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Traveler of Light: Chapter 18

____________ The sun falls quicker than its time to rise. . Days are eclipsed into night. . It is such a cold demise. Why not end in delight? shadow_17705 Presents Traveler of Light . Chapter 18: Serene Night, Part IV ____________ Tonight, the suffering finally ends... I had doubts. Ever since I met Lucero and his friends, I had doubts. Was I really going to kill these innocent people for the Final X... and for some dead person? Through the many battles, I tortured myself... and I tortured those around me. I was forced to betray them... I felt I was possessed... I could not control myself... Then, I forced Faith to betray her true love... . . Lucero: I would never leave you to die. You're my life, Faith! Saku: Like he never said that to some other girl before. Don't trust him. You don't need him. Lucero: Faith, no! Faith: ......SHUT UP!!! This outcome was beyond what I expected. I never knew my powers of manipulation would tear apart such innocence. It was then I saw Faith point the gun I had given her at Lucero. I was petrified of what I've done. I broke free from being possessed. I can practically feel the chains disappearing... Redemption... Salvation... Liberation... In an instant, the sound a gunshot pierced the air... This was my final chance. I refused to break apart a strong relationship. Before any seconds passed by, I rushed into the bullet's path... in order to save the enemies that are my friends. Lucero... Faith, forgive me... The storm had passed... It is just calm rain... No disorder... A very slim amount of blood released into the air, glistening in the moonlight... The crimson liquid looked so graceful... His eyes stared at the moon's peaceful presence... . . I never noticed how perfect the moon is. I wanted to scream at it. Display my inner hatred... How much I hated the Final X. How much I hated someone I never knew. It was too late to scream. . . They were once tense and green... This tension faded to tranquility... The green faded to a lifeless black. He gave a weak chuckle... ____________ FLASHBACK: The bell of the clock tower rang to count out the hours: two in the afternoon. On the park bench, was Saku. His left forearm was uncovered from the gauze that was wrapped tightly, revealing many long, scars. In his right hand, was a pocket knife. He sighed and carved deeply into his left forearm. Saku (thinking): No matter how much wounds I have given, I cannot feel the pain and I cannot bleed... He carved another empty gash. ____________ Saku: At last........ I finally bleed... He grinned. Behind Saku, was Lucero... absolutely traumatized. In front of Saku, was Faith... holding the Desert Eagle with smoke coming from the barrel. A shining tear was coming from her eye. Saku started falling towards the ground. . . Lucero: S-Saku... Lucero broke his fall... Saku: ......Lucero? Faith and Rival run up to Saku. Saku was gently placed on the ground. Saku: ...Faith? .......Rival? Faith: Saku! Please don't die! They are true friends. They try to save me, but all is vain. I examined my own blood. I was losing countless amounts of it. I stared at the Final X with disdain. I looked at their emotionless expressions. However, Nara's expression was what created a gash in my soul. We were never related, but Nara was like a sister to me. She would always tell me what was on her mind... what made her concerned... what was bothering her. Nara trusted me. One day, I told her that if I died, she wouldn't cry... that she would be brave. . . Nara didn't fully break into sorrow. She stood still in her place like the others. However, in her eyes, I sensed she was suffering inside. She's just a tortured soul, like me. Her perfectly straight, long, platinum hair flowed with the breeze. She was the only one who had worn a dress: black with a silver trimming. Her blue-green eyes were the only ones that were not corrupted. . . When Nara was concerned about Faith, I told her the truth: Faith loved Lucero and I was just her friend. I've heard from Zeto that I'm the only important person on her mind. Abyss stressed the fact that Nara loved me. If only I could tell her how I'd feel... I then looked at the puzzle. It opened to unveil the Twilight Diamond. I had a choice. I have to decide between what I cherish most and my lust for power... Like any sane person, I cherished my life... my liberation... my friends... . In a matter of moments, I would lose them all. We needed THREE of the five Twilight Diamonds and a soul of a remnant. The Final X initially had one Twilight Diamond. Lucero had another Twilight Diamond. Vladimir, the Traveler of Fire, had the third. I easily defeated Vladimir and obtained his Diamond. I demanded that Faith would meet me at Sidus Cemetery (the setting where this event is currently taking place) and bring Lucero's Twilight Diamond. She gave the Twilight Diamond to me. The Final X had the three Twilight Diamonds in their grasp. The soul of a remnant... A remnant like Lucero, Nara, or any of the other Final X. I ended up assuming the role of relinquishing my soul... . . I was speechless... I had to respond to what was going around me, but I hardly could. Saku: My blood.... I've never seen any blood before... Lucero: It's... It's my fault! It's my fault that you're... dying. Why? Saku gave a weak chuckle. Again, speechless. Saku: It's not..... your fault. It's not..... Faith's fault...... nor Rival's. It's my fault... Faith: No, it's not. Rival: Don't be ridiculous, Saku. Lucero: I was supposed to die. Why did you save