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"PlayStation 4 has sold over 7 million units. Each of those consoles is in consumers' hands, attached to a television in their homes. Microsoft, on the other hand, has shipped 5 million units, and perhaps half a million or more are still sitting on store shelves."



Well to be fair that is pretty realistic. Its not like Sony hasn't done it before with the move.

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Don't have one for superman but iirc Superman was better in every category.

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@Jacanuk said:

Ehhm ok

And why did you feel to post that neocrap on gamespots forum? and a better question is WTH? who cares what some semi-big youtuber thinks about a game or what some staff member thinks at a rival site who is mostly known for being a jokesite that noone takes seriously

Its not like people who read these forums are sheep and who would let either decided a purchase for them, at least i hope they aren't.

Please refrain from using SW terms in the general games discussion. Go to SW if you want to do that.

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It shouldn't matter although having a baby is another story I think. They should be aware of the possible effects. Just like if you have a genetic disorder you have to decide whether or not it is best to have a kid.

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360 sales rival wii u sales


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"We’re also happy to share today that more than 5 million Xbox One consoles have been sold-in to retailers since our launch"

  • Xbox One continues selling at a strong pace with 311,000 units sold in the U.S. in the month of March, surpassing Xbox 360 sales by more than 60 percent at the same point in time.


Knew it knew it knew it...hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

So all the price cuts and Titanfall bundles were done to move the whole 900k unsold on December so that retailers buy more so they could claim a higher numbers and make seen like the xbox one is closer to the PS4 than they are..hahahahaaaaaaaaa

So they are probably at 4.2 million

Lets wait for Stormyjoe,blackace and the lemming crew to ride the sold to retailer

Oh like what Sony did with the move? Nothing stopping Sony from doing it either.

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I know what heartbleed is and how it works but those articles are stupid, it doesn't mention the simple fact that if you were to change your password, your account can still get hacked/broken into if the website still hasn't patched the vulnerability.

Actually the HTG one did say that.

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Where's the goat simulator?

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Just a count of hands but how many of you know about this? I haven't seen a topic on heartbleed so I decided to post this. Hopefully I didn't repost this again but I think it is a relevant topic. What are your thoughts and are you going to change your passwords?

Heartbleed Victims

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@FinalFighters said:

Are you serious? you get banned for mentioning other systems on miiverse? smh.

It's not that outrageous when you consider that he works for Sony and was promoting the playstation brand. Gamespot doesn't allow people to peddle their products on the forums, either.

It still doesn't change that it goes for just regular people too, they may not regulate it... But it doesn't change that if someone else said they love PS they would be banned too if Nintendo followed their own rules correctly.

Just saying but that isn't really professional for both Yoshida and Nintendo.