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Terminator: Salvation.

I just saw this movie today. I loved it and it has managed to make it's way to the top of my favorite movies list. :D I thought it was a very good movie, not crappy. Anyone else have thoughts on this movie? Who else liked it?

My problem with STMT

Ok, i joined this Union, expecting somehintg interesting, well...I found "interesting. Caleeb and I posted some of our work, and they said it was lame and redundant because we had like 3 of the same pics in our sigs, banners...etc. but one of the members, (name escapes my mind at the moment), was a complete jerk to us, and gave me my sig, then deleted it offline, so he gave it to me, then took it away. don't join them, they're all jerks and don't give beginners, like myself a chance, they just begin the beat down. who likes my banner? they said it sucked.

My New Computer

will be here on Thursday! YAY! it cost 235.99 and is bundled with speakers, a mouse, keyboard and a wireless card! YAY!

chapter 3

Chapter 3

It was another twenty minutes before Martin finished telling this man about his life, Martin felt like he had so much to share. He went through his childhood; he even included some of his days at school. James was just as interested in hearing this boy's story almost as much as Martin enjoyed telling it. Gwen just walked quietly alongside them for a while, and then spoke up.
"Hey you guys?" she asked. "Look." She pointed to the ticket booth inside the station.
She began walking towards it. The booth had the window that it was built with; it was shocking to Gwen because everything else in here had been demolished, but this. Martin and James quickly followed after seeing her walking towards it. "Well Martin, it seems you have had an interesting life." James commented. A subway went under them, the whole station shook. It was a couple of minutes before they caught up with Gwen; she'd already gone inside of the small booth. "Gwen?" Martin asked. They arrived inside the booth only to find Gwen looking through all of the desks and looking at all of the travel logs, the booth remained intact through all of the slamming and crashing, the booth was still all here. Martin looked through a couple of desks too. James started to walk inside with them and tripped. He fell, crashing into the right wall. Martin turned to see what happened, and there it was.


Martin father had just asked Liam to leave, after learning that what his son is saying could be true. It was shocking that he could have a hidden door underneath his house, but he liked that. After Liam left so did Martin's Mother, she'd just disagreed with everything they'd said and after that, she stormed off, out of the house, into the car, and just drove off. He hadn't seen her in about thirty minutes. He figured she'd be angry at herself for not trusting them and on the other hand she'd be angry at them for even coming close to siding with Martin, she thought that everything they were saying was blasphemous. Not even believing the littlest bit of what had been said. Martin's father decided to go and find her, to try and talk with her. After a good talk, she might start down a path of believing her own son. He walked outside and pulled the garage door open, a 1953 Buick. It hadn't been driven in quite some time but it still ran, he hoped. He got in and turned the keys, it started! He released the brake and backed out of the small driveway, the car sounded like it had been gurgling nails. The engine was probably in need of replacement, and the brakes needed replacing too. But it got him out of the driveway and on a start down 8th street, the road their little house sat on, right in the middle of the city. He went a little further down the road then took a left down Porter Street, he was headed towards his wife's office, she spent enough time there during the week as it was and she enjoyed it. Where else to look but in her own little private office? Office buildings and housing complexes passed by him as he moved through the city. They'd moved to England when Martin was a boy and they'd picked up the accent and Martin didn't he just kept his Southwestern accent from the states, he'd never learned to talk in the United States but his father said in was in his genes to keep his southern accent. Liam had lived here for half of his life, after Martin's father was born and grown up, he moved to England, Martin's grandmother had passed away 3 years earlier and they'd thought that this was Liam's way of getting over it. But after Liam had an open-heart surgery, they'd decided to move to England so Martin could get to know his Grandpa. At last! Here it was the office building right next to the Olden Railroad. Martin's father thought he'd go inside the broken down railroad, just to get a little bit of memory back in him. He began to go inside, all of a sudden. Whoosh! A piece of concrete fell from the ceiling. But he pressed on. As he got farther inside he'd noticed the old control panel near the train tracks. It'd fallen off of the set of cement pillars it had once stood on. Martin's father wished more and more every day that they hadn't destroyed this place. He looked forward to every morning he could come and work in this place; it was fun and had a lot of nice people that would pass in and out of here every single day. He wanted to see if the ticket booth was still here. He started towards the office.


Martin was in awe, pure and simple. He'd never been so excited. Right in front of him there was a brick, a brick that fell out of place when James fell, Martin finished clearing out the debris behind the old crumbling brick. He felt a piece of paper, something dry, and definitely old. He pulled it out a read it aloud.

