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Movie Review TIme

Alrighty then I ain't reviewed some movies I've been viewing for awhile so lets get down to it the first is.


Submarine- A quaintlittle Drama comedy film set in a traquill town in Wales. With that said you can intially tell it's an indie movie at heart and it occassionally revels in that with unique editing and great Directing, what primarily made me watch the film is due to the Director Richard Ayoade (Moss in IT Crowd) and his first feature length effort suceeds. An American audience might not enjoy it for it's subtlety but despite it's Rather unambious tried and true premise, it manages to stand out thanks to it's characters and directing. 7/10


Memories Of A Murder- A drama/thriller South Korean film, for anyone who watched the brilliant Oldboy or Sympathy for mr/mrs series and chaser then you'd most probably enjoy this. This film compromises the action and brutal nature of the aforementioned films with it's engaging plot full of twists and turns but of course as it's South Korean it does have it's fair share of culture elements that make you go "really?" Unless you've watched a South Korean film before in which case it's normal. While I didn't enjoy this compared to Oldboy,Sympathy For Mr.Vengeance, Chaser or The Man From Nowhere it's still worth a watch.8/10


Wristcutters-Despite it's original concept and intially interesting first act, it soon falls flat on it's face turning into a Roadtrip aventure movie. The story is about a man who committs suicide and because of that he falls into a dimension between the afterlife and Life where he spends the rest of his life in a universe similar to earth (but more boring and desaturated) despite that rather little clever use of Irony it soon falters when the protagonist goes on a roadtrip to help a lady get out of this universe back into the living. Once the second act begins the characters just don't have enough depth or humour to make them interesting, the average cinematography in a bland universe. I just didn't enjoy it 4/10


Naked-A depressing, Somber, Dark movie with a subtle use of Dark Comedy within a disturbing premise. The pacing is slow and it's set in Britain so Obiviously the Humour and Dialogue might go over some or even alot of heads. But that is what brings this movie into a memorable experience. Despite it's small in scope premise it's essentially a character study and also brings together idealogical and philosphical ideas which come from a very confusing, likable yet hatable protagonist, his terrible and everything that's wrong in society and yet his intellect and wisdom makes him an intriguing character. Interesting/10

I've watched more movies but I like to bring attention to the more obscure movies that are not as well known. I watch and enjoy mainstream movies aswell but sometimes those little indie movies can make for a more memorable film.

Closing the gap between Games and narratives.

I just want to say that I like variety and not every game has to have the same intentions and the same production values. Gameplay within games is a priority of course, without gameplay it is just a movie and that what deviates games from cinema but I just want to get it off my chest.

Narratives within games are becoming more polished, more in depth and more emotional however many games still use video game cliches and rushed plot devices that prevents games from really making a provoking experience. Obiviously not every game needs significantly emotional scenes, heavy twists, relatable characters and messages. It's okay to make a plot which just use a generic premise as an excuse to have set piece heavy environments and intense situations. But the main issue is, is that games are over saturated with these similar premises which are really common in FPS shooters but not exclusive too.

I've played many games also that had unique concepts and potentially great plots but after so long playing particular games which had so much potential soon fall down and then just end up failing terribly which makes the anticipating of a good plot more dissapointing in the end. Kane and Lynch 2 had great memorable characters with a interesting plot but the entire second act just seem to be scrapped and in the end you just feel dissapointed by the narrative. Red Dead (before you hate) it's a great plot with great production values but it uses the typical open world cliche where you're essentially help other people for so long just to have a minimal progression in the story. Killzone 3 has a expansively credible universe but with all of it's plot devices it introduces, it rushes through them thinking one scene will have substantial impact. Character development for example in this game and others is a flawed concept in many games and many games don't even have any character development to even care for your characters. Dead Space 2 did an okay job in making Isacc more likable.

