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1 more thing!

Crap, I forgot! You guys can meet here: My username on that site is Mochigai_HHL-CO.

Bye! sucks now. I might post a picture later. But here's the main point: "I qvit!"

Young, dumb, and ugly!

School started on the 3rd, and so far it's a go except for one class. Eric and Andrew are going to PSSC everyday for the first half of the day, but at least I got Andrew in one of my classes. Classes I'm taking include English, physics, walking/fitness, graphic design, world history, and advanced algebra. #2! Uhh.... Ah, hell. That's it! :P Long-Haired Women:  #52, a replacement image. THE REPLACED [spoiler]  [/spoiler] Funny image! (for the first time in months)  Stir it! Pan it! Bake it! Decorate it! Cut it! THEN eat it! Here, have a present!

Long time no... eh???

Blogs! No blogs for forever! ...Eh? I got back from Manzanita weeks ago. I was just too lazy/asleep/K.O.ed by Tiramisu to even bother doing so. But, hey. Great news... I'm back from Oregon. It was sunny, and there was a lot of bike riding, I had some marshmallows (I hate smores - too messy), watched the Sakura Wars movie for the 18th time this year, and drank twelve ramune. :P One more thing, I made a 3D animated video in a digipen class over the summer. I forgot I saved it to a jump drive, so I got the jump drive, and uploaded the video to youtube. Watch it here: Ball-E One moorre thing... Ah, sh**. Hang on... *thinks* I remember! Summer is finally over, and winter is well on its way! I can feel it in the humidity and declining temperatures! :D Time for bimbos to meet their demises. :twisted: One mooorrre thing, if you haven't heard of AnimRevelation yet, you better get your sh** over there and sign up! It's free, and the rules of don't apply there! Foggle is one of the site's creators, so you know it's going to be good. One moooorrrre thing, I've been watching a lot of AMV hell 2 recently. It's the only amv hell video I've seen so far, and will probably be the only one, thanks to the video's webpage. It gives out information on all of the AMV hell videos and what I can expect from each of them. :) Long-Haired Women:  #42, an image that I was at first skeptical about putting into the gallery, it may actually become replaced. Sad thing is, it was actually a replacement image. THE REPLACED: [spoiler]  [/spoiler]  #43. This one was easier to accept into the gallery. Also a replacement image. THE REPLACED: [spoiler]  [/spoiler] Gallery Rejects:  This is the first image in the Gallery Rejects. It was rejected from the L-HW gallery because the kimono appears to be untied. I have yet to find a new banner or avatar to use, so they'll be replaced in September. ;)

Manzanita trip

Starting Monday, I'll be away at Manzanita, Oregon for about a week. It's something my family does annually, so be prepared to expect this for the next couple of years. Long-haired women:

Boredom strikes

Completely out of boredom, I decided to watch a few clips from Bleach, and now I feel I should announce a few awards for the anime, good and bad. Funniest fight scene: Episode 23 part 3! :lol: Silliest oaf: Ganju! :P Biggest bimbo ( :evil: ) : name unknown ...Still bored...


Well, Digipen 3D/animation ended about a day ago, and I recieved an A+ in that summer class, which means another half credit, if I remember right. I might also be taking that class and other job skill classes to earn more credit as well as to gain experience for jobs. The class was actually more fun than I thought. 8) As for what's going on right now, boredom. Guild Wars Factions, Pirates of the Carribean Online, RuneScape,... I play a lot of online RPGs, but none of my old friends seem to log on anymore. :( If anyone here plays one of those RPGs, or plays another one that I can download, here and now is the place and time to tell me about it, because I'm spending half my time in bed and the other half on youtube. One ramune everyday. Hell, I'm just too bored to say anything else. So, rather than saying more stuff... Long-haired women:    Funny image:  The only reason I think it's funny is because of Kagami's expression and Konata cross-dressing. Hashire, kosouku-no, teikoku kagekida-n! Unare, shougeki-no, teikoku kagekida-n!

...gathering memory...

