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Half Blood Prince- July 2009?

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excuse me, but come on...again? ANOTHER of my series is pulling this whole pregnancy long wait thing. I get their reasons, but I don't think it makes that much of a difference. I was counting down the days until November 21 until Half Blood Prince would come out. I was so anxious to see it because I've heard good things about the actors, especially Tom Felton who plays Draco who actually became my favorite character in HBP and DH because I began to understand his depth and there was another side to him. David Yates said that Draco really brought that part of the character to life, and I couldn't wait! Plus, I was disappointed with Order of the Pheonix. Visually, it was stunning, but the writing of the plot stank! So I was anxious and I had high expectations for HBP to redeem the Harry Potter movie franchise. and then this. So I want to do something about it. Some genius made this online petition that can be found at and HERE is something incredibly awesoume. Introducing:


much love, Dia

AVATAR BOOK 4: AIR ((caps)) edit

deAHH ITS OFFICIAL!! That was the big surprise at comicon:) My sister's friend just called us and we spazzed for literally 5 minutes jumping up and down!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!

EDIT: ok so I've been reinformed that my sister's friend might have made a mistake...and I just spread this news all over the web so I feel like a huge don't count on it, because its looking to be mighty false...which stinks.

Nickelodeon-a ranting editorial of sorts

Nickelodeon is the new Dolores Umbridge!(for those of you who don't read Harry Potter, that means they are evil pretty much!) After all of the devotion we avatards have shown to the show, Nick is just going to blow us off after many months of (sometimes) patient waiting throughout the series. They have decided to shove all of the episodes into one week (July 14-19) and the series finale will air on July 19, not even considering about if some unlucky avatar fan like myself will be gone and probably not have any access to a tv or cable that entire week!! Maybe they think its supposed to be a week of epic proportions, but I completely disagree! There have been so many times I've missed Avatar episodes airing due to school events, and I thought that my sisters and I were going to get to watch Avatar episodes when they first air in the US together AT LAST!! but no, they have to go and screw it up!! I could possibly be home on the 19, but I miss the whole entire rest of the week!! I'm really unnerved at this...Spread them out Nick! That way, a really good thing lasts longer! but nope thats not what they want, heaven forbid they take up time for their oh so precious spongebob and other shows-they always put them before avatar. I will rant more later, I'm gone all week this week! Peace out Avatards, sorry if the news disappoints you too.


(PS this is the same as my dA journal. Huge gracias to Lisa for the info-I can never rant without your trusty blogs coming first m'dear:)!)

Love for you all!

I can't believe some of you guys still remember me anymore! I have barely been on all year and this place feels ancient! Its been even longer since I've been on the forums for Avatar-how are those nowadays?

Now that schools over I have much more time to myself and my sister is home from college! :) yay! I am anxiously awaiting Harry Potter and Twilight movies, as well as July 14th for new Avatar episodes! (By the way, I think its 318 or something is called Monkey steals the Peach or some odd stuff like that-got that from fierymonk on dA) Unfortunately, I will be gone a lot this summer too, including the July 14th Avatar rest-of-season-3 premiere:( tis sad, but can't be helped. I'm gone next week, and then also I'm not home from July 6-28 (yea no comicon this year either, theres a family wedding...gahh)

So thats pretty much whats up in my life-how about you all!? (p.s. I'll try to come around and comment and message you all to see what you've been up to-I've missed a lot I bet!)

-much love, Dia

Sozin's Comet NO SPOILERS!!

So I'm sure you all know that somehow the Avatar finale book was recently distributed months before the actual episodes air. I must say, I am extremely disappointed in whoever's oversight this was. But whats done is done. I did not want to read spoilers but some stupid idiotic sister of mine decided to post a journal and Oh crap I know whats gonna happen. I am in no way ticked at what happens, I'm just mad that I know whats going to happen before it happens once the episodes come back on!!!

Watch this video pertaining to this subject, again NO SPOILERS!! on it. I will not ruin someone elses Avatar viewing experience like mine was ruined by a careless individual.

much love, Dia

Long time no talk!!!

HI GUYS!! Its been too long:) Musical and AP classes have had me so busy lately and prom and work and what not its been hectic. buuut I'm here with a ton to talk about!!! Sorry I haven't been around to comment on your blogs and talk to you guys, I've been so busy!

Avatar: First of all AHHHH my sister went to New York comicon and the teaser was AWESOUME! By the way, have any of you guys seen Boiling Rock parts 1 and 2? WOW!!! Its floating around on the web because someone got their DVD early-go out and buy the DVD because those episodes are on there! You won't regret it I assure you:D I won't spoil anything or post links or talk about shipping because I don't want to get attacked:P JULY 14th! Finally an airdate chyea!!!

Fullmetal Alchemist: WOOT Ling is Ling again! meaning Greed is gone from inside him:D squeee!! greatest birthday present ever! (yea by the way my birthday was April 13 :lol:!)

