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Weekly Pick up's 8/30 - 11/12

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Hello, Gamespot members! It's been a couple of months since my last weekly pick up's entry. I have been really lazy lately and haven't been doing very much reviewing or rather showing off a new game that's been added to my collection. Just enjoying the nice fall weather and working for that Xbox one. As well as the changing of leaves of Gamespot has changed there website design. Now a white futuristic wonder land. In my opinion it looks a lot like the Xbox dash board or even their website. Man, I hate it.

Anyway instead of doing a bunch of weekly pick up blog entries I'm just going to do one long one. Well, let's get started. Smileyface.

I guess I'mgoing to start with PSP since it's the largest of my recent pick ups. I've gained eleven games and for a good price. As you expect from a dead console. I believe the most expensive was Final Fantasy : Dissidia which was around twelve dollars. In all the games I picked up are: Final Fantasy : Dissidia , Lunar : Silver Star Harmony, Assassin's Creed Bloodlines , :umnies 2 , Go! Sudoku , Ace Combat X Skies of Deception , MLB 07 The show, Space Invaders Extreme , Metal Gear Solid Portable OPs Plus , and Warriors Orochi.

Really too many games to go into detail with so I'm just going to talk about some of the notable ones. Lunar was a nice updated version of the game, liked the fact it was portable too. Just didn't like that a different voice over then the original that I noticed. Loved ace combat, love the series so it was a good pick up for a great portable system. Final Fantasy : Dissidia was great. First ever game in the final fantasy series where all the heroes and villians come together and battle it out. Great game.

Next game is Pokémon X. One of the two new Pokémon titles for the Nintendo 3DS. I was very tempted not to pick this one up. With the disappointment of Pokémon Black/White/2 I wasn't sure if I wanted to play another Pokémon game again, but with the lure of the first 3D Pokémon world I decided to give in and trust me I was not disappointed. I'm still playing it at the moment and enjoying the world. Reminds me a lot of Pokémon Stadium

Next for the Xbox 360 I picked up Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, GTA 5 , Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition, Halo wars , and Batman Arkham Origins Collector's edition. First I want to single out Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 since I went out of my way to find this game. To be honest it's my favorite in the Dynasty Warriors Gundam game in the series. Not only because of the huge roster of Gundams, but also because of the cell shaded art of the game. GTA 5 as well as most everyone knows is a great and magical game. Loved the story loved the characters and the gameplay. Great experience. As for Batman Arkham Origins the collector's edition is amazing. Well worth the money in my opinion. The collector's edition came with so much stuff to posters of all the assassin's to the poster of the game map. It even came with a picture of Bruce and his mom and day when he was a child.It also came with an impressive statue. I wish I could get in to it more with you ,but I'm just short on time. So I'm just going to leave this as is.

Well, the next couple of week are going to be exciting don't you think? With the new next generation of console coming out and games. I myself will be picking up the Xbox one, the Day One edition to be exact. I plan on take some picture and doing a blog entry for that. Not sure when I'll be able to ,but it'll be coming up.

As always what did you pick up this week?

Weekly Pick up's 8/30

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I'm back with another Weekly pick up. It's been a while cine my last pick up entry so, I'm a bit behind. let just jump right in it.


First on my list id Digimon World Ds for the obvious Nintendo DS. Great game in my opinion it's basically pokemon, but with Digimon. i spent many hours on this when it first came out and loved every second of it. Ever since Netflix added Digimon I hat to pick up this game to fill my life with the Diigmon nostalgia. unfortenuately it put me back a pretty penny, but it was well worth it.



While we're on the subject of old memories and nostalgia I've also picked up Pokemon Heatgold, again for the Nintendo Ds. I have went past this game brand new in at least a hundred times at my local Target store. The other week I got this weird urge to play gold/silver and I decided to go there only to find they didn't carry it anymore. Pissed. Me. Off. They had "clearanced them off" from what the guy said. So not only did I miss brand new copies of the game, but I missed it at clearanced prices. I ended up buying it at a local game store for a pretty penny without the original case and **** Target.