Obiviously writers know what they are doing because for every story that does something well, it faulters on others and vice versa. My perception of this is basically because developers think there should be a cutscene/narrative to gameplay ratio and so writers have to cut additional scenes etc to accomodate the gameplay but my issue with that is cutscenes are for the story, gameplay is for... the gameplay. If you want to experience the narrative you should enjoy it as it should be intended too by trying to make full use of the narrative's potential and if you just want to play the game then just skip the cutscene! My only suggestion would be to have archieve cutscenes so you can watch it again if you had to skip it (I do admit I don't like it when you don't have the options to skip cutscenes).

Which brings me onto Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain which the latter has a brilliant plot line that confronted previous video game cliches. I'm not saying every game needs to be like these two but in this industry which is oversaturated with rather dated views and crass plot lines we really need variety and I think to really excel the video game industry at the moment is to start using less shallow motives and games which contain messages and motives that provide thought provoking experiences. I will always play games that will just endorse killing people, I will always play games where I can run over old women because it's fun but it's also a novelty in the end and we need different methods in keeping games fresh because FPS games are already starting to desintagrate with genericness.

Video games have came along way since space invaders and Pac-Man, Video games are no longer the dark horse within the media, the scapegoat in which games are blamed for society's youth and just a toy for kids and geeks to play. People of all ages, all around the world play video games, it's no longer a sterotype for the geek culture and can now be perceived as another media platform. But we still have prejudices and restrictions from the gameplay to the plotlines for many games (but not all). And that is why we need a variety of games which tackle all sorts of genres and issues and subjects and new gameplay medthods.

And it's a reason why I want Beyond Two Souls to succeed massively because it must be an expensive investment with it's talented cast and phenominal graphics because if it fails then it shows video games are not ready to be taken seriously as a mature engaging adventures, Heavy Rain and was highly applauded because it stood out from the rest and it's amazing plot. You could moan it will be seperating the gap between indie and less expensive games and while that could be true, it doesn't mean they can't also produce similarly compelling games only difference is production values. You may not like the direction of Heavy Rain's/Beyond's gameplay but if this genre of games succeed then maybe they will be incorporated into other genres of games making for a hybrid of an amazing experience.

I wrote more than I was expecting too and I don't know how many will read this but I don't care I rather voice my opinions than just have it nag in my head.

Edit:After posting that on my blog post... F*ck me it's long haha but it took me about 20-30 mins so expect grammar issues and maybe some repeating because I do that alot.

Music and stuff...

I don't know why but I'm bored so I thought I might do a blog at 2 am in the morning, isn't that grand. Any who I thought I might say some stuff about the current music taste I have going at the moment which is abit different to the typical pop follower.

Eletronica-IDM (thats what some say)

I don't know why I suppose it's to do with the fact I like unique productions etc which is a possiblity as to why I enjoy this Genre of music, while some regard the term IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) as insulting to other genres I think it's the one I will use to say what I like at the moment instead of noting every single genre out there. I admit I do find this genre inconsistent with works but I think thats because I'm looking into songs that cater to another genre and not IDM

Boards Of Canada-Such a entertaining and yet insightful band who are considered popular in their line of work, with a mixture of ambient and rhythmic offerings they are not a band that will make you have an adernaline rush but instead make you think.

Squarepusher(if you click on link warning it contains vulgarity)-I only recently found out about this band through the related searches originating from Boards Of Canada and while I find this person's work inconsistent and mostly on the shakey side I do enjoy some of his songs.

Four Tet-Again inconsistent band ranging from forgettable to intriguing not a great band of mine but like a few.


Deadmau5- I don't care I know some say his gone mainstream but I enjoy music for quality, rhythm, impact and entertaining to my ears and thats why I like Deadmau5 his not thought provoking like most artists in this field but I enjoy his music, a critism I do somewhat agree on is some of his tracks take a long time for it to become great but after a few listens to get hooked on the atmospheric start that engages you into the climatic dance and has actually inspired me to move from the typical guitar into music production onto computer.

Jamiroquai- Actually his funk but his the band that got me into bass guitar playing and is one of the few bands today that still retains quality and complexity while still being accessible for the masses.