Naruto: PLOT TWIST!!! So Itachi was ordered to murder the Uchiha clan? WTF what is this world coming to!! I feel terrible now for hating him:( he was just doing what he was told! (If you haven't read recent chapters or any of Naruto, now would be the perfect time to do so, its getting intense!)

And drumroll please for my new blog topic........

TWILIGHT!!! yes Twilight. I had been meaning to read this for over a year now and I finally did. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!! The entire series rocks and I've seen a bunch of stuff for the movie coming out December 12, I'm so excited!! I don't know if I can wait that long...:P

Hope everyones doing well, Happy Spring!!!!

Harry Potter-Movies 7 and 8?

For all you HP fans out there like myself, get ready for a double whammy! The 7th book is officially going to be split into 2 parts! WOOT :P and David Yates will be directing until the end I believe. I'm glad because I always complain when they cut stuff, but this way they can't!! MUAHHAHAHA :evil: so check it out at

oh and by the way, Tilda Swinton can kiss my muggle arse! :lol: jk

I would LOVE to be in boarding school right about now!


-Dia out

Avatar movie casting

So being involved in any way in the Avatar movie has been my hope and dream since July 2006, which is over half a year before it was even announced! (I had an idea they were going to do the project as a live action film trilogy) Anyways, my sister and I have been searching everywhere for information and found out the casting agency and stuff three weeks ago. I emailed them with some questions and got no response whatsoever. So today I decided to call the agency and I asked about what they are looking for in a video audition, because it was said that there were no "open casting calls" The man I talked to said that they do not accept unsolicited entries which means basically, if you have no agent who can recommend you to the casting agency, then your hopes and dreams (like mine) are screwed and over. So what I think thats what they mean by no open casting call, which is disappointing really because I've wanted to have the opportunity to participate in this for so long, and I really am a talented actress. My parents just refuse to allow me to be represented by and agency because we live in Ohio. But also they have refused the idea of moving to LA or NYC. rather a lose-lose situation for me. I have no idea about extras or whatever....and man I just really wish it wasn't this way. I mean they said they wanted fresh new talent, so why does it have to be talent that has an agency? How about talent who has never had the chance or access to an agency because their parents decided to plant them in the middle of nowhere? haha come to think of it, my sisters and I wrote a letter to Shyamalan like last Feb/March asking just that, that he make this an opportunity for talented fans who really want to take a part in this. I have no idea if he got the letter. But even so I'm sad:( Yea I'm quite silly in the measures I take, but I want to be an actress and I think a fitting start would have been to be involved in the production of something that is really close to my heart and hits home for me.

Sorry about the lack of updates as well, I've been very busy!

Disappointed and dejected,


P.S. Sokka and Aang have already been supposedly cast, Ether Brent and Jonathon Nguyen respectively.

Yes! Avatar Nominated for Nick Kids Choice Awards!

all I can say is, FINALLY!! :D Its been so long I hope it kicks Spongebob right in his square pants:P


Movie: "Alvin and the Chipmunks," "Are We Done Yet?," "The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," "The Transformers."

Music Group: Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, Jonas Brothers, Linkin Park.

Cartoon: "Avatar: The Last Airbender," "Ed, Edd and Eddy," "The Simpsons," "SpongeBob SquarePants."

Video Game: "Dance Dance Revolution," "Guitar Hero," "High School Musical: Sing It!", "Madden NFL '08."

Book: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight, Volume One: The Long Way Home," "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," "Harry Potter series," "How to Eat Fried Worms."

yay for HP too! I love HP so much:)

Red is a hot color this year.

complete list and article here:

I can't wait for 2008!

well the rest of it anyways:P Happy New Year everybody!! Its the year of the rat:) I had a great time partying last night, we played charades and stuff so it was pretty fun.

2007 was definately a year to remember! Especially the summer! Some things worth remembering to me were:

Getting my braces off:D and the end of Naruto fillers/start of Shippuuden in February

Spring Break cruising! woot! 8)

sissy's graduation

dressing up as Pirates to see POTC and also seeing Harry Potter!

HARRY POTTER BOOK 7!! That is a day I will never forget, July 21, 2007! I got to dress up and it was so much fun to be a total Harry Potter nerd with all of my friends:) (my new calendar is Harry Potter :lol: .)

Only a few days later was traveling across the country for SAN DIEGO COMICON 2007!! One of the BEST WEEKS EVER!! haha Saturday-cosplaying for the avatar panel, the panel itself, seeing Bryan and meeting Dee...what a day!! especially because my parents let me walk around the city and stuff without them:o Freedom!! That same vacation, we also went to USC, UCLA, etc, Burbank to see some family and visit old friends.

Edit: for some reason, the rest of my blog got cut off. but it wasn't much just listed a few more things like Season 3 of avatar and starting my junior year, so yea thats about it:) Hope everyone has a great 2008!

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