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what day is it??

i manage to buy a 5970. thats all i can get.

now days the nvidia is catching up again. what a world.

i quit my job again. such splendid news huh? after 1 year and 6 month in the company...

just...forget know what? i just cant wait any longer...

so i was saying im planning on buying a HD 4870 X2...

which is to freakishly expensive in my country..the currency is too far to match any hundred..

it cost a bomb here and i was only manage to save a....well....a hundred....this blows....i need to get real pay with real job soon. i want my spirit back.... just quittin everyjob that ive got...its not really good going here,its just its an odd job and i need a real one....the internet bills,the blows,the electric bills,the blows.....this is too much...i want a real stable long lasting dream job.

where art thou??

p/s:or ati company ceo as a friend.:D

Its like being force to wake up.

aaaa....tuesday morning...wakeup by hearing the sound of thunder...isnt that great?!! with some white flash like in the counterstrike when you got Pwned by a flashbang grenade....and you hear...buzzzzzzzz..ringing..

right.then you wake up,what kind of emotion would you be in?:(

that is one messed up wake up call ever...even on the normal day like this shocking things should not goes on waking people up! i mean...shocking things should have happen when people were ready...READY!...and then shock them!...not on a sleeping person! not at ALL...i felt defenseless.

2009's Powder Life.

today as usual...for drinking..i put on nescafe's powder on and that powdery coffee mate on and stir stir stir... tommorow, as usual, i still think i get the same(or if not)a chocalatey powder with that powdery coffeemate for my drinks.. as for food,let that guy in stall give some aji no moto powder power in my food...did they use that powdery spice as well?yup..its so delicious!!with this so much powder in my everyday life.what will happen to me if i reach 40? YOU GUESS IT! a powdery me!! maybe ill become like one of those sandman in spiderman 3! or better yet, a silver surfer!! great huh??!

Work Stress.

Too much work, bad workmate relation, boss that likes to scolds, and uncomfortable working environment is an example of a working environment that are giving negative stress issues.

Many of bad implication can occur if someone could not get control of work stress,such as bad temper,gloomy,anxious,exhaustion,always feeling guilty,afraid,losing focus and many more.

Sometimes,there are others who utilizes quick ways to get it of;such as slacking of work,wrongdoings in disciplinary action,smoking,drinking,etc...

There is also cases that this stressed out people just let it go at home,causing family problems.torturing kids,and et cetera..

in this dark times of economics.

i hope i can change my really outdated GPU to HD4870X2...but it costs a bomb here...its like buying a pro HD camera or something.

+sigh+ X |

my job is tedious..i need to find a REAL job soon..a stable...and somewhat fun...but can i really make it in this dark pals said no job is easy...and no job is fun...sigh.

silent hill 2 ost - betrayal.mp3

lifes in the hand of the elevator man...goin' up? such a dramatic event this is.