"Here lies the secret which would help the keeper through the door of Trust. Once the keeper passes through the door, he and anyone else who go with him will have a quest. To exit the land beyond the door they must finish the quest. To enter the door you must command the door to give you the access to enter. Simply tell the door to open in the name of Namir. Remember, Remember.

Best Regards,
King Bestriot of Truple"

"That's how to get through the door?" Gwen asked.
"Yeah." Said a voice that came without warning. They all looked to the door of the office, only to find Martin's father standing there, listening, and watching. "Martin hand me the paper." He gave it to his father. Martin's father scanned it quickly. "Well, it looks to me as if you have found the way into the door under the house."
"You believe me?"
"Yes, I do. But who is the man you're with?"
"Oh. I'm James and I've been helping these fine kids through the railroad station, they found what they're looking for." James smiled. "It was a pleasure for me to help them search."
"Okay?" Martin's father looked quizzically at the group and put on a remarkable grin. "But, hey Martin. Come with me, we must get back home. Does this girl need a ride home too?"
"That's Gwen and yeah, she'll need a ride too."
Gwen thanked him. They gave their goodbyes to James and left. "Hey, James!" Martin yelled. "We'll be back before we head into that door to get you, we want you to experience this with us. After all, you did help us search for it." Martin grinned and got into his Dad's car. When they almost to the car, his Dad spoke up, "Hey, you guys. Before we head home we need to go and get your mom to come with us. After Grandpa Liam left she headed here because she didn't know what to think about this whole, door in our house thing. You guys have the paper so I think that's all the proof we'll need to get her to come home. So come on. Gwen, Martin's father and Martin headed in the office door's direction it was unlocked. "Well, we know she's in here." Pointed out Martin. "Now we got to get to her office a talk her into coming home with us." They started towards her office space and within 5 minutes they found it. And there was Mom and she heard something so she looked up. There in the door was Gwen, Martin and her husband. Martin was holding something. Dad walked in and sat next to her in a customer's chair. "What?" she asked rudely. "I didn't believe anything you said before so why would your bringing Martin here help it any more or less?" Dad opened the paper and laid it on the desk for his wife to see. She read it and shook her head, she clearly didn't know what to think know, and she'd just acted like a fool at the house and now she reads this and realizes whatever Martin said probably was true. She didn't know what to think so she simply got up, and moved right out the office door and hoped they would follow, because when she walked out the door that is when the door would become locked, no one gets in or out. But in their better judgment, they'd decided to follow. They all walked out the door and she sped up to get to her car. "Honey! Please list-" He was cut off by the slamming of the car door. Without so much as another look towards them, she backed out and left, towards home. They got into the car it began to rain. They drove home, dropped Gwen off at her house and rushed inside, for one, they didn't want to get soaked and, number two, they had to get Mom to believe them.


Mom walked into the kitchen very calmly which, at first, didn't seem too good, considering her getaway in the car.
Martin and his father sat down at the table sitting in the kitchen and laid the paper down on the table. "Honey,
come here, read this." He asked. She looked at him for a minute and shook her head, but gave in anyway. She sat
down and pulled the paper towards her. She started reading. She went down the page and finished by saying,
"Okay, I believe you." Martin stared wide-eyed at his mother for a moment.
"I'm sorry I didn't side with you the first time." Her husband smiled then said, "Okay, time to sleep!"
Martin's mom started off towards their room immediately, but Martin's dad stayed with him for a minute.
"So, hey Martin?" he asked. "Would you mind showing me the door tomorrow?"
"Yeah, I'll do it." Martin began towards his room upstairs and said his goodnights on his way there.
Martin lay down, after a long hard day and slept. He went into a long, deep sleep. A dream came to Martin while he was asleep, he seemed to be somewhere inside of a forest. He looked up and right in front of him was a large settlement. There were trees and grass everywhere and it looked like heaven on earth, there were flowing rivers and waterfalls leading into large lakes, houses were along the outline of the little city. Martin in dream form had no legs or arms, he was a ghost, a simple, transparent ghost. He floated down towards the shops on the outskirts of the paradise, "Wow!" he said. In his dream it seemed as if he'd wished his way around, one moment he was there, he pointed backwards, and the next he was here! He went towards one of the shops to see what was inside, the shop consisted of a sheet on 4 poles, no sides or a doorway. The man inside had many things for sale, on the first bench was a fur robe made of something that looked like a cross between a bat and a wolf. He leaned towards the second bench a little more than the first because of the majestic swords that lay there upon the surface. The swords looked so powerful and broad, shining in the light that came through the sheet. He reached for the swords longing to hold one, but in the act he realized that he was still in dream form and couldn't but so much as touch something, what would make him able to hold something? Nothing. He dreamed of the inner city, and he was there, he liked this dream. No boundaries. He floated down the main road in the precious town, the road wasn't dirt or rock, it was grass. Then something caught his eyes view. A man was being beaten down to nothing more than a useless heap of nothingness. He thought to himself, "Well, I guess everything can't be perfect in a city like this." He wanted so much to reach out and hurt the men who had beaten that man over there. But it was still a dream, of course. He began taking in this city building by building. But he had the initiative to stop at a certain building, which he had envisioned before. The King's Court. He started for the throne room. He had floated through a wall and seen three other men with the king, they seemed to be talking about a war. A battle between two mortal enemies. One of the people with the king was an identical twin to him, and there was one for his father and one other man whom he didn't know. But if this was his dream, why can't he change it? In his dream he wants Gwen, James and Mom there, with him and Dad. He had gotten closer and had began towards the King for a closer look at him. He saw who sat there and was shocked! It was his Grandfather Liam!


