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new banner

i just made it today,it didn't take me that long to make it and i think its allright but please comment it.

my videos

Some of my videos that i upload for my profile and my union still not here yet and i am wondering if any one of you guys having the same problem with your videos that you have upload in your profile.But usually i get my video the same day i upload them. this is stupid that i can't get my videos.


Bleach is awesome anime,what do you guys think about it.i wish they make bleach game for the ps3 it will be great.

Pirates of the Caribbean At Worls's End

Thed any one saw the  Pirates of the Caribbean At Worls's End movie yet or play the game because i saw the movie last week and it was great and i heard the game was awesome to,thed you guys like the movie or the game.I like the movie but i want to play the game.

spider man 3

thed any body play the game or watch the movie.

i saw the movie it was was good and i didn't play the game yet. 

God of War 2

i love this God of War  , i can't wait  till they make a god of war 3 on the ps3 and i like how they sold more 800,000 god of war ps2 game.i ready finish the game on normal and i am trying to play titan mode now so i can unlock some costumes.


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