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O.k this week was supposed o be the first week back and theres only been two in this week! every otherday was snowing and tomorrow will be off since the "council" say it should for health and safety. YaaaaaY no school.

This is the snow :lol:!

Snow in London

Oh What A Wonderful Day it is. The clouds are all over the sky and its snowing but best of all i didn't go to school. It is said to snow tomorrow as well. This post was very short but im happy that i got a day off school


YAY Finnaly my gamer tag can be seen by 1 and all! =] i am thankfull to thoe who helped me do it since im such a retard but thanks. I DOUpt any1 of them will see this but i just wanted to thatnk the!


Ok this is just getting stupid. I today i came on at midday I was level 2 58% 7 hours later 20 posts and 2 downloads I'm Level 2 58% this is getting on my nerves since I saw someone with 13 posts and he's a level 3 I looked at his profile and he hasn't done anything. Also I've seen when I post it says I'm a level one but on my profile I'm a level 2 I don't understand how to level up at all. I've read the rules and crap but I still don;t understand can someone please just tell me

My Modern Warfare 2

ok so i invited my friend round and he bought his xbox round to play on system link (he screen looks on split screen) so when we where gonna play MW2 i start it up and QWABAM! a message pops up saying unreadable disk wipe disc with a soft clothe i was ponderring why this was happennig then i looked at the disc A BIG CIRCULER RING AROUND THE GAME, the kind the xbox leaves behind when yu move it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord of the rings: the trilogy

its been almost 7 years since this amazing blockbuster came out and yet people still go to shops and by many things about LOTR. I LIKE IT. These movies where, are one of my favorites of all time and to see that the LOTR franchise is still about puts a smile on my face =]