It's been a damn long time since I posted a proper blog now, hasn't it? Here are the blog articles... It's summer, and there are bimbos all over the place! :evil: It's too hot to sleep with comforters, and my liquid consumption has tripled compared to winter! And to top off all of this rage, the fireworks made me temporarily deaf at least four times! :evil: So, here's my independance day gift: [color=red]Happy 4th of July, American sh**-heads![/color] Been watching a lot of Chowder recently, and it's actually not as bad as I expected it at first. The only problem is that the opening theme gets stuck in my head, and I have to listen to the Nee Pon? x Rai Pon! theme to get it out. For me, it's more uncomfortable than you think. I also just got back from my aunt and uncle's place, and altogether I stayed there for about three hours. The fireworks were too noisy, I couldn't find their cat anywhere, and my parents got annoyed because I brought one of my kimonos with me behind their backs. :lol: The choice to leave was mine, BTW. ;) I got Guild Wars Factions about two months ago, and have gotten to the point where I'm in Kaineng City until three of my fellow guild members left the guild without warning me about it first, and now I'm abandoned in the middle of a giant immigrant-infested slum. :P If anyone else has Guild Wars Factions and is in a class that covers a relatively large amount of skin, I'll meet ye at the monastery. ;) If you haven't seen the YuYu Hakusho Abridged Fan Art Special, here's the link: Thanks to my friends Eric Harding and Andrew Clay, I've taken on an addiction to Ensiferum, the most bad-ass viking metal band anywhere! White Storm, Battle Song, Blood is the Price of Glory, they all kick @$$!! :D Never have I faced such a thing since I first saw Tiramisu! I've also changed my banner and avatar again, and hopefully this time I'll be getting some hate mail instead of all my friends, who seem to be getting tons of it! That's not fair, I want some hate mail!! :evil: EDIT: Damn! I forgot I'm taking a Digipen class over the summer! So far we've learned how to make 3D objects, insert lighting into an environment, and even how to make animated tanks! I put a lot of effort into mine, making it a replica of what I believe is a German tank. It was a lot larger in scale than the one the teacher taught us to make. If I can get a picture, I'll post the differences between the teacher's tank and my tank! Mine even had headlights and a windshield. 8) Okay, now for the rest of the blog... Long-haired women:  THE REPLACED: [spoiler]  [/spoiler] ----------------------------------------------------  THE REPLACED: [spoiler]  [/spoiler] ----------------------------------------------------  THE REPLACED: [spoiler]  [/spoiler] Good night, everybody! My memory is going bye-bye again, and it's time for english song lyrics and long-haired women to put me to sleep. See you all a new blog in a month! ;)

Kimi ga... Ah, forget it!

Hmm, school is about to end. And as far as I know, I am passing two of my classes. If I can save my grade in a third class, I'll increase my chances of attending Federal Way high again next year! :D I was just made for public school. Since I'm typing this blog in the middle of the night, I can't take too long with typing, otherwise it'll get me into trouble. The L-HW Gallery is up to 145 images, and Gallery Rejects is up to 29 images. This will surely last the profile blogs through most of the summer. ;) And hey! My memory's coming back! I just remembered the term nocturnal after about 45 minutes of trying to remember it while lying in bed. A stroke of luck, I sure hope not. It's times like this that I wish I had Brain Age. :lol: Okay, so, I'll post a full blog in about, oh... Nine hours? That'll be about noon in Seattle, so... Come here by THEN!!! ...Oh yeah, I forgot, I changed my avatars and banner again.

What's a memory again?

I've forgotten several things since my last blog. Can ye believe it?! Yes... 1. Me birthday! I've forgotten me birthday again, it was a couple or a few days ago, I forget. Things that I got, uhh... Included ramune, ramune candy, uhh... More manga, a sushi platter... I forget what else. 2. I forgot what else I forgot... BLOGS! I forgot to make more blogs. I apologize for this, but my memory's getting, sh**... I can't think of the word. 3. Banner, I still have to change my banner and avatar again, but seeing as how a week's already passed, I'll have to wait until April, and I'll compensate for all of this nonsense. The next time something happens, I'll force-feed the memory into my brain, and then post a blog about it, and there'll be L-HW images in that blog... TEN OF THEM!! Look forward to it, then, whenever...