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Finally after all these years... South Beach is home of the NBA Champions

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Well its been a long time a coming... after nearly 10 years of being a Miami Heat fan I have finally been rewarded.

I've been with Miami ever since my boy Timmy Hardaway joined them during the 1996 season.  

We then endured hardships from getting swept in 1996-1997 conferences finals by the bulls, then thru all the drama with the Knicks losses.  Through out that time both Zo and Timmy established themselves as allstars and with the help of Jamal Mashburn, Voshon Lenard and others I thought the 99 lockout season we were going to win the championship... until Allan Houston hit that floater at the buzzer in game 5 from which moments later tears rolled down my face as once again Miami had failed.  This started the decline of the Heat it seemed with the Hornets besting them in the first round 2 years later it seemed the Heat were to start rebuilding.  Zo was down with the kidney transplant and Tim Hardaway was traded to the Mavs.  Then Stan Van Gundy took over as the Heat languished at the bottom of the Atlantic.  Then they drafted in 2003 the player we all now know as the Flash.

Wade and Odom helped an upstart Heat team push a strong Indiana team to the brink in the 2004 playoffs and a new era was looking likely for Miami... until Riley pulled the strings on the first of his many big time moves.  The NBA's most dominant player Shaquille O'Neal was traded for Odom, Caron Butler and Brian Grant. 

With the charismatic O'Neal now manning the pivot with Mourning backing him up the Heat looked destined for a title in 2005, until bad luck and injuries struck and a major final quarter meltdown occured in game 7 of the eastern finals against the Detroit Pistons.But with new "role" players such as Gary Payton, Antoine Walker, Jason Williams, James Posey, Derek Anderson and co added around the dominant one-two punch of Wade and O'Neal the Heat finalley overcame the Pistons in the East and won a dogfight series with the Mavericks to finally be crowned NBA CHAMPIONS!!!