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Shadowchronicle Blog

So how many of you are reading blogs?

I'm having a hard time finding other blogs because it isn't like before where the blogs would show up on the right side of your profile. Are you guys looking through people's feeds or what? I'm curious. Sorry for the short blog but I really don't have much to say. I've been busy lately.

Luigi's Mansion vs Dark Moon

Luigi's Mansion VS Dark Moon

Blog #1 on 3DS Collection

I couldn't really come up with a proper title without it being excessively long... Anyways came in to talk about the differences I saw and what Nintendo changed with the two. I really like like the Luigi Mansion series. When I heard about Dark Moon I was excited because I did not expect a sequel to come out and I really liked the first game.

First thing I noticed is that Nintendo seemed to town down the creepiness of the game with the sequel. That is mainly what I liked about the first game and what attracted me. In the GC version the music was more eery and Luigi would hum to the music playing in the background. The CG scenes were also darker. Hallways are not lit either so it made the whole experience different. The bosses in the original game were also humans. In the 3DS version you really don't have that. I imagine Nintendo did this because of the audience they have. On the flipside though with the 3DS version Nintendo did everything right with the gameplay. They added things like an illusion detecting light and a new system for capturing ghosts.

There were plenty of improvements in the 3DS version. Don't get me wrong. I just feel like it lost the atmosphere it had before. I mainly played the first one because of the feeling it gave off. There's more puzzles to solve in the 3DS version + things to do.

Highlights of Sequel:

  •     More Puzzles to solve
  •     More gameplay intense
  •     High Quality CG Scenes
  •     More tools and things like upgrades

Highlights of First Game:

  •     More eery feeling to it
  •     Focuses on more of the creepy aspects to the game
  •     Music and gameplay is more intertwined
  •     Better Camera
  •     Humanoid Bosses


What I got in the mail...

So what I found today... I ordered Project X Zone the limited edition version. As you can see you know what I'm gonna talk about. Project X Zone is one of the reasons I even got a 3DS. Cool crossovers and well.. I was curious.  I haven't played enough to judge it but so far I'm liking it. I also got muramasa for ps vita but haven't got to playing it yet. Oh and another thing to point out: I'm a little bit surprised at my level here on gamespot. It used to take me forever to even get one level up.:lol: Some people even thought I went down a few levels or something. Being at level 52 surprises me. Short Blog but next blog will be longer explaining my 3DS collection after about 3 weeks of getting games for it

How having a 3DS feels

First Impression: Games are great but everything else lacks. I feel like the PSvita succeeded in what the 3DS didn't succeed in and vice versa. Really interesting discovery I made while comparing the two since I have both. The PSvita is the nicer more durable one out of the two plus the screen size, double analog sticks, and size makes it comfortable to hold. 3DS on the other hand does a bad job when it comes to trying to make the person who plays feel comfortable. Only one analog stick so games can't be played to their fullest extent. 3D: Honestly was expecting me to say this from the beginning but I never use it. I don't like it very much and the fact that my eyes are already bad and it might make them worse doesn't convince me. Having 3D is not what makes the 3DS enticing at all imo. Its those wonderful games like Fire Emblem Awakening that makes it fun to play. I never was a fan of 3D anyway, I always complain about it. I think the 3DS did a good job with its library.

Found old GC games

 Amazing Island  I-Ninja  Ty the Tasmanian Tiger  Vexx

So I finally found these games in one of my boxes at my house. Lots of memories with them since I used to play them a lot. I'm thinking of going back to playing Vexx because I really liked it back when I played it.

Artist Arcade

Amazing art created by fans!

If you're interested you should go check out the artist arcade in a few weeks as they will have new game for fan art which you can submit for the arcade.  You do not have to be an artist to go look at it though and leave a comment or two on people's art.  This is a new feature in the community and I think you guys should go check it out.