me?! . . Saku smiled. What should I tell him as I was my life was slipping away within his sight? Saku: Because....... you are like a book, Lucero............. waiting to be opened..... waiting to be read... With that statement, Saku solemnly closed his once fierce eyes. I wish I could smile. I wish I could tell Lucero, Faith, and Rival that everything will be alright... My mind, heart, and body departed into the heavenly and peaceful part of my own oblivion... Lucero: Saku... SAKU! SAKU!!! WAKE UP!!!!!! He grabbed Saku's shoulders. Lucero shook Saku's dead body, desperately trying to believe he was only sleeping and he could wake up. He glared at the Final X members. The Final X members were staring at Lucero, as if he was only a psychotic madman. One of the Final X members was holding the puzzle that contained the Twilight Diamond. It was opened. The diamond glistened in the hands of the more orderly members: Xavier. Xavier's silver hair was long, wavy and curly. His emerald green eyes pierced Lucero. Lucero: You... YOU DID THIS!!! Xavier: Me? A melodic laugh came from Xavier. It wasn't maniacal like Saku's. It was similar to a musical instrument. Xavier: This was Saku's plan, you naive remnant... . . He stepped out of his place and elegantly glided across the ground to Saku's body. Xavier: ...The fragment... Lucero began to lunge at Xavier. Then it all came in a blur. With a simple flick of his wrist, Xavier uncovered his gleaming rapier. Before Lucero could even pull out his sword, Xavier flicked his wrist again... this time it was more pronounced. Xavier's rapier carved deeply into Lucero's leg. Before Lucero could even bleed, Scythe and Abyss stepped in and seized Lucero from further attacking. Other Final X members seized both Faith and Rival. Xavier: Why the sudden protectiveness? A moment ago, you were at his throat... Lucero said nothing as Xavier let out a drawn sigh. Xavier: Friendship. It is such a burden... Xavier then stared at his left hand. Within seconds, all the veins in his left arm glowed with an emerald luster. He raised it in the air. A strong zephyr passed; Xavier's entire left arm was engulfed in green flames. The fire then shot out into the air. Moments later, emerald green flames surrounded Saku's body. Saku's peaceful body floated in the air. It emitted a white, silvery light. A shining orb with color of ice blue was released from Saku... his soul. However, not all of his soul was ice blue for it was corrupted with a lime green... apparently it was the fragment of Shadesu's soul. Xavier had spread his hands across the sky. Shadesu's green fragment separated from Saku's ice blue soul. Saku's ice blue soul crumbled and rained upon Saku's corpse. It seemed that it was absorbed. Xavier held Shadesu's soul fragment in the air. He then grabbed Shadesu's sword. Xavier walked to Shadesu's grave. He crumbled the green fragment and let it pieces rain upon the grave - it was soon absorbed into the ground. Xavier: The Diamonds... A cloaked Final X member placed the three Twilight Diamonds on top of the grave. It soon gave off a bright blue luster. They floated in the air and began orbiting around the tombstone. As the diamonds spun at uncharted speeds, the distance between the tombstone and the revolving diamonds gradually increased. Earthquakes erupted. At an instant, Shadesu's grave emitted a bright, green light. Afterwards, a giant green beam had shot into the night sky, from Shadesu's grave. This beam had split the clouds apart, unveiling the magnificent stars behind it. The cemetery slowly turned into a massacre. The boulders, tombstones, and the bones that lay beneath them, were flying in the air, orbiting around the green beam - as if this beam was the center of gravity for everything in the cemetery. The iron gates and surrounding buildings caved in. The only ones that were not affected by the small gravitational pull (compared to the Earth's) were the mortals. In the midst of everything, Lucero, Faith and Rival broke free from the Final X members' clutches. They sprinted towards Saku's body, dodging the oncoming tombstones. Once they were a few feet away from Saku's body, Lucero, Faith, Rival, and Saku disappeared. Soon, the flying, rotating objects stopped and gently fell to the ground. The Twilight Diamonds had stopped shining and, like the other objects, dropped to the ground. A dark figure walked out of the green pillar of light. The Final X members kneeled in reaction. The green beam then disintegrated behind the deity. Xavier presented Shadesu's sword - a blood-stained, scratched 6-foot long blade. Silently, the shadowy character gripped the sword and examined it briefly. The figure simply walked past the members into a spot that was dimly lit, unveiling his features. . . He was a male hedgehog. His fur was whiter than the snow, paler than any of the remnants. As empty this white can be, ironically, small rainbows can be seen in an angle. His hair was long - down to his waist. A few small locks of his hair had spiked out. The bangs (or fringes) that perfectly curtained his face were shoulder length. His face was solemn as he stared at the Final X members. His vibrant green eyes pierced the souls of the Final X members. Xavier stood up. Xavier: Sh-Shadesu? ____________ Four figures were at a beach in the middle of the night. One was standing on the shoreline, looking out into the horizon... deep in thought. Another one was sitting in the sand, also in thought. Beside them, was another figure lying on the sand, apparently dead. The last, a feminine figure, was crouched beside the dead one.