Strasbourg St Denis- Can't go wrong with this elegant delightful song for all those people open minded to music


Primus- Shows what a bass guitar can do and while I tried multiple times to play this I failed but it's the combination of bass and guitar that compliments each other with the weird vocals and lyrics that when put into a combination makes for a weird treat.

Ok Go- Guilty pleasure maybe really their a typical rock band but hey I enjoy them

The Presidents of the united states of america-A typical 90s rock band that contains that raw guitars and that nostagia I get they don't break any new ground but are a fun little band.

Other notatable mentions such as

Daft Punk, Jefferson airplanes, Beatles (of course), Rolling Stones,Air, Bibio,Mazzy star, Phish, Weird Al, Dave Mathews band,Curtis Mayfield, Incubus, James Brown, America, Creedance clearwater revival,Billy Joel, Royskopp,rush, Yes, Metallica, Radiohead, Jon Lajoie, Lynard Skynard (most prob wrong name). And many more. I doubt any one will see this but considering music been a big thing for me this past 2 years so I thought meh why not. I must say I'm open minded to all forms of music only ones I don't enjoy is death Metal, any screamo metal. Also been liking some orchestral music but more of a guilty pleaure

Another movie round up!!

I've seen a large quantity of movies recently and so I thought I give my opinions on some of the movies I seen, because I've watched quite abit I will only give a breif summary of my opinion of the movie.

Oldboy-Brilliant movie deserved to be watched by alot of people, it may be too mature and ethically twisted for a few people but it does make the message all that more significant. This is a South korean film but anyone who dismisses foreign movies are missing out. 5/5

I Saw The Devil-Another south Korea film and in fact the protagonist of Oldboy is also the criminal in this revenge thriller that twists all of the standard conventions in a revenge flick and turns it on its head. It's another very mature movie and some of the scenes really contain some grotesque torture and subjects. It's not the best I seen but it's certainly entertaining with a ending that apprioriately doesn't have a good or bad ending. 4/5

Insidious- A conventional movie with a unoriginal premise in comparision to the large amount of poor horror movies I find it was watchable but nothing more, the scares were uninspired but well done to the audio team for making the dialougue so quiet that you turn it up loud only to get a screatching sound from a average jump scene. 2.5/5

Battle Royale- Only just seen it despite the great critial reception it gained when it was released in 2000 (I think) a very tense and unpredictable film that continiously keeps you guessing. Due to the amount of characters presented you don't particularly care for every kid then again making you care for 40 kids would be an amazing feat. Due a questionable ending for me personally also wonder how such a law to kill people would be passed but hey it's a asian film they can make some wacky ideas and still make it good. 4.5/5

Tucker and Dale vs Evil- Great horror comedy the quantity of jokes itsn't plentyful but the over the top comedic deaths make it an amusing enjoyable ride with 2 great characters with a great humerous portrayal of 2 misunderstood hill billies. 4/5

Taken-A standard rescue film that contains a simplistic plot and underwhelming twists but the solid cold performance of the protagonist and enjoyable action shows you shouldn't mess with an ex operative... or marine I forgot. 3/5

Hobo With A Shotgun- What a weirdass film it doesn't take itself seriously thank god and if you enjoy over exagerrated gory action with a simplistic plot then you might enjoy it but the amount of morals this shows is minimal or that horrid sins within a corrupt town is mostly solved with a Hobo... and a shotgun most films are restricted in what they show but this is all visual and leaves no imagination from pedo Santas to rapists to criminals, certainly not many filmss that show a criminal burn a school bus full of kids with the song burn baby burn. It's difficult to rate but it's demographic will probably expect a action film that is exploitative with a huge amount of gore and it delivers on that promise 3/5

4 Lions- Seen this before but I watched it again and by god what a funny movie. When you initially see the movie you expect the worse... its about 4 jihad terrorists wanting to blow up some place. The concept of it could be considered controversial but the humor does actually offend any religions and instead shows the deluded nature of 5 unique characters. 4/5

My summer movie round up

It's been awhile since i last done a blog post but this summer i have seen quite a few movies granted none of them are the latest movies out but i want to give my brief opinion of them.

