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A Much Needed Update...

Well, as some of you know things just got worse and I lost my laptop until summer.  So I have not been on a whole lot.  But I am at my dads and can use my stepmoms laptop to post.  So while I have been gone...
Picked up Kingdom Hearts 2...loving it

Got a new sig, made by Gary (sephy37)

The Red Sox are tied for 1st in the AL East with a record of 16-12 thanks to the help of rookie closer Jonathan Papelbon who has been 11 for 11 in save oppertunities.

I am doing much better in school although I did get kicked out of Algebra 2 today. :P

I am saving up so I can get my DS Lite when it comes out or some ROH dvd's I am not certain yet. 

Well, when I get the chance I will try and update you guys as much as I can.  But that has pretty much been all that I have been up to.

Dave -shoot_em_up123-

Things aren't going to well

First off my car broke down on Thursday.  I had to leave it in the parking lot of movie gallery. Then today I had to wake up early and take the SATs.  They seemed like they would never end.  And now my PS2 is dead!!!  I rented Kingdom Hearts 2 but than my PS2 couldn't read it.  Something is wrong wiht it and I have no many to get it fixed. So it looks like I will be without a PS2 for a while.

An Update!!

Well, it has been forever since I did another blog update so I thought I would update you guys what has been going on in my life.
Well, first of all I have a new profile banner made by my friend Melquan from WWEv, thanks a lot man. :D

I also have a new sig that I made last night:

I am pretty happy how it came out

I have a new review up for FNR3 so check it out!!

Since my last update I have gotten a new icon because I made GS some banners for games.

In the world of sports the my New England teams have not been impressing me. The Pats got rid of Adam Vinetari, Willie McGinist, and David Givens. The Bruins got rid of Sergai Samsanov, my favorite player on the whole team. But, on the good side the Red Sox have done really good this offseason. They have a new infield and have also picked up Josh Beckett and Coco Crisp. They are looking really good this year.

Well, that is pretty much it lately besides I am getting really close to getting a DS which I am really excited for.

-Edit- Just made a new journal header. Really happy with it.

My sig and tag comp. entry!!

I made one for Need For Speed: Most Wanted


You guys are more than welcome to use the tag.  But ask me for permission before you use the sig and I will put your name in it for you.

2 New Reviews and 2 New Emblems

Well, I log on to gamespot today and noticed that I got 2 new emblems.  One is the popular one, which I had before GS got changed, and the Top 1000 emblem.  That means I am one of the top 1000 reviewer on GS.  I thought it was pretty cool.  I also have 2 news reviews.  Of Tony Hawks American Wasteland and Guitar Hero.  Talk to you guys later...Dave out.

Its The Best Time Of The Year!!

Thats right, 2 days till Christmas!!  I love christmas here because all of my family usually gets together and we open presents and all of that great stuff!! I want to wish all of you guys here a GS a very merry and safe Christmas.

-Dave- AKA: shoot_em_up123

TNA Rant #2 Ron "The Truth" Killings

Where do I even start with "The Truth"??  He is a former TNA World Champ and know he has been stuck with the 3LK.  The biggest thing he has done is won the tag titles.  But now it looks like that he may be getting a chance if TNA smartens up.  I would like to see him beat JJ and then have a title match with Christian for the title. 

SOOO Happy!!

Today I got some great news...I won the WWEverything Mod search and I am the newest MOD at the #1 Union WWEverything!!  I tried so hard to win and it just made me so happy that my hard work paid off.

TNA Rant #1 Jerrelle Clark

I got this idea from keiblerfan69.

Well, Mr. 630 is by far one of the better TNA stars right now.  But as of right now he is being used as a jobber, once to Monty Brown, and once to Christopher Daniels.  He did get to showcase some of his great moves in the Daniels match but no one that is new to TNA has ever seen the 630 senton which is one of the best top rope finishers ever done in a wrestling ring.  A little while ago he was one of the best stars in TNA along with The Amazing Red.  But know he is a jobber.  I believe he really needs a push and TNA should use him before he leaves.

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