Traveler of Light: Chapter 17


The sun falls quicker than its time to rise.

Days are eclipsed into night.

It is such a cold demise.

Why not end in delight?

shadow_17705 Presents

Traveler of Light
Chapter 17: Serene Night, Part III


Everything was completely drenched in rain. Rival's eyes were focused on the two members of the Final X - Saku and Zeto. Saku broke into laughter.

Saku: Ironic... Funny how darkness saves the light and... how evil saves-

Rival: Darkness is not associated with evil.

Saku continues.

Saku: Good and evil... Light and darkness... How can you not associate them?

Zeto: Enough...

Zeto threw his giant sword at Rival. Rival deflected the sword back to him. Zeto had then caught it. Rival dashed towards Zeto and sliced him up with his two swords. Afterwards, Zeto forcefully swung his sword at Rival. Rival dodged by doing a barrel roll, and in the process, having a few hairs cut off by the enormously large sword. Rival then jumped on top of a large tombstone. His hand then emitted a pitch black aura. Within seconds, he had fired a massive amount of dark spears. Both Saku and Zeto dodged the spears with ease.

Saku then rushed up to Rival and slashed his sword repeatedly at him. Rival tried to guard the millions of sword motions - vertical, horizontal, and diagonal - but had lost his step. Rival was caught off guard and got cut up instantly.

Saku: Chaos Oblivion!

Rival gets pummeled through the ground, forming another crater.

Rival: Ugh...

Saku jumped in the crater as Rival stumbled to get up.

Saku: What? No more fighting? Why? Things got a little more interesting.

Saku jabbed his fist into Rival's stomach. With a growl, Rival then smashed his fist into Saku's face. Saku stumbled backwards. Rival rushed up to him and attempted to kick his face. However Saku had done a back flip and avoided the oncoming kick to the face. Saku dashed towards Rival and grasps his neck. Even though he is a little shorter than Rival (Saku's height is the same as Lucero's), Saku lifted Rival's body up and then battered him into the ground. He forcefully threw various vigorous punches at Rival's increasingly strained body.

However, with such persistence, Rival clenched his hands into the mud the rain had formed. His aching bones were strained even further. Rival slowly got up, letting the heavy rain drown his face. It seemed useless to continue. He dragged his feet towards Saku. Rival had just noticed that Saku was laughing quietly. They then exchanged punches and kicks. After some time, Saku is caught off guard. He then falls on the ground.

Rival then reaches for his sword. With a smirk, Saku grabs a handful of dry dirt (found under a boulder that had shielded it from the rain) nearby and throws it at Rival's eyes. This temporarily blinds Rival. He growls at the agonizing sting. Saku picks up Shadesu's sword. He slashes horizontally at Rival's head. Without any sense, Rival ducked as he felt the sharp, fierce wind beating against his face. Saku's sword had sliced through air and the rain.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Lucero jumps in to defend Rival.

Lucero: Rival!

Rival: Lucero?

Within seconds, Rival could see.

Saku: Lucero... Back so soon?

Rival hands Lucero's sword back to its owner. Saku readies Shadesu's long sword. Soon, a white aura surrounded Lucero. A green aura surrounded Saku.

Saku: So... Will this end up like our last fight? Will it be absolutely dull? Or will it be entertaining?

The rain fell from the sky with complete, brute force. The rain pounded on the ground, tombstones, far away houses and buildings, and everyone that is outside in the middle of the storm. It was practically raining everywhere you will see.

