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When the perfect score isn't perfect...

To be honest i'm a little annoyed at the vast amount of people who review games and give em 10/10.

10/10 means perfect and i find it hard to believe any games are perfect. If a game has a flaw then it's not perfect so even if its a minor point its not worthy of 10/10. i read a review giving sims 2 uni 10/10. I like it but it ain't close to perfection! Nor is FFX, its a great game but not perfect its still only a face lift and isn't the big leap we were all expecting.

I accept that all reviews are a matter of opinion and the sims 2 uni and FFX comment above is my opinion. But surely giving lots of games the perfect score detracts from a 10/10's value.

just a little rant there, feel free to voice your opinion.

Ps3 and 360 next Gen?


I keep hearing 360 and Ps3 fans going on and on about how the wii is not next gen-is dated!

That is absolute rubbish, the wii is easily the most, in fact is the only, next gen console. If the 360 and ps3 are next gen then all next gen means is updated graphics. The wii is a whole new way of playing games, and no the 6axis ps3 does not even come close to the wii's interactivity.

The 360 and Ps3 are exactly the same as their predacesors but with better graphics, no i don't care about all their extra features, i want a new way to play games! a next gen way of playing games. I want a wii!