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Its been a while seince i posted a blog here, but for thougs that do watch me, i had quit my old job, now found a new on and going back over the road shortly. I am planning on getting a new computer, so i can play better games.

New things

With income slightly better, i decided to get a new game for my brand new laptop, in which i can stay connected here and other websites.

i can also play some games that are muti platform, like need for speed hot pursuit.

never less, i will be still getting a new xbox and the kinnect system hopefully by Christmas.

Trucking- Be gone for a while

Till i get a lad top, i will be in the dark from you guys for the next 6 weeks.

I will get much more money from this, despite missing out from halo reach and some good movies. Oh well.

Better then working at my last job

You guys have fun while i am on the road :-)

New life changes

Because I am going to truck driving school, I will have little time for anything else, so that's why I am also getting another x-box game to occupy myself while I am in school.

I am either getting red dead redemption, or allan wake. I know that red dead is a much better game in many ways, but.... I just fell like playing a horror game recently, and this game could fell the bill without being too scary.

So more then likely I am getting allan wake. My summer will be filled with driving school, evening with my game, and Jaycees stuff. And times too...Dungeon and Dragons

Home issules

Well this is just great, i came home yesterday to fine my FF 13 copy gone. I have an idea behind it too, as my bother nick who is the only one else that plays the x-box, sold it or gave it to his dam friends, like all my other games.

I don;t know why he can't respect my stuff as i do for him. Now i am without a game to play. I might be thinking about gettingODST again, just to play the beta for Halo Reach.

However, as relationships worsen with my evil step mother, i have a felling that i will be homeless soon.

Been very busy

From working near over time for over a month each week, spending my time at home playing FF 13, and bikeing. I have littel time for anything else, inculding my book. I need to get that done soon so i guess i will make time for it

No computer gave me freetime

Since it broke, i have found a lot of time on my hand as of late. I used that time mainly for working on my book(So close to being done BTW)

I just borrow my grandpa hardly used Alainware for now, but now my hard drive doesn't work on it so were working on that problem.

I might be looking for a powerful labtop soon, as in i still want to be able to play PC games, but i am still deciding on doing that or not

Computer Broke

Yea, its not working anymore, and it seems to be sothing with the mother borad too. It might be a while till i can get it fix so keeping in touch here and other places might be tough, but i will be still around...

Dragon age and Danta Inferno

I have to say, i will glad to ask for Dragon age for the PC from my mom for Christmas. i been spending most of my day playing it, so i guess i haven;t been bored as of late.

also, i also played the demo for danta inferno too, and it plays very well. I am going to be watching it more carefully from now on to see how it dose when it comes out.