Lucero and Saku both clashed their swords. The ringing sound of the sword impacts echoed throughout the air. Clash after clash, sharp sound after sound, it was apparent that Lucero and Saku were evenly matched. Soon, they locked their swords. They both forced their swords against the other. The swords were unable to move, grinding against each other. Sparks were flying in all directions. The sound of thunder rumbled throughout the air. The thunder grew louder as Lucero and Saku levitated in the air. The grinds of rage between the two swords continued. The ear-splitting sound of thunder grew as the swords had thrust against the other. The swords had then parted with a shrieking screech. Soon, lightning had exploded out of the rainy clouds and into the skies. The two blades continued to crash, but no blood had spilled. Lightning and thunder continued as Lucero and Saku brawled endlessly.

Saku: Chaos...

Lucero: Chaos...

Lucero and Saku: OBLIVION!

The two remnants had fired their Chaos Oblivions at each other at the same second. Half of the cemetery was demolished due to the power. Tombstones, rocks, dust, and rain were flying in several directions. Saku flew into the ground near Faith and Rival - who were seized by the members of the Final X, and Shadesu's grave. Lucero was flung into the side of a mountain. He then crashed down into the ground Saku slowly got up, laughing.

Saku: This.....This relieved... my boredom. I'm a little surprised, Lucero. If only it was a little longer...

Saku pulled out a Desert Eagle handgun. Lucero rushed at Saku, but he stopped when Saku pointed the gun at Faith's head. Saku chuckled.

Saku: I suppose you have some sort of weakness...

Lucero: Don't do it...

Saku: Of course I won't. I wouldn't do anything to harm Faith.

Lucero: Let her go!

Saku: Not yet, Lucero. I just want to use her in this little experiment...

Lucero: Experiment?

Saku: If we can't put an end to this...

He hands the gun to Faith.

Saku: ...she will.

Lucero: Faith?

Saku: This is how cruel irony can be...

Faith: This is insane. I'm not going to kill anyone.

Saku: Why not?

Faith: I love Lucero and I still consider you as a friend.

Saku: You're relationship with him will end sooner or later. Stop the sorrow now.

Lucero: Friend?! Saku was using us the whole time.

Saku: And soon Lucero would manipulate you as well... He doesn't love you.

Lucero: He was going to kill you if I hadn't shown up in time.

Saku: Lucero never confessed his love to you. You already doubt him.

Lucero: I would never leave you to die. You're my life, Faith!

Saku: Like he never said that to some other girl before. Don't trust him. You don't need him.

Lucero: Faith, no!

Faith: ......SHUT UP!!!

In an instant, the sound a gunshot pierced the air...


Happy Holidays!

Yeah. I hope you enjoy it. I don't have anything else to say. Lol. I'll try to get Traveler of Light Chapter 16: Serene Night, Part III by New Years... hopefully. Later!

The Way Everything Burns

This is a spin-off of Traveler of Light. I wrote this during a writer's block while beginning Chapter 16 of Traveler of Light. . __________ My name is Damien. I have been racing against time. I let my face get drenched in rain. After all, water is my natural enemy. Why not cleanse my burning soul... of everything? . . I left everyone. I left the Travelers in fear. I left Jacob and April, my fake friends, to drown in a flood. I left Cross, probably my closest friend. Most of all, I let Luna get captured... . . Now, I have no choice but to face death. Death is my punishment. Like how the stars burn out, everything comes to an end. What about life? Isn't that one of greatest death sentences? . . Soon, rage consumes me as a figure steps closer. I hear him laugh silently. I try not to unleash the entire burning wrath from my fingertips. This inferno burns at my insides. The figure proceeds into telling an endless monologue. I desperately tried to refrain from shredding apart his limbs. This ignorant figure has Luna hostage. I figure out that life is a gift and not a punishment. It was at this point, my right arm was engulfed in fire. Rage... Anger... Wrath... Fury... Passion... This is the way everything burns....

Traveler of Light: Chapter 16


The sun falls quicker than its time to rise.

Days are eclipsed into night.

It is such a cold demise.

Why not end in delight?

shadow_17705 Presents

Traveler of Light
Chapter 16: Serene Night, Part II


Lucero: S-Saku?

It begins to rain heavily as Saku continued to laugh crazily. He walks closer to Lucero, Abyss, and Scythe. His maniacal green eyes pierced Lucero.

Saku: He's almost here, Lucero! Can't you hear him?!

