming so fast you could not keep up but now the systems has been updated and increased in power meaning the xbox, xbox 360 and the xbox 360 slim. as far as i can tell you the real games has been coming out slower and slower i'm not talking about the peanuts of the xbox game but the meats of the games like GEARS OF WAR and MW3 and lets face it xbox is not a family system it's for true gamers like my self i think they should concentrate more on the hardcore games. sometimes i think there is a lack of idea's for games but i say all they have to do is grab a true gamer off the street and i promise you he will have alot of idea's for new hardcore games because GOD knows i have alot of idea's just like my fellow hardcore gamers. (TAG- INFEARABLEBLADE) LET PLAY HARD