The last film i just watch was The Final Destination

A pretty poor film and the whole series have gotten somewhat repetitive now. It's never explained as to why these events occur we know it's because they cheated death but what logical explaination is there as to why death is so persistent and how all these concequences have but in the end it always results in the same result. It was pretty forgettable the acting was mediocre but i did feel sorry for the old guy and the black guy (i forgot his name) The deaths were unimaginative which is dissapointing as it seems this movie's priority is to kill the entire cast. I feel the end is really just a cheat that makes the entire plot pointless. However it did have good pacing.

Transfomers 2

Oh dear well there isn't much to say as i mostly forgot about it and i watched it yesterday. I remember the first which was a respectable summer movie so my anticipation for it was moderate. But then i realised the plot and the outstanding length. I never knew you can provide a 2 hours and 30 minutes of such a simplistic plot with minimal character development. I enjoyed the elderly Transformer but otherwise you have no emotion attachment to the people. It essentially was slow pacing, then a high octane action scene then monotously slow scenes again only for it to be return to its action roots. The computer generated visuals however was phenominal even more so in HD.

A Serbian Film

Such a weird original yet disturbingly provocative film. No thanks to the Off Topic Forums mentioning this movie numerous times. I got curious and damn my curiousity i watched it but it was in foreign so i had to read subtitles. I wasn't entirely sure how to perceive this movie at the start, it started of slow and rather pleasant well, the protagonist is a ex-pornstar which his son watches tapes off. But other than that it was the standard happy family but with fiancial issues so what happens is he finds a shady individual saying to do a contract and shoot his artistic porno which he didn't know what would envolve. But it soon turns to psycologically and visually grotesque material that only exagerrates as the pacing increases. Lets just say it involves many things that in today's society would be simply morally and physically wrong. The ending had such substantial impact but for all the wrong reasons despite what the protagonist did and to be fair he got drugged to do the more vile actions i felt sorry for him at the end and his family. I think it's one of the rare movies where a horror contains decent character development of the family.


(I would get an image but not sure if appropriate)

Well this is one of the psycological horrors that at the start is pretty slow and mundane, the woman have some agressive desires but i seen worse in films but this movie really made me go "what??" i have a feeling it's emphasis is of religious content which would make everything more understandable. I did perceive this movie as purely a posessed enviroment or individual but at the end it was rather unpredictable but didn't actually answer anything in fact it made me question more. The acting is solid and believeable and actual scenes where it becomes grotesque wasn't exagerrated but i do wonder how the person got up after so much abuse. I suppose it's the concept behind the actions make you cringe more but i did jump at one particular scene one involving a brick i think it was and male genitals. Would i recommend watching this? well this movie seems to be a hit or miss some love the content and the ideas while others feel it's purely to offend and be provocative same with A serbain Film.

Well those are the ones i remember, i have seen more but those are the ones i remember vividly, weirdly 3/4 are horrors one being just crap. I usually don't view many movies but thanks to Sky Anytime and friends bring over dvds i seen quite a few recently.

Current Gems so Far

Boredom again so i shall be showing my selection of games that i personally believe to been memorable or just so fun. Games that not only do you enjoy but want to discover more about and replay. These are in no order

Metal Gear Solid 4

No big suprise here as i'm sure many of you also have this in your gem collection, Great plot, engaging cutscenes (Except one really long one), great varied gameplay and voice acting was stellar by most of the cast with David Hayter giving an epic performance.

Gears Of War

Back in the old days when 360 was enjoyable to play this was one of my most played games out of the majority carry on for almost a year with online. I always question myself as to why online was so popular as it wasn't intended for that and it shows 3 modes but 2 were almost the same and another not many played on, only untill it got an update that included annex. Only 8 players with host balancing issues and lag yet somehow i kept playing maybe because of the community and friends i talked to and the gameplay that just didn't last long enough in it's impressive but a standard campaign (its standard now compared to the other games that has taken inspiration from Gear of War that also took inspiration of Kill Switch and RE4). I just wished Gears 2 wasn't such a dissapointment maybe because the original's impact was more revolutionary in today's market that when the second was released while still tryed to fix its issues its appeal was downgraded.