He waits for an answer. Nothing. Saku's expression turns from maniacal to mellow. He walks towards the tombstone. Scythe pushes Lucero into the mud. Faith struggles in anger against the two who are grabbing hold of her. Saku glances at Faith.

Saku: Does that... enrage you?

Lucero: Hurt her, and I'll rip every bone in your body.

Saku laugh.

Saku: That's a little gruesome for you. It's highly doubtful, considering it's not in your nature.

He walks up to Lucero. He crouches to look at Lucero at eye level.

Saku: It's disappointing, Lucero. Everyone nowadays can be easily manipulated. We only needed three Twilight Diamonds and a soul of a remnant.

Lucero: Remnant?

Saku: You don't know?

Saku: A remnant is a being that has a fragment of Shadesu's soul. When he died, his soul was shattered and those who were chosen had his or her soul combined with Shadesu's soul fragment. We are both remnants. That's why you have been experiencing strange premonitions. That was why you were in the hospital.

Saku stands up and proceeds to pace.

Saku: I admit it can be hard to carry out a plan. In the beginning, the Final X had only one Twilight Diamond.

Lucero: Final X?

Saku abruptly stopped pacing and moaned a drawn-out sigh.

Saku: The Final X is currently composed of eight remnants.

He addressed the members' names from the top of his head.

Saku: Nara, Zeto, Xavier, Dusk, Abyss, Scythe, Hollow, and myself.

Lucero: What about the other two?

Saku: You're the ninth; Lucero. You're one of us.

Lucero: I'll never be like you!

Saku grinned and stated the tenth member.

Saku: Shadesu is the last....

Saku continued his pacing as Lucero stared angrily at him.

Saku: We needed two Twilight Diamonds. We had one in the beginning. We knew you existed and posed somewhat of a threat. We had to ask Kadozimaru.

Lucero winced at the name

Saku: Kadozimaru was just a pathetic fool who worshipped Shadesu. We only used him for he knew the hiding place for one of the Twilight Diamonds. We would end up killing him once we found him in possession of the diamond.

Saku: However, Kadozimaru knew that we had to kill you, Lucero. He had Rival to help him kill you. He failed. From that failure, we precisely knew you were... a remnant.

Saku: We then ordered Kadozimaru not to kill you. We only needed the Twilight Diamond, after all. However, being ignorant in the middle of battle, Kadozimaru committed suicide. Apparently you, with a team of Sky Pirates, possessed the Twilight Diamond.

Saku: I had to visit your neighborhood and personally meet you and your friends. Since then, I began to have doubts. I soon found out that Vladimir had a Twilight Diamond locked in a puzzle. I invited you for fencing so I can test your way of thinking. After that, I challenged Vladimir in order to get the puzzle. The fight was simply boring. I won the puzzle. Afterwards, I sent my message to Faith. So far, the puzzle was disappointing. I conquered two-thirds of it with ease.

Saku stepped next to Faith. He looked into her eyes.

Saku: However, the last part is tearing my brain apart. I have a choice. I have to decide between what I cherish most and my lust for power.

Saku pulls out a handgun and presses it against Faith's head.

Saku: Would you like to decide?

Saku laughs maniacally. Lucero gets up.

Lucero: Leave her out of this!

He grabs his sword.

Saku: Hmph.

Saku puts away his gun. He picks up a 7-foot long sword that was behind him. Lucero was struck with fear when he realized that this weapon was from his dreams.

Saku: Do you remember this blade? ....You should.

Saku runs and slashes his sword at Lucero. They both try to push each other's sword out the way. Sparks fly everywhere. Lucero decides to kick Saku. Saku jumps in the air. He back flips on top of another random grave. Lucero rushes at Saku and slashes his sword at him. Saku defended - his sword simply clashed. Saku rams his knee into Lucero's chest. He then kicks Lucero into the ground. He struggles to get up. He spits blood. Lucero looks up to see Saku's hand in front of him. Saku laughs.

Saku: ........Chaos Oblivion...

Before Lucero could gasp for air, he was pummeled endlessly until he lost every feeling he had. Lucero crashes into the tall gates of the cemetery. Lucero collapsed on the ground.

Saku sighs and walks towards Lucero.

Saku: Life is full of disappointments. This, sadly, is no exception. You hardly had put up any resistance. I suppose this will suffice for the beginning of a new era...

He grabs Lucero by the neck and presses him against the gates. Lucero struggles and drops his sword.

Saku: It's been a good time, Lucero.

All of the sudden, another force interfered. Its black waves interrupted Saku and enraged him. This battered Saku into the ground. A familiar silhouette appeared.

