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How having a 3DS feels

First Impression: Games are great but everything else lacks. I feel like the PSvita succeeded in what the 3DS didn't succeed in and vice versa. Really interesting discovery I made while comparing the two since I have both. The PSvita is the nicer more durable one out of the two plus the screen size, double analog sticks, and size makes it comfortable to hold. 3DS on the other hand does a bad job when it comes to trying to make the person who plays feel comfortable. Only one analog stick so games can't be played to their fullest extent. 3D: Honestly was expecting me to say this from the beginning but I never use it. I don't like it very much and the fact that my eyes are already bad and it might make them worse doesn't convince me. Having 3D is not what makes the 3DS enticing at all imo. Its those wonderful games like Fire Emblem Awakening that makes it fun to play. I never was a fan of 3D anyway, I always complain about it. I think the 3DS did a good job with its library.