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Naruto and Ramen

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Here are some pics. about Naruto and his Ramen. So here you go. RamenRamenRamenNaruto RAMEN!Naruto - for ramenNo Ramen?!naruto ramenAfter the people leave

Naruto eating ramen

Leon V.S. Mario

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The winner of the lst one was....... A TIE our first tie:P Well here's the next one Leon V.S. Mario!!!!!!!! Here it is. Leonmario

Game Over????

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510ROCKYHWD BANNED and -HATAKEKAKASHI- BANNED!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?:evil: If you have any ideas why they got banned tell me!!!!! I have a tinny bitt of info but not enough so can you help me out.:?

Pikmin V.S. Kirby

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The last winner was........ VENOM!!!!!! Here's the next one. Pikmin V.S. Kirby here it is. PikminKirby

Slash V.S. Venom

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The last winner was..... Master Chief!!! This time it's slash V.S. Venom make sure you vote!!! venomguitar hero 3

Halo guy V.S. Chainsaw Zombie

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Hello again and this time it's the halo guy V.S. a chainsaw zombie and last one....... YOSHI won!!!!!! make sure you vote for this one too.Halopain in the ass chainsaw dude

Dr. Mario V.S.......

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The newest one is DR. Mario V.S. yoshi. But on the last one....Young link won!!! So heres the new one.:D

Dr. MarioSSBM Yoshi

Young Link V.S. Falco

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this time is Young link V.S. Falco. but the winner from last time was..........SONIC!!! I like shadow more but it'swhats thevoterschoose. so vote for this one too.

SSBM Young LinkSSBM Falco

Shadow V.S. Sonic

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I am puting up 2 characters from any game and you vote who's cooler. I'll do it every 3 days.very fist one shadow V.S. sonicshadowsonic