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Eek, fake sites

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But first: why am I here?

I have been gone for a long time, exploring the beauty of real life AND of the avatar sites that are springing up like weeds. Every teenager and his sister want to make avatar sites with the phpbb open-source software...that's cool. But, hard on the wallet for members.

Enough about my embarrassing personal life. I recently tried to log into arukun's site and typed in

which just leads to a dead end. Someone registered it and did nothing with it. You'd think at least CN would buy it to route to their site, but no. Pshaw.

Sites that lead nowhere are creepy.

The other panel art

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I designed it in Feb 2006, but was never satisfied with the sketch. Tonight I went ahead and finished it. Stinkfly has forced perspective, but that's because I was drawing him from the 4" toy and flipped him around...O.o

Ben 10 Live Action movie

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Please, let it not be stupid...not something that will deserve razzing later on!

Recently rediscovered MST3K. Laughter is good medicine and that show just knocks me over.

PSYCH is another good show that is starting a new season soon. Yay!

A few more pics from Sweden

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Nobody in "Sverige" talks like the Swedish chef anymore, in a singsong English. I think they might have been teased out of it. Oh well. That's OK!

Skansen is a lovely outdoor museum. You can walk around buildings pulled (literally) from every era in Swedish history, and see how things are traditionally made, like glassblowing, and there were farm animals too - seals (really!! Seals on a mountaintop!), small cows, goats and chickens which can withstand the is a view from the rose garden at the top of Skansen. Isn't it pretty? 10 hours later, 2" of snow fell, so we got there just in time.

The Vasa museum is built around a royal military ship, the Vasa, which sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was hauled out of the sea floor 333 years later, almost intact. It is said to be the largest museum artifact ever. This was the best pic I could take with my elderly camera.

Swedish design in the bus/train station...I love these chairs. It looks like you would slide right out of them, but you don't. They are perfectly balanced and very sturdy.

That's all for now. :)

Back from Sweden

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Wow! Europe is lovely but it is so nice to be back on American soil, under a warm sun, with our own amiable problems instead of bleak foreignity (yes, I made that last word up). I guess I was homesick, but didn't know it until I was back in the States.

Stockholm was great, though, and enjoyable. They keep things clean and neat there, and the municipal transportation system is A+! The people are friendly and most speak English. The shop clerks say "hey hey" as a greeting. Things are expensive but it's still a good place to visit.

View from bridge in Stockholm 

Stockholm is built on several islands, and has many canals. This pic was taken from one of the bridges over the canals.

An IKEA opened up a few years ago around here, so if Ithere is anything I forgot to buy in Sweden, I can just go there. :P

Anyway, I had a layover in the Amsterdam airport, so I walked around checking stuff out. They had a  display of Rembrandts (ending tomorrow, Nov 7) which was a pleasant surprise - I could look at art for hours - and of course, lots of shops. One electronics shop had 3 monitors broadcasting Danny Phantom on (euro) Nick. A watch shop showed lots of cool watches including a Powerpuff Girls set just above the Swatch display. Ah, the power of cartoons over culture!

Interestingly enough in the comic book scene, they had Marvel, old stuff like Modesty Blaise, the Phantom and Donald Duck, and newspaper comics like Beetle Bailey and the ignorable Get Fuzzy. And Garfield, but under a different name (Gustavo?). And manga here and there: DBZ, Pokemon, Zatch Bell...and their own comics too, thank God.

Hey hey! ^-^

Ta ta for now

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I'm leaving on vacation for 2 weeks and internet access will be extremely limited, so, ttfn!

In the meantime, here is a *lovely photo from Paramount's Great America's Nickelodeon (whew, long list of names) Cartoon Parade!

*Why is it lovely? Because I took it, that's why.

Captioning is optional. ;)