It was 7am on a Sunday morning and Martin was awake, wide awake. He was going over what had happened in his dream, he pictured himself in armor, with a nice sword standing in front of a king. In the paradise he had walked through. But why was Grandpa Liam the king? He hadn't quite figured that one out yet. But nonetheless he could smell breakfast cooking downstairs and was hungry. He rushed down the stairs and sat at the table. Waiting patiently for his father to sit with him. His father sat and Martin just began blurting out what'd happened last night in his dream, it was almost to much for his father to take in all at once, Martin went into so much detail and description that it was hard to keep up with him. "Whoa whoa whoa!" exclaimed his father. "Start again." he smiled and Martin restarted being careful to slow down when his told his father this time. And once again he went into a full blown detail and description that it even amazed him! He'd had the dream and was still in awe by the city he'd seen. His father listened with interest and his mother just continued cooking breakfast. It slowly got quite and words stopped coming out. "That's all?" asked his father.
"Yeah. I woke up after that much." Martin replied. Mom began carrying over plates for Martin and his father, she had already eaten but she still sat down with them, coffee in her hand. "What are you doing today?" she asked her husband. "There isn't much is there?"
"No, I fixed the roof last weekend and nothing else has come up." He shrugged his shoulders. "Later Martin said he might show us the door." He threw a glance Martin's way.
"Yeah, I was thinking about that, but James and Gwen are coming with us if we enter. James helped us find it and Gwen would love to come in as much as anyone else." He'd thought that it was clear now; he had the paper so he made the guest choice.


He had started out his front door towards Gwen house, but when he arrived Gwen was sitting out back on her porch, he didn't have to knock or anything, he just climbed the fence and went to sit with her. "Hi." He said, startling Gwen, "Want to come with me into the door later?" She jumped up from where she sat and answered quickly, "Yes." That was good, short, sweet and to the point. "When?" she asked.
"Later this afternoon, probably around 4:30." He told her. "Yeah, you're coming, and so is James, and my parents and me, of course."
"Cool." She grinned. "It should be nice for James to get out of that hole he's been in. I bet he'll be the most excited person you'll know when you tell him."
"Yeah, I know. I wonder what it'll be like?" He pondered something as Gwen spoke to him.
"Well, I think it will be one of the best places I'll ever go." She told him. "I wonder if it'll have different races than here on earth, different creatures and maybe in a completely different time!" She sounded like she was having fun talking about it, contemplating everything that may or may not lay in wait for them when they pass into the new world. It sounded like fun to him as well, he imagined what might be beyond the door, could he fly? Could there be new animals? Like crossbreeds between a wolf and a bat like his dream, or maybe lion and humans put together to form a new human, animal thing. He turned his head towards Gwen, she was looking off into space, nothing to look at or anything to talk to, but nonetheless mesmerizing. He felt something that he'd never felt before while talking with her, he felt nauseous. He stomach was contracting and he just stared at Gwen for a moment, he thought about how beautiful she looked. He'd never felt like that before, but in an instant it washed him clean and he stopped. He'd figured out why too. She'd turned towards him and was staring at him. "What're you doing?" she asked.

