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Black Ops once in a lifetime sniper shot!!!

Hi, everyone!

Today I will doa thing I really don't often...

a bit of all fashioned self celebration :)

I'ts some time by now I play the valid Call of Duty: Black Ops and in multiplayer i'm not so bad. Though my performanches can go from abysmal to first rank, often i manage to give a substantial contribute to my squad.

Recently i developed a sniper avatar and some days ago i managed in an epic achievement: look at the video

Double Headshot!!!


My thanks go to the two enemies perfectly set on other building waiting for my bullet.

Thank you guys... I owe you one :)

3DS... or better... 3D-DUD!!!

Just some hours ago i've finally tested personally the new console of the great N.

Obviously i was curious about the new hardware and the notorious 3D effect. At the same time I was worried about some complaint from several people lamenting troubles like headaches and sickness after gaming sessions either long or short.

On another hand this story of the 3D never convinced me. I sawseveral movies but no one (including Avatar) was able to show the total immersion they boosted.

Now it's on record that 3D perception is highly subjective, maybe i'm simply defective in this way; however i've approached the 3DS trustily and...


at the beginning, with the 3D fully enabled I saw two blurryimages, partially overlapped,totally unable to focus on the screen. Only focusing on my eye's muscles and straining my view i was able to see entirely the screen with the 3D effect. Unfortunately this system resulted to me really stressing so then after only few minutes of play i was forced to cut it out since my eyeballs seem wanted to leave their orbits!

Useless to say i was pretty disappointed. Sure, is possible disable the 3D function, but so there's no point in paying a console i can't use fully.

My doubt was bitterly confirmed. I shall not buy a 3DS. Not that Nintendo needed my fee, but as an old time customer i feel bad seeing my hobby and enterntainment (and my loyalty)sacrified to a stupid technologic fashion.

Seem i will skip the next generation of portable machines since neither the upcoming NGP convince me. Specifics are awesome, but IMO the console will go out with a price worthy of Scrooge McDuck.

See you.

Tekken 6 review

I just said goodbye to the LoR; my heart is full of sadness, but I know I must go on, so here's my first post union review.

Tekken 6

available in both version, PS3 and Xbox360

good read

Goodbye, League of Reviewers

Unfortunately all things born, grown, and eventually die.

So did the LoR, in my opinion one of the better union Gamespot ever seen.

What can I say, all good things end sooner or later. The union gave much to Gamespot thanks to the involvements of people simply amazing in their works.

Some names?

Tissushoe, Gameblender, Pspitus, AK, Loopy... and more others.

Their works added highlyprofessional viewpoints to the union workgroup and personally was of inspiration to me in improving my works.

See you around friends.

Rest in Peace LoR, i'll miss you.

PS3, idiot people, my holidays and general stuffs.

Well… you can say a lot about shindark, but surely he is not a blog poster. My posts on the Gamespot personal blog are minimal, not because I have not anything to say, but really I hate all this social network mechanics. You'll never see me on facebook or similar, and personally I find awful leave 20 posts per day on a place where ALL can see what you did during your day.

However on Gamespot the things are surely better and people (usually) don't abuse of their spaces posting useless sentences like "Today my cat got a mouse and disemboweled it in front of me… how sweet!" or "Today I get up at 6 am, had breakfast with eggs, I washed my face… etc etc etc."

Occasionally I read with interest the intervention of some gamespot friends and rarely I post too some lines, especially during summer, just even to greet everyone first to depart for holidays.

But first let's speak about game matters.

Thanks even to a work contract less strict than last years I could play a lot in this period, dedicating me even to some long games on the 360 like the stylish Lost Odyssey and the amazing Resonance of Fate. On the action front I played the really good Alan Wake and other titles, including Metro 2033 (an advice: read the original novel, it's worthy… really!) and the incredibly funny Singularity. As you can perceive from my reviews page my DS continues to gift me with tons of fun while my PSP is a bit lonely, but still present. I did not played much on my PC, 'cause even a critical error that forced me to an emergency formatting. Recently I just begun the first Mass Effect, bought in bundle with a magazine for only 7 euros ( less of 10 dollars if I don't mistake the change).

Speaking of review, during formatting a tragedy occurs: I forgot to save my almost completed review for Dementium 2. Really I don't know if I will manage to rewrite it.

For a new review lost a old one recovered. Normally I don't change opinion once I reviewed a titles, but my last work, the review of Infinite Space, did not convinced my friends. They create a round table asking me to reconsider some point of my text saying me I was too rough with the Sega game. Inevitably the meeting don't ran smoothly and once again we concluded with a Royal Rumble. Unfortunately they always forget that besides my five years of ju jitsu I am the only one among us that care at least a bit to my physique keeping me trained though my old accidents, so the outcome was clear… shindark rulez.

However, while my friends keeping to smash their face against my fists their arguments make breech in me. Reading again my review I thought they could have reason, at least for some point. So I edited again my Infinite Space's review adding some extra considerations and chalking another half a point to the final score.

Always speaking about reviews, today I got a mail on my inbox and do you believe me?

It was another useless fanboy complaining about my Final Fantasy 8 review. Normally I reply kindly to all people write me, but this last was pretty ill-mannered in their argumentations, so I adopted his same line writing some pretty harsh word. A moron unable to understand another viewpoint different from the own really don't deserve anything better.

Change of subject. Thanks to the recent Italian's passion for your Texas Hold'em, lately my incomes are really improved. Please, don't make the error to think about me like a lazy good for nothing online gambler. Simply I try to supplement my salary with some poker play and finding me a not so bad player I manage to get 300-500 euros per month. Last month after a winning tournament I got some spending frenzy, so I go to a mall and bought films, books, work out tools and a brand new PS3 with 4 games including Uncharted 2, God of War 3, and Tekken 6.

Though I planning of play on PS3 mostly the exclusive games… let me say that GoW3 is simply astonishing.

Let's change the subject again. Some day ago I was in really bad shape and especially my throat was killing me. Looking me in a mirror I discovered a tonsil huge and totally infected, so I did the only thing possible: I've opened it, cleaned it, disinfected it; and all with a simple toothpick (and leaving a crater on the tonsil).

Overall this is the fifth time I fix myself something needing of a medic. Really I don't want disgust you, know only that someyears agoI was capable to reset my nose bridge with my bare hands after I got a door on my face (wood vs shindark's face… wood won).

And we are on the strong point of this post: my holidays!!!

Within few days I will depart for Dublin. Some friends of mine got a job as testers for a great company (starting letter M… guess you the rest) though working in Varsavia they are currently in Dublin with a hotel room totally paid, so I can shamefully take advantage getting me an hell of a holiday paying only the trip!

So wish me bon voyage and I hope for all you to spend great holidays. We'll see again after summer obviously here on gamespot.


Hero's Saga Laevatein Tactics (DS)... but, it is really a videogame?

Likely you'll know that I love RPGs and really much the turn strategics too.

I'vewaited with interest Hero's Saga Laevatein Tactics for Nintendo DS, but now that the game is here i'm really pissed off! :evil:

I saw amateur games obtained with some RPGmakers really far better respect this one.

Laevatein did not deserve even a review, just know this:

Plot is ridiculous with ugly characters and an awful design; graphic is horrible, musics repetitive and sound effects worthy of a commodore 64; strategic core of the game i boring, with few interactions and gaming possibilities and absolutely not fun.

If we start from the statement that a videogame, even those not well succeded, had to be fun... well, there's not even a drop of entertaining in this title, so, in my opinion it is not a videogame at all.

Don't buy this crap and share this voice with friends and relatives... boycott Laevatein! :x

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