Thirs on my list is the majestic and holy Gold Chrome Xbox controller. it's so beatutiful... and gold. A lot better then the bassically flate Metallic Gold ps3 controller. It was a must have for me. Mainly because I hat broke my previously wireless controller and has been using a wired rock candy one for a while and secondly because it was gold.


Lastly, is the Payday 2 Collector's Edition which was annoying since gamestop and everyone else has a shipping delay. I hated calling Gamestop to see if they had it in. The collecto'rs edition was pretty cool and at a cheap price. The mask was enjoyable, got a good scare out of my little cousin. Loved the sound track, the game has great music. The only thing I didn't like was the latex gloves which.. was just latex gloves. I though they would at least have the logo on it, but didn't. Just plain.



Well that's my late Weekly Pickup's. What did you pick up this week?

Weekly Pick up's 7/26

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On this Weekly pick up's....

                                          I show you what game's I've bought.... so.. yeah...


First up this week I picked up Shin Megami Tensei IV for the Nintendo 3DS. I haven't really had time to get in to it , but from what I've played it's pretty awesome. Same Shin Megami Tensei feel the series has always brought to the tablle. I'm really enjoying the story so far. I'll have to set aside a couple of weekends to play it!



Next, is Tetris Axis for the 3DS. I'm a pretty big Tetris fan and saw this on sale at my local Target. It was only ten bucks so, I couldn't pass up this deal. The 3D effects and Tetris go together like PB&J. I like all the different levels and game types. The fact that you could telt the Tetris box at different levels add even more of a 3D effect. Over all a great game and if you're a huge Tetris fan with a 3DS, I would go pick this up!


Lastly for this week I picked up Borderlands 2. I saw it on sell brand new at game stop for twenty dollars. Not a bad price. When borderlands 2 first came out I rented it and was unable to finish the game. Now was a great time to pick it up and finish the game. Also to check out the new DLCs.


This has been my Weekly Pick up's. What did you pick up this week?!

Weekly pick up's 7/13

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Well Gamespot, it had been a while since my last little blog shit. I've been up to no good as always. Trying to find the best deals and all while trying to no get Jewed by gamestop (if I have to buy something there). I haven't been able to get on in the past few weeks so I've picked up quite a few games since my last post. I'm just going to share the highlights.

A couple of weeks ago I was bored and decided to go to gamestop for the fun of it. While I was looking around I saw the Batman Arkham City Collector's Edition sitting on the shelf. It was marked down to fifty bucks so it was a deal I couldn't pass up. A couple of months before that I had purchased the Batman Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition for around the same price as Arkham City. So, I guess I'm going to get the Collector's Edition of AO just to have all three.


Firday, I finally picked up a game I've been wanting since it came out. Deadpoo. The game is alright in general , it's not bad and also not too great. In general it's a button masher/shooter (mostly button masher), but the humor in the game makes it all worth it. Very funny game.


Lastly, something I did not think I would do. Preordering the Xbox One. Well I did. Ever since the policies have changed I've wanted to get the Xbone. I actually preordered the Day One edition and no games as of yet.


Those are my recent pick up's. What are yours?

My Nintendo Experience

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Soooo, I went to the My nintendo Experience being held at select Best Buys. The event was pretty cool, it was an interesting experience. Although I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get a Year of Luigi coing. They looked pretty collectible :c


I'm actually very bummed out about that.. I did get a foam luigi hat...

Pick ups of the week 5/31

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So, I've wanted to make a blog entry atbou what games I've picked up and what not. I have just been so busy latly I haven't had time. I still don't have time, but I'll do it anyway.



Final Fantasy Origins ps1 $9.99


Legacy of kain:Soul Reaver picked it up for $14.99


and GTA Xbox Collection for only $5


Also got Doom 3 for free as a deal. So that was my pick ups of the week. I don't think I did so bad. The games were all in good condidtion most with out a scratch. So yeah..

pokemon dna digivolve into digimon

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Been awhile gamespot. So I went out of my cave today and went to my local game store. I saw they had a limted edition of the original Assassin's Creed. For only $20 which I couldn't pass up. It came with the tin, art book, the game, a little miniature of altair. Here look






Great steal for onl $20.