"Nothing." He replied. "Nothing at all..." He put a small smile on, then said. "C'mon though, I want to get over to the railroad before we leave to get James." He started over the fence. "You coming' or are you going to wait here until I get back?"
"Umm, I think I'll come." She got up and walked out the gate right next to where Martin had just hopped the fence, "There's a gate here. You didn't see it?" she asked sarcastically. "It's right in the open." Martin looked over to where the gate opened. He was embarrassed. "No, I just wanted to test my fence hopping skills, that's all. I saw it but I didn't want you to think I didn't see it." He laughed. " Did that make sense?" She nodded then started walking towards the railroad. They'd turned down an alleyway leading off of their street; they were now behind a hotel. Red brick and stained oak was all they could see, on one side of them was a fence and the other side was an oak fence.

The sky seemed far away from them as they walked down the alley, the hotel ended and on came another building, the street leading towards his mom's office was nothing more than a brief glance at them, then what they saw became more alley. Trash cans and litter was at their feet, they we're almost out of the alley. Only to cross into another alley, it was shorter than walking through the city, no people or cars to wait on, just small walkways crowded with trash. Gwen was in front of Martin and she knew directly what alley to take next. "That's not the way." Martin pointed out. "This is" he pointed towards another alley directly in front of him, the one she was heading towards was on his right, all the way across the street. "Watch, I'll show you." He walked down the alley he claimed as his way. Gwen stood waiting, she knew that his end would lead to a dead end, he thought he knew the alleys, well she'd see. She leaned herself on a wall, she looked down at his way. Still nothing. She'd suspected that he was to embarrassed to come out, knowing fully well that he'd just lead himself to a dead end. She chuckled to herself, thinking about it was enough. But, there Martin was, walking out of the alley with a frown on his face, "You were right." He said boldly. "I'll follow you from now on."

She smiled at him then turned down the alley she'd wanted to go down. "C'mon." she stepped into the alley then dashed off, and in a blink she was one-hundred fifty feet in front of Martin, he yelled "Why'd you go and do that?!" He ran after her. Gwen thought it was fun racing through the alley, ditching Martin. He on the other didn't think it was fun, he was running out of energy quick and he didn't want to chase her anymore. But in order to get to the railroad he had to keep her in his sight. So he picked up the pace and began again. Run fast now, walk later. He kept telling himself. He found a steady pace that didn't make him tired quick, but he had a hard time keeping Gwen in his sight. And suddenly, he lost her. He decided to walk now that she had outrun him and obviously taken a turn or something. He took the alley step by step, I wonder what we'll find on the other side of the door? He asked himself. He was still walking, tiring fast. But as he rounded the corner, which Gwen had turned down, he stopped. He saw something he didn't expect to see for a while longer. Gwen was resting alongside a wall. "Tired?" he asked. She stared at him , half expecting him to keep walking and hope she'd catch up. But he chose to rest as well, he was more tired than she. "I had to sprint that last couple hundred feet to make you think you couldn't catch me." She laughed. They stopped resting and jogged towards the railroad station, they exited the alley and were now on the sidewalk. They were going to James then they'd go back to Martin's to enter the door.

My Iron Man Review

I'm gonna sit back and see who comments. Here's something to read, i'll give you my Iron Man review. Well, first off, that movie struck so high, that it is now my favorite movie. The movie seemed to pull me in, and never let me go till it was over, and then, still, i was left waiting, for more. I literally sat there waiting for more to come. It is an amazing movie, Robert Downey Jr. did an awesome job at being Iron Man, he filled out the role very nicely. The end sequence was good, but i thought it neede some more to it, it was kinda sorta, bland. The rest of the movie is what i had wanted to see more towards the end. Something like Transformers would've been good, not a fatter version of Iron Man, even though it was his first suit, i thought Obadiah (the bad guy), should've had a massive mech suit that brought down a colossal battle between the two. And, like i said before, the movie is my new favorite and that's all i have to say about this amazing movie.


Today, will be....

kinda sorta. we have to go up to the mountains, with a bunch of little kids, the oldest is me, and my friend that i haven't seen since 3rd grade named Dale. I might play video games, i might have to go to this little brat's b-day party, who is 8 and weighs as much as i do. YIKES! Right now, a girl named Radiator09 and me are chatting on EC. And, i gtg. but i'll talk to ya'll later!