Saku: Ugh....... Ri-Rival?!

Rival: Skip the explanations. I overheard everything.

Lucero: *pant*.... Ugh... You....*pant*.... *pant*.... could've come sooner.......

Rival: I wanted to see what you would do. I wanted to see the way you handle responsibilities as a Traveler. Rest, Lucero... you'll need it.

Rival pulls out his sword. He picks up Lucero's as well.

Saku: Ignorant as always... Zeto!

One of the Final X members stepped in. He had a rather large body frame. Zeto's long messy hair was slicked back. His dominant facial feature was a long scar that stretched from the forehead, over his eye, and stopped at the side of his cheekbone. His green eyes were completely dull and lifeless, compared to the others. Zeto pulls out a large, blood-stained sword.

Rival: Two against one? Hmph...


Traveler of Light: Chapter 15


The sun falls quicker than its time to rise.

Days are eclipsed into night.

It is such a cold demise.

Why not end in delight?

shadow_17705 Presents

Traveler of Light
Chapter 15: Serene Night, Part I


A white hedgehog stood in the mountains. His fur was whiter than the snow and the ice that surrounds him. As empty this white can be, ironically, small rainbows can be seen in an angle.

A white girl hedgehog came running after the luminous one. Her fur color had a slight golden tint due to her one golden highlight. Her smile however echoed the boy's flawless fur.

They embraced. The boy's fingers caressed the girl's hair. The girl sighed as the boy's stern face was severed slightly into a smile.

Boy Hedgehog: You came? Why?

Girl Hedgehog: Why wouldn't I?

Boy Hedgehog: It's... odd...

Girl Hedgehog: ...That I don't fit in?

Boy Hedgehog: That you would keep your promise.

Girl Hedgehog: ...Why?

Boy Hedgehog: I never met anyone who kept their promises.

The boy hedgehog sighs.

Girl Hedgehog: Don't be like that.

Boy Hedgehog: Hmm?

Girl Hedgehog: Try to have a positive outlook on life. Don't be negative.

Boy Hedgehog: Is that even possible?

Girl Hedgehog: Of course!

Boy Hedgehog: Hmph. It's not normal to be positive. Always.... happy. It's just not right.

Girl Hedgehog: You don't have to be happy all the time.

Boy Hedgehog: But-

Girl Hedgehog: Think about the things that make you positive. What ma-?

The boy hedgehog hugged her.

Boy Hedgehog: I'm with you... right?

They smiled at each other and kissed.


Faith had finished writing a rather long diary entry. She sighed as she closed her red, leather notebook. On the back, engraved, were the letters L and F enclosed in a heart. There was no plus sign between them. Faith thought the plus sign meant separation between them.

Tonight, my goal will finally be achieved...

Lucero was running from the outskirts of the city into the suburban neighborhood near the ocean. The sun was setting.

I find it funny that all of the gears started turning only a few weeks ago...

Lucero ran through the terraces and boulevards. He speeded into a familiar street. He stopped at Faith's house. He knocked on the door. No answer.

Lucero: Faith!

No answer. Lucero proceeded by opening the door, but it was locked. Lucero forcefully kicked the door open.

Lucero: Faith!

No answer.

It was too easy...

Faith was no where to be seen or heard. Lucero ran upstairs to Faith's bedroom. She was no where in sight. However, on a desk, was a red diary with black binding. The front cover was faced down. The back with the heart was shown. Beside it, were two notes, one of them was crumbled. Lucero unfolded the crumbled one first. The words scribbled on it were stressed.







Lucero gawked at the pressured letters. He snatched the second note, written by Faith.



If you get this note, you have most likely come back from Saku's game of fencing. I have gone to the cemetery. His handwriting was different than his usual. I don't like it. I'm truly sorry for stealing the Twilight Diamond. I'm sure I am coming back in the next couple of hours.

I love you.



I mastered the first two stages of the puzzle with ease.

Lucero grabbed the two notes and Faith's diary without any second thoughts. He stormed out of the seaside neighborhood and into the city. The clouds thicken. Mist was everywhere

I admit the first stage, the 3D puzzle, was a little more challenging than the second. It took me four tries just to complete it.

The second stage was simple. I had to get the key out before needles punctured my fingers. Fortunately, I never bled before and never felt pain.

Lucero turns around the corner of an abandoned street.

The third and final stage made me think. So, I devised a plan just to complete it.

I laugh at the difficulty of the whole puzzle. This was just to get a mere