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My Thoughts on the return of duke.

Duke Nukem is one gaming's most iconic characters, he is pretty much is our Chuck Norris. It has been quite some time since 1996 with a long wait for the ever so slow Duke Nukem forever the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem forever finally hit our stores, sadly it is not getting the praise from the critics.

I bought the game on launch and have to say its not perfect and I am going to give my negative points out first.

-The gunfire sounds kina didnt have that ummph.
-Duke should talk more, it seems he only talks though his mind or something.
-Long load times.
-Multiplayer is kind of broken and slow.

How ever they really didn't defeat the fact I enjoyed the game it's nowhere near the perfect game but I am for one of these people who are over FPS games with emo soldier characters. Duke is there being himself and well kicking a$$ and most probably having a good time, probably having even more of a good time when he is with a babe or 12.

It is a shame we didn't see more duke though out the 14 year gap, we had duke 3D ports on just about every system, and many spin off games. Within this time frame we could of had 2 or 3 sequels.

Now that gearbox has the rights, hopefully the guys can make a real sweet as sequel and make duke what he once was. I you find the game cheap give Duke a chance really there is nothing wrong with the game it's just kept it old skool, and if you grew up with Duke or any shooters from the 90's give duke a chance.

Cheers and thanks for the read.

Take Care :)

We will miss you Torry Castellano

Just so you guys know, this person has not died just has to Retire. Torry Castellano is the drummer from the The Donnas well ex drummer, she had to leave due from tendonitis it happens to alot of drummers.

I know it sounds kinda homo an all chick band that theysing about chick things, But I fell in love with these guys, they know how to rock just as hard as the boys and they are the best of mates...that is why its sad Torry is moving on.

It saddens that out of these guys being sisters for life Torry had to leave. well Torry your memories will be with me and the rest of the girls and the many fans who supported you for all the years.

anyway I havent posted a blog for awhile I was wondering what is happening these dayson gamespot, I have been so busy it feels like a roundhouse kick to the face, ups and downs all the time, I hope everything is cool with everyone and start posting up some cool stuff for you all.

well later, sheep :D

2010 so far.

2010 has probaly been one of the toughest years for me. I have done alot 1/2 way though this year.

-I moved to melbourne to study at Quatem College in a degree in Multimediaaway from home in Bendigo I packed up and set of
away from my friends and family. but I have met many new faces.

-I took up Karate last year and still to this day loving it, I am now up to my Orange belt and am suprised that I have been able to
commit to all this with all of the other stuff being busy with.

-After about 5 years of absence I got back into skateboarding mostly because the local skatepark is about a 15 minute walk,
belive it or not I got into skateboarding from the tony hawk games. I am not very good compared to other kids, but I love the
feeling on the board.

-At the start of thelast year/early this year I was stuck in a rutt of what to do with my drum kit, I had to sell, I hope the person
who buys has as much fun as I did, I would like to thank Travis Barker, you were my insperation into playing them

-God of War 3 was the conclusion in the Trilogy of one of the greatest gaming legends of all time. It might sound funny but this
but this was a great moment, Kratos really is the most unique charcter in well history in my onpion and what a great way to
finish up a story of vengence.

-Last but not least. was the toughest so far after being in a long distance relationship myself and my girlfriend for abouy6 years
of hanging out came to and end, it stinks, hell one night I felt a painfull heartache,atleast it wasnt bitter, I didnt wanna take it
out on her, at least we are still friends.

well gamespotters, I hope you enjoy the read. this1/2 of 2010 has been afun yet franticjourney, im super tired and cant be
@%$#& checking my grammer so I apologize. to leave you all off im giving you a funny video picking on the shamwow.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

smell ya later.

sheep. :D

Happy birthday Deus Ex.

Hey dudes whats up?

Today is the day one of my all time fav games turns 10, Its so exciting and I only found out because on Steamthe first two games are on sale for an amazing price for its birthday.

I remember ten years ago I was 11 and I saved up all my pocket money to buy this game, I read all the previews in my fav gaming magazine PC Powerplay, I was suprized mum and dad allowed me to buy the game because of the MA rating.

Sadly as the years went on I lost the retail copy I had but when steam came around I bought Deus Ex and its sequal
Deus Ex:Invisble war. with only months away the sequel or should I say prequel is gonna hit some time soon and dude can I tell you how long I have been looking forward to that.

anyway theres not much to say but Happy Birthday Deus Ex!

heres a funny Deus Ex video. I hope it makes you laugh it did for me.

Thats all for now. cya later :D


Hey all, I thought id just give a little update, its freaking freezing at the moment as our heater is busted. gonna have to get it fixed, not even these tasty noodles are making me feel warm.

I have been kicking back and playing some random games and reviewing them its kinda fun.

well I dont really have much else to say other than that.

ooooh I do now go watch the new Deus Ex game trailer it is sick as.

later for now.


Getting back into the wii

Since my birthday gone, I got many wii games out of the bunch, I thought it would be great to get back into the wii, its been ditched for awhile with the PS3 and PC, my house mates are mostly PC gamers to who really love to lan but they love the smash bros and kart and old skool Mario.

so im gonna start playing some wii again plus Super Mario 2 is a day 1 grab its got a 10 on gamespot and ign.

also i decided to review Brawl, its prob the best fighter on the wii for sure.

not much to say really.



Twenty One.

Hey guys.

Last week I turned 21. but alas a big A$$ party means a big A$$ hangover. and though out the week i came down with the flu. The party went for 3 days. friday was at the footy, saturday was with family and close friends and sundway was a night out in town and seeing a local band Rocksteady play.

I got some radicool stuff.


Rabbid Go Home.
No More Heroes 2.
New Super Mario Bros.
Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing.
Skate It.
Guitar Hero Van Halen.
God of War Collection.
Mod Nation Racers.


Back to The Future Trilogy.
Rambo Box Set.
Toy Story.
Toy Story 2.
IT Crowd Season 3.
Total Recall.


$410 worth in JB Vouchers.
Tickets for Bullet for my Valentine.

well thats all I can think of, It was awsome and Im very thankfull.

so the year ahead some killer games are on the way. and E3 is so soon looking forwardto it.

well later dudes.


win win win

So maybe im a n00b at Starcraft. but Starcraft II, im doing very well.

Since blizzard is giving out free betas, everywhere from people pre-odering and winning random Tournaments I myself have jumped on the bandwagon, I recived my bata in the email, Its oh so fun and I think Blizzard has setup to the next level of awsomeness.

I Think I might be turning Korean.

In other news I recently Bought Dragon Age on PC for 39 bucks at a local gaming store and dude thats Cheap!, im enjoying but I dont think its gonna hook me to play it again and a again.

Its also my Birthday next week, Yippie!!!, ill be turning 21.

thats all folks.

Sheep. :D

Im tired im gonna crash on the bed.

Long with the weekend(s)

Hey Gamespot crowd hows it hanging? I myself feel awsome as always 8)

The weekend gone was great my girlfriend came up for a visit because she stayed in my home town and late last year I moved to Melbourne to study, We ended up kinda bored so Saturday and Sunday we saw a movie on both days saturday was Iron Man 2 and Sunday was the book ofEli, we enjoyed them both but I enjoyed the book of Eli the most. My new house mates introduced me into Dundgens & Dragons at the start of the year and we tried to get my girlfriend invovlved but I dont think she enjoyed it, to geeky :D

This month on the 21st is my birthday its so scary im gonna be 21

yeah thats all really last but not least I was googleing and I found these cool as shoes, if your wondering what's on them, its some screenshots from Day of the Tentacle, an adventure game that was made by Lucas Arts, the dudes who did Monkey Island made this game.

well know take care dudes, I hope all is well.

sheep. ;)