Brutal Legend

I have to admit, i was cautious at first due to some of the game's features one being the heavy metal inspired world as i never was a big fan off mostly because i never intentionally listened to the genre's music. Esspecially when the individuals at school identify it as "greb" which is a term/slang i think for the goth/emo type of individual even so its more of an immature reaction to the music. However i played it and i enjoyed it. The music selection was great and didn't all consist of real crappy emo music, there was some genuine treats. The gameplay was enjoyable and mostly varied and the location where you play is also another highlight while its not striving with a vast quanitity of crowds of people and monsters it has some landmarks that just simply look great in favor of the tribute its emphasizing. Voice acting was another addition that was remarkable and amusing at the same time. Granted it contained few flaws and got me interested in another genre of music even if its the more retro/80s rock not those new crappy bands that just impersonate.

Heavy Rain

Majority of games today are generic and derivative just too appeal to the mainstream audience and while i do enjoy some of these games when another game intends to be a completely unique experience all together that just makes the general impact of playing this game an amazing time with beautiful graphics, engaging plot, intuitive gameplay and good voice acting. This is a game that took a ambitious risk and suceeded i will not say i want more of these games however as the experience will deminish and impact will decrease. I just feel these games that come out should be more of a rarity not discouraging to make a game with similar mechanics etc but give it a time gap before another game like this releases sort of like Farenheit's time gap to Heavy Rain

Uncharted 2:Among Theives

Such a common mention i think within these blogs and reviews, this is a remarkable game with astonishing production values and unparalled visual design (sure i guess crysis beats it in techinical terms but the art direction was standard), brilliant voice acting, cosistent plot that was intriguing throughout with great set-pieces and variety of locations. I could go in more detail but you know the rest.

The Bad, The Flawed, The Ugly

Basically i'm bored so i'm going to put some games into some catorgories thanks to a rental shop i can rent all the crappy games i want or interested in. So here it is

The bad- Basically these are games that are genuinely bad in every sense of the word, of course its my opinion but these are some of the games that failed in execution especially with the potential it had going.

Rougue Warrior

I think you know why

ignore my review my cousin put up, this game is so atrocious its funny, to be honest this is a okay renter or just a playthrough but buying this would be insulting its only 2 hours long, the AI is braindead literally, contains numerous visual bugs, no one plays online but to its credit thats the community's fault and it just looks poor and unfinished. This is obiviously a game that needed more development time. Despite the harsh critism this is not a 1.5 or 2.0 rating as i played worse but a 3.5, 4.0 would be more suitable.

The Flawed- Now this catorgory isn't to say the game is poor or not worth playing, but contained a few or more noticeable issues to identify it as flawed.

Heavy Rain

Read before you bash!!

Now this is absolute stunning game its phenominal, the plot is great, the pacing is consistent after first hour and a half, the choices really make you think (first time for me) as its not essentially black and white the majority of the time and is a must buy if you not a 13 year old boy who plays Modern Warfare 2 all the time (generalisation, i kid i kid :P). However with a game that focuses so much with story telling and a steady pace its more easy to spot a flaws. First is the movement granted i see what they were trying to do and it somewhat suceeded but holding R2 for so long is alittle grating for a feature that is never considered important in other games. Also it can be clunky multiple times have i went the wrong way due to a instant transition of the camera and getting caught on few objects. Sometimes the indicated buttons (while only happened on 2 occasions) sometimes are not entirely clear and has accidently left me with one concequence i didn't intend for. Also some plotholes.

The Ugly- This is purely a visual catorgory while the game may not be so bad, looking at it is


Well this just looked unpleasant, while never looking like visually impressive game i expected better, this game contained some large enviroments but that was the only stand out feature, the textures were majority of the time flat, poor animations, lighting was mediocre. Should i say the mention of terrible audio. This game had okay gameplay but everything else let it down. I'm really too generous with some of my past reviews.

Just like to add i was going to add a selection of games with brief description as to why they achieved it but i got carried away.

Game Overload!!

A season where all the big budget epic looking games are approaching their release dates makes me worried due to my undeniable urge to buy games soon after release (i have impatience when its video games).

What makes it worse is that i'm still purchasing new games making it marginally more difficult for me to save for the list of games i want, i recently purchased Army Of Two:40th day and its very fun glad i brought it but that money was originally meant for Aliens Vs Predator. I had left over money from christmas and decided to pre-order Heavy Rain (as it seems awesome) However when i saw a sale on with Guitar Hero Metallica i couldn't say no (game is good considering i'm not a Metallica fan) Which means i'm going to restartmy method of saving my money from being spent.

For once in my life i actually been having to skip on the video games i was anticipating i have a feeling i'm going to skip on Dante Inferno as well while i enjoyed the demo i have a feeling it was due to the premise and presentation which was great but the gameplay was rather standard so i'm going to skip and get God Of War 3. Heavy Rain i will so be purchasing the limited edition as its the same price as the standard version with the DLC/soundtrack etc. But i have been cautious and not tryed to spoil myself with looking at too much gameplay footage you can refer to my previous blog on Heay Rain as to why i'm anticipating it (its a unique approach to adventure games)

What i have been certainly curious at though is Aliens Vs Predator the gameplay looks appealing and gory which is suitably appropriate from its source material plus the three species should garnish variety on the typical shooting frenzy at aliens and predators however its the developers of Rogue Warrior which too be honest was a dissapointment (cousin produced the review on mine, wanted his voice to be heard) plus they don't have the greatest track record. Keeping that in mind i'm still wanting this game as i also heard that its another studio developing it, longer develop time and the original staff who produced the first Aliens Vs Predator so i'm also saving from this game. Lastly God Of War 3 can't say much other than it looks epic.

Top 5 Guilty Pleasures Of 09

When you just can't be bothered to play games for the complex story or emmersive morales and messages you turn to games where all you want to do is chop an opponent's head off with gore spraying everywhere like a hose pipe turned to max or a game that just isn't fully justified on its merits to everyone but you secretly love.

5.50 Cent:Blood on the sand

Well it certainly isn't a great game but is not a bad game but a guilty pleasure it is. I'm not a 50 Cent fan and the music while is rather sub-par, the wacky plot, the cheesy dialogue and the extreme nature of multipliers at tauting at people just makes you play some more also the hear the ridiculous line of "b***where's my skull".


The fact its base on the grindhouse catorgory instantly means its called a guilty pleasure the simple, vulgar dialogue, the simplistic visuals and the music all contribute to the enjoyment of sheer guilt that your playing a game that is rather unpolished, feels alittle rushed with issues and a plot that is not very detailed but in some ways that adds to the charm.

3.X-Men Origins:Wolverine Uncaged Edition

A good game that is helped by the craziness of brutal kills and disemberments with a particularly interesting feature that Wolverine's flesh can be damaged, ripped and torn apart when your caught in a explosion you can see the worst of it, you can the the rips its all rather graphic you don't see no intestines or liver etc but its still graphic and Don't forget Hugh Jackman's lines when performing this toture.

2.Red Faction: Guerilla

It doesn't have alot of gore, not much in terms of profanity, there is no prostitution to be found or anything that resembles a drug filled gangland but what it does have is explosions, destructable enviroments and physics enough said.


(This is a much better cover than the original's)

I was never really fond of Prototype and was quite a dissapointment considering however i was still uplifted by the fact of the chaotic brutality that you could perform in this game seriously ripping a granny in half is outstanding and the multiple powers at your fingertips ment a variety of ways to disember the crowds if not just go guns blazing. So just in terms of gore its a winner for guilty pleasures.

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