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Back from the dead ?

Hey guys long time no see its been over a year and a half since my last blog hope everybody is ok.

Now what the hell with the new Gamespot :D

First game in 2012

About 4 hours ago I got my copy of Mass Effect 3 and I gotta say I have really mixed reactions towards it,so far I played the first 2 hours which I know is very far to judge but my problem this game just needed hell a lot of polish frame rate issues,bugs and having Jessica Chobot (works at IGN) in the game oh god no :D but the good thing is that if you liked Mass Effect 2 you should definitely pick it up.SO far the fans are very angry at Mass Effect 3 at first I thought that the backslash is bec. of Dragon Age 2 but I don't think that's the only reason to bring the hate on Bioware,anyway hope you guys are alright take care see you soon :)

My top and disappointing games of 2011 (WARNING MAJOR spoilers)

Hey guys this my top games of 2011 here we go



Mortal kombat brought me back to that very special moment that I had when I was 5 year's old sub zero's fatality :D not only is it the best fighting game this year its also has the best story to ever brace any fighting game in history of fighters also this game is bursting with content.



Uncharted 3 might not be as good as Uncharted 2 was but still it's one hell of a game with this sequel having a much better story that was much more personal tale to Drake,also Uncharted 3 has one of the best graphics I have ever seen in a game.



Dead space is one the best horror games on this console generation,I thought how in the hell is Dead space 2 going to top that oh boy you have know no idea :D Dead space 2 was just so much better than its predecessor this game was just so freaking awesome from beginning to end (eye surgery keep that in mind :D ) .



Oh hell yes the game that made me almost buy an xbox 360 I remember when I saw the launch trailer back in Jan.2010 I was so sad that this amazing game was not on the ps3 when I heard some rumors a couple of months later after its release I kept my fingers crossed that someday it will finally come :D and guess what that day came this past January I just jumped out of seat when I finally started to play it :) from the amazing characters to the story Mass effect 2 is just absolutely mind blowing and I cant wait to port my save to Mass Effect 3.

Number 1 and my game of the year of 2011 is drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:D.


You know it Batman Arkham city is a game filled with incredible moments that just keep on going even after the game ends from the prison break till the joker singing only you :D my god this game blew my mind off the freaking wall it's still goes on man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Mark Hamil thank you for being the Joker :) this guy has been playing the joker since I was born back in the 90s and Kevin Conroy as well the one and only as Batman whenever I read the comics these 2 just keep popping up in my head its like they are meant to be these amazing characters forever but unfortunately this is Mark Hamil's last performance as the joker if you have finished the game then you know that joker dies at the end that was one hell of way to end this game,I have no idea what rocksteady is going to do next but they did leave some hints for the next game which I found like Harley's pregnancy test which is +ve :D and some other stuff too this game made me for once be a hardcore for real collected all 440 Riddler trophies find all of the Easter eggs including adjusting my date/time clock on my ps3 system to listen to what calender man has to say for all 12 months of the year,to sum this up from the combat to the story to the freedom to the world of Batman this game is perfect for me and I dont usually say that as often as I have only given 10 to only 4 games including this one Batman Arkham city is a true sequel that is way beyond the first game :D thank you Rocksteady.

ok now what is my most disappointing game of 2011 well I'm sad for this :(.


The Original infamous was one of my top games of 2009 I just loved everything about it,when sucker punch made the announcement that infamous 2 is coming I was so hyped that I played 2 more playthroughs of the game :D when I started playing infamous 2 it actually felt like it was going to be amazing only to fall on its face dont get me wrong infamous 2 is a great game I gave it an 8.5 Its alot of fun but here are my problems weak karma system the choices that you make here are just simple and not engaging (except for the final choice)it does not matter if you play good or evil I just did not care for the characters at all cutting out the emotions of the first game was a really bad decision,Zeke mentions Trish to Cole when they were talking saying that he was sorry about what happened and cole just say its fine(the women that cole was suppose to be married to,the women who was suppose to had 2 daughters with, the love of his life is dead Kessler showed that to Cole that was very important to keep working on in the story of how Cole reacted to all of this in the second game what is the beast mean to Cole all of that was gone in the 2nd game Cole just moved on,its cool to be friends with Zeke again when he was responsible for her death as well after he betrayed his best friend all of that is cool with Cole) also repetitive missions make it really boring halfway till the end but even after all of that infamous 2 is still fun to play the powers are so awesome even better then the first game it makes you fell like your unstoppable I loved that, the climbing is still great as always and even the graphics is better as well but still for me infamous 2 is a disappointment :(

Hope you enjoyed this blog thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year everyone :)

A near end to a long journey

Hey guys hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the holidays its been a while since my last blog that's because I'm working as hard as I can for my last 3 weeks in collage so I can graduate with high honers I can't believe that 4 years of my life during collage passed by I can't wait for this new chapter of my life to start. I received a job offer which is waiting for me after I finish my last semester I wanted to add this new blog because I will be pretty busy but there is a chance that I will be doing another blog on new years eve for my top games of 2011,until then I hope you guys have an awesome time during the holidays see you soon. :)

Greatness from small beginnings

Finally got my copy of Uncharted 3 :D after waiting extra 12 days for it I played the first 3 chapters the story here this time is much more personal which I think is important as we did not know much about Drake's past in the last 2 games although Uncharted 3 is very similar to Uncharted 2 I do not think that's a bad thing though so my advice go get right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah right you already did :D as always thanks for stopping by. :)

Arkham City

What can I say from my first hands on with the game go get it right now!!!!!!!!!!!! :D yeah this game is fantastic and its huge Sefton Hill the game director was not joking around when he said that Arkham city will be 5 times bigger than Arkham Asylum, from the first hours all I can say that exploration is very important I have played about 3 hours so far and I can tell you that I spend about more than half of that time just seeing the world and getting side missions opend.Going to pre-order uncharted 3 on Thursday it will be the last game I will get this year maybe even until Mass Effect 3 comes out in march 2012 so I think Batman and Uncharted will keep me occupied till then so take care guys see you soon and as always thanks for stopping by :)


whats around the corner

Hey guys hope everyone is fine well this was really one hell of a week so far I started my first week in collage (I was suppose to start on September 24th but it was delayed till last Saturday) which was a pretty rough week but there is the joy that its going to end pretty soon :D so I have got nothing to complain about anyway lets get to gaming this month is full of awesome games like Dark Souls which I know Adam would kill someone just to get it :P Rage looks pretty good too from the creators of doom so I know some people will pick that one up :) what else oh yeah Silent Hill Downpour which is rumored to be delayed until march 2012 but the one game that I cant wait for my most anticipated game of the year is.

yeah you know it :D Batman Arkham City looks really fantastic from what I have seen so far I loved Arkham Asylum form the combat to the story to the voice acting,the world of this game just came to life and I believe that with this sequel it will be 100 times better :D so what will you pick this October ?? See you soon and thanks for stopping by :)

Max Payne

I have never waited for a game that long in my life and today the first trailer is out so your thoughts :)

Back again

Hey everybody shoks64 is back I just love the sound of that I had great time on my trip,now Iam playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution the freedom of choice has never been better in a game before that's why I love this game coming from a guy who does not like first person view games and R.P.Gs that means something right anyways its good to be back home again will try to enjoy the rest of my last summer vacation in my life (an entire 3 months of doing what I want just gone)on September 24th 2011 it will be the beginning of the end yup my last semester in collage I will try to go out with big bang take care guys oh and by the way thanks for greetings on my last blog bec. of the feast you guys are awesome here is a photo from my trip Iam the one in the Flash T-Shirt and my brother is right next to me.

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