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Bungie annoys me.

I just came back from a long sleep of no blog-posting..... and perhaps after I type this I'll go back into a prolonged nap, but I just have to put this out there for whoever reads this: Halo 3 ODST ticks me off. I'm not going to spew out a whole bunch of reasons why, like how the series was supposed to lay down and die after the last installment, because I did and still do enjoy playing Halo 3. It's a good game. But what I will whine about is the recycling of maps that I previously paid for on Halo 3. It just isn't right, especially since I'll most likely be pestered into buying it by friends who don't seem to know the value of a dollar (which ironically isn't much right now). Yep, that's right, the game features all 21 maps from the last installment with ONLY 3 more new maps. Sure it's a shiny, new campaign, but come on, only 3 new maps? As exciting sandbox was the first time I saw it I doubt having a new SMG will change anything. Firefight mode sounds cool though. After getting rid of my frustration I guess it is correct to assume that it will be a good game and perhaps worth the money, but more so for those who didn't jump on the bandwagon with the original 3rd title. I just wish there was a little more incentive to get it for customers who already bought all those maps (Unless there's something I missed)....... Time to sleep.... By the way, do yourself a favor and pre-order Brutal Legend, or at least wait for the demo :).

Brutal Legend

Summer reading might get loud.

There's nothing like kicking back and enjoying a new game to play on a nice sunny day with your favorite carbonated beverage. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened because there hasn't been any good releases for some time now. I've even resorted to paying 800 microsoft points ($10) for the new Halo 3 maps..... yeah, I know. Some of the great releases projected to come out in September are consoling my hunger for a good game. Besides that, I'm happy to announce the release of that awesome movie you've been waiting for forever but didn't know it. No, it's not Kung-Fu Panda 2! It might get loud (Hence the weird blog name) makes its way to thearters this month (Don't hold me to that). You're proabably saying, well Shawnyboy, why should I be excited for this? Well excited blog viewer, its going star Jack White from the White Stripes, The Edge from U2, and the godly Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. Basically they're gonna get together and talk about their careers, how they got into rock, jam out to each others songs and all that good stuff. I couldn't be more excited to see it. Other than this home-movie that me and a couple of other friends are making that's basically it. I hope you guys have been enjoying your summer and if I don't make another blog any time soon, always remember that I'm thinking about you all, and I mean that in the most non-stalker way possible. Peace out.8)

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It Might Get Loud:D

Tales of Monkey Island!

Tales of Monkey Island

I can't believe the time has come where dedicated fans like me can finally get their hands on the long awaited sequel to EFMI. Its definetly great news for any adventure game lover. The game will be released the 7th (2 days from now) from Telltale. If you like, you can pre-order there and get the episodes of the game as they're released with a couple cool extra things like exclusive artwork, a free episode coupon for any Telltale game on their website, and access to their private forums where you can talk with the developers. However, you might want to take haste as it ends tomorrow. The only thing not to look forward to is the episodic releases, I just wish the game was released as a whole. You have to pay shipping for the DVD of all episodes at the end of the season if you want it. But considering the retail edition comes out in 2010 and the price of the package is the same as the pre-order package its a pretty nice deal. Check it out here: .

P.S. - Even though Guybrush may not look as cool (IMO), they got the old voice actor to do Guybrush's voice for the game which is awesome!

Not so elementary, Watson....

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock and Watson are back in their latest adventure, Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper, but not everything is great this time around. The game features amazing graphics, fluid controls, mysterious environments, and a great story but misses out on perhaps one of the most important elements; the puzzles. Unfortunately, for more than half the game I felt as if I was playing "Sherlock Holmes: Handyman". Instead of carefully crafted inventory-puzzles, Frogwares decided to plague the game with these shortcut abominations I'll refer to as "logic" based puzzles. For example, there is one puzzle in which you must sort through objects underneath a hidden floorboard compartment and arrange them so it is possible to pull the last object through the exit point; why you can't just easily pull the object out I don't know. There is another instance where you can't solve a safe puzzle without information that is not provided in the game. It really shows a sense of carelessness the developers put into the puzzle aspect of the game. To get the information you need, you'll be doing all sorts of random odd jobs making you feel more like an underpaid repairman than the world's greatest detective. It's just sad to see inventory-based puzzles taking the backseat to these logic puzzles. Logic puzzles are great in moderation, but when they take up more than half the game it gets quite annoying. Other than that, the rest of the game is pretty good. The new investigation system is quite handy, where you'll investigate victims and list information you obtain that you can branch out to make observations about the killer and whom it could be. Some moments in cinematics can be a bit awkward with unusual pauses and lines in character dialogue, but nothing is so bad that it takes away from the experience. Even though Sherlock isn't real,the game contains great historical accuracy about the real thing. In the end, its easy to say that the game is good, just keep in mind that it is geared more towards the logic puzzle enthusiasts.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Niko Bellic

For a long time, Grand Theft Auto has been summarized as a series of sandbox games where you steal cars, kill people,deal drugs, ect. It wasn't up until a couple months ago I finally tried playing GTA IV and enjoyed it. Unfortunately I rated it an 8.0 at the time, having not completed the game. A week or two ago I finally got it again so I could play online with my friends and decided to play some more singleplayer on the downtime. The more and more I played the more and more I started getting involved with its intricate story. I was surprised by the choices you can make in the game that reflected in what could happen (though only one truly effects the game's ending). As I made those choices I began to think of Peter Molyneux to some extent; about how he made love the big theme in Fable 2 to the point where you should have cared about your family, and also how he failed so miserably. The choices that I made in this game made me think about what was morally right and what may have been more profitable and even though I really liked some of the people involved in the decisions that I made I actually had to go against them. Watching characters progress through the story is also very rewarding. Overall, GTA IV is an amazing game for anyone that enjoys a great story and great multiplayer. Here's my short review:;continue;1


Ughhhhhh, finals. Just one more reason to hate the educational system. Well at least the year is almost over. Fortunately, there are a lot of great games making their way to us soon like the newest Fight Night, some Monkey Island titles, Overlord 2, and a couple others I can think of off the top of my head. Anyway, with such an easy-going and relaxing summer ahead of me I'll be sure to post a lot more reviews and blogs (I hope). I'm also excited that I might be getting an electric guitar this summer and start some sort of band with my friends. Even though I'm almost positive any "Band Practice" will just result in us playing on the Xbox :D.

Overlord 2 looks so sweet!!!!!!!

Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper Demo: Try it now!


Just a small update; the Sherlock demo is out, if you wanna download it try here:

I think its pretty good so far, I like a lot fo the new elements. It'll be nice to play this once I unwind, these games are best played at night with a nice Coca-Cola and some snacks by your side :)! Have Fun!

Also- If you wanna buy online now, go here to the Adventure Shop site for their exclusive offer, especially since the game isn't out yet:

If you wanna wait to get your hands on a physical copy (as I would) then you'll have to wait until May 26. Looks like this will hold me till then.

HUXLEY- Must see for any RPG, MMO, or FPS fans!


Just a quick blog for the few people that read this. If you haven't heard about this game check it out now. Its an FPSRPGMMO and it looks great.Check it out here:;title;0

Sign up for the June 3rd Beta here:

Your Welcome :)

A Bright Future In The World of Gaming

Many upcoming games have caught my attention over the past couple months, all of which look absolutely astounding. With so much to keep track of I thought I'd round up what I thought were the most promising games for the relatively close future. Listed here are my top picks for the most promising upcoming games:

  • Fight Night Round 4
  • Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper
  • Thief 4
  • Modern Warfare 2
  • Assassin's Creed 2
  • Diablo 3

Fight Night Round 4

Ali Vs. Tyson

Boasting a brand new physics based engine and numerous improvements from the last, Fight Night Round 4 is sure to pack a punch. Whether you're a newcomer to the series or an old veteran, theres a treat for everyone. The game is based from its physics engine that allows for some of the most realistic fighting in a boxing game ever. It's hard to describe how awesome it is to see a punch connect with an opponent's face , how your back muscles flex as you extend for a punch, or how height and arm length result in the distance you can reach to throw the punch. Shorts ripple as boxers dance around the ring, sweat beads off their body, and bruises swell. Attributes are balanced to make for a leveled playing ground for an equal online experience. Cutman sessions between rounds have been replaced with little a "boost" session where you can replenish stamina and health with points that you earn based on your performance. The interesting part about that is that your opponent can see your point distribution during that time bringing a sort of tactical aspect to gameplay. If that isn't enough for you, Fight Night's main fighting event is Ali vs. Tyson... 'Nough said. If you want to check out more from this epic looking title check these videos here from gametrailers displaying a couple fights*: - Ali Vs. Tyson - Cotto Vs. Chavez

*- Both links branch off into other parts of the fights, be sure to check those out as well.

Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper

Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack the Ripper

With over 1.5 million copies of Sherlock games sold worldwide, people aren't messing around when they say these game are good. If you haven't been pursuing Sherlock's amazing journey through gaming, nows a great time to start. Following Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis, Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack The Ripper looks to be one of those few superb adventure games . You'll be amazed by improved graphics and crowds of people as you wander through the dark and sometimes scary streets of Whitechapel, London. You'll obtain clues of the whereabouts of the horrifying serial killer Jack The Ripper by examination of crimescenes and suspect interrogation. The game can be played in first-person or third-person "or even combine them for greater immersion into this terrifying adventure" (I'm baffled about what that could imply). With dozens of twists and turns in the plot and a system to test your theories as the game progresses, it seems to be on the right track. It doesn't take a "Sherlock Holmes" to see that this game is going to be exquisite. Check out their site here:

Thief 4

Thief 4

One of the most cherished games I own on my shelf is Thief: The Dark Project. It was and still is the pinnacle of my gaming "career". I still fondly remember that first level where you set off to retrieve Lord Bafford's scepter by breaking into his estate however you pleased. Wether you decide to all out swordfight your way in or stealthily assassinate the guards as you approach your objective was up to you. It was a game that challenged you to put your mind to use and plan ahead. On top of that it had one of the coolest protagonists ever, Garret. All of its unique features added up to make one of the greatest games of all time and if Eidos Montreal plans to be as successful, they must keep that same formula that we have grown to know and love. There's not much to be heard about the game yet, seeing as it was officially confirmed May 11th. What I do know is that it has a lot of potential. We can only hope that Thief 4 will be as good as its predecessors, but only time will tell. The Thief 4 forums can be found here:

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2

Following great success with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it was no surprise when I heard they were releasing Modern Warfare 2. COD4: Moder Warfare surpast my expectations being that it was Activision's first modern warfare game. One of the huge aspects of the game was its excellent multiplayer that is still widely enjoyed by many people. It had a great campaign as well. In this sequel, taking place a couple years after COD 4's storyline, you'll be fighting Russian terrorist forces threatening the world. There will be no co-op modes but it is promised that the campaign will be much longer than that of COD4's campaign. "Soap" MacTavish will also be returning. Other than that theres not much else you need to know if you liked the first Modern Warfare. It is scheduled to be released November 10, 2009. It's reveal trailer can be seen here:

Assassin's Creed 2


Yes, if you've seen the picture already, thats not Altiar. To be honest, I was sad to find he wouldn't be re-appearing in this title (You're still reliving Desmond's memories) until I read further into it. This game takes place during the Renaissance in Italy. You'll meet and befriend famous people such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Machiavelli and Caterina Sforza. Unlike Altiar, Ezio is a well-rounded nobleman of the Aditore family, who like every other family had their allies and enemies. Even though Ubisoft Montreal isn't revealing what happens to attract Ezio to the assassins, its easy to see that it might have something to do with the possible murder of his family, seeing as they did reveal that the main quest would revolve around revenge on one of "the most powerful famlies of the renaissance". One of the biggest problems being addressed in this installment is the first one's repetitiveness. It was always go here, go there, and kill here. Without altering too much of the feel of the game, Ubisoft has changed the mission structure greatly to accommodate for a lot more varied missions that branch off into other ones having you doing anything from protecting a target or evading the guards as you get chased through the city. There are even new weapons to wield and use against enemies such as the halberd, axe, mace, or hammer. Water is now accessible by Ezio, allowing him to use it to hide from guards on the chase and even push guards in. A night and day cycle will also be active. Perhaps one of the coolest features of the game that I've heard so far is the implementation of Da Vinci's flying machine in which the player can use to travel. If Ubisoft can implement all these new features without compromising the basics, it'll be great. Heres the main page:

Diablo 3

Diablo 3

I've been stoked about this game since I first heard it was coming out. I haven't played any other Diablo titles but have been lured in by its wonderful looking gameplay. I'm not going to go too much into detail especially since everyone should know about this game by now. It is sort of disappointing that some estimates of the game's release span from sometime at the end of this year all the way to sometime in 2010. In case you haven't seen this super-awesome-fantastic footage check it out here:;videos

And also the main webpage here:

That basically sums up my top 6 picks for most anticipated games of the future. Looks like I'll be waiting a while for some of these, oh well. So what do you guys think? What are your picks for the most promising looking titles of the future?

PS3 beckons softly while Cryostasis gives me the chills.

Hey guys, well I was going to post this blog yesterday. I was literally putting in the last period when the power went off..... I don't think electricity likes me. Well anyway, yesterday I got the e74 error on my Xbox 360 for the third time within a couple months. I have a $20 warranty from Wal-Mart that covers the repair fee seeing as Microsoft doesn't cover the e74 error. I guess you could say I was lucky, but at the same time I have yet to get my problem resolved. It's strange; my xbox worked perfectly for about a year or two until I finally got the error. This wasn't terrible especially since I had a warranty and knew the hardware was crap to begin with, unfortunately it didn't end there. I sent it back the first time to recieve it about two weeks later. Within two hours I got the same error and sent it back. I got it back about 4-5 days ago, same error. I know its not a heating problem, especially now that I've made sure I have accommodated the xbox on a cool hardwood floor standing up-right this time. Since then I've been thinking of going Sony with a PS3; I loved the PS2 and how it was so durable and sturdy. It's just sad that one of the best consoles with its expansive game library, great online, and a fun community is plagued with having unreliable hardware; the fundamental part of a good machine. Whatever may be the case, I always have my gaming rig to back me up in the tough times. I recently got Cryostaisis and have been playing it for a while. Its really interesting and fun, but gunplay is made unnecessarily harder by low framerate issues which are mainly based on the fact that the game can only use one processing core. After I get it all through these mini-technical issues I'll be sure to put up a review. I hope you guys are having a better time than me in the world of gaming...

P.S. Have you heard about MAG?????? 256 Multiplayer!!!! That's one of the biggest things drawing me to the PS3 right now, if you haven't seen it yet check it out now! (I read about it in this month's Game Informer although I'm sure theres something on Gamespot about it by now.)