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That depends on the type. Lets list the major ones:


Fire = Reshiram


Grass = Sceptile


Water = Shiny Gyarados


Electric = Zekrom


Bug = Heracross


Flying = Braviary


Need I go on? :)

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Hey everyone! I know it's been a long time since black came out. I have seen lots of people asking for this code. Yet everywhere I look, the topic was dropped. What I want is a code that lets you take legendary pokemon into the battle subway. I ask, because there is little to nothing for a guy itching to battle with legendary pokemon to do aside from that. Is there a reason this code can't be made? Or was the cry just not being heard? Either way, I would LOVE for someone to make a code for that. I don't care how long it is, I can just cut and paste. If it can't be made, please shed some light on why. That would be greatly appreciated. I don't know much about hacking, but I know a little about computers, so I'l try and keep up. We can get into a discussion as to the morality of cheating, I'm prepared to do that, as long as it doesn't get too heated. I just want an answer. 

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I'm not too sure about ps3's, I've never owned one. I want to know about the Xbox 360. Is the release date that different between the two? Keep in mind, I know little about this type of thing. Normally, I just go by the ads. This time, however, I guess I've been deceived. Maybe. I've never seen this before. From what I can gather, the original release date was May 29th. Was it pushed back? Or am I just greatly misinformed? The ads say it's available now. That's what's confusing me. Any information you can give me at all is GREATLY appreciated.

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Hey everyone! So here's the thing. I heard the release date for the game of the year edition was may 29th (or something like that). I get to futureshop in prince george, and they say they don't have it scheduled until September 7th. Ok... so then I was watching youtube videos and an ad comes on saying it's out now. At the time of writing this, the date is June 3rd 2012. I'm thinking either they lied to me, or the ad has a date wrong. When is the release date? I live in Canada, btw. Thanks for clearing up the confusion.

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I think that the countless drug PSA`s have tried to cement the fear into our brains. TRIED, but failed horribly. D.A.R.E. never had any impact on me, and why should it? You either have the then boring talks, or the popular-at-the-time rappers and break-dancers. -_-. considering also the fact that the only info they give us is information stretched so thin you can see through it. And that's just it. Kids did see through it. It's almost comical, how they have used so much time, so much money, trying to find new ways to repeat old-hat information, when all that needs to happen is that parents need to sit with their kids, look them straight in the eye, and give them solid, believable, credible information. Sure, some will still think it's complete bs, but hey, it's better than the almost-always-fail scare tactics the psa's are dishing out. Kids today wouldn't think much about things like that anyway. The most important thought on their minds is "What's for dinner?" That's not to say kids are complete idiots, but just a tiny bit more ignorant than most teens/adults. Why? They have much less to worry about. As for that one ongoing conversation about the irony, it is ironic in the fact that the very information that they used to scare kids could actually work against them, and I think it has, and that's why we're having this discussion. It's NOT ironic in the fact that... it's the truth. That is almost exactly what's going through the kid's mind at the time. Kids, by nature, like to focus on 2 minutes down the road as opposed to 2 days. That goes for many people, even some adults. Do we fault them for it? No. Why? Because they're kids. they'll learn when they get older. The irony is both ironic, and not ironic, depending on how deep you read into it. However, I believe we need to cast the irony bit aside to focus on the main question, I've given my 2 cents, and I'll be interested to hear what you all have to say. BTW, the irony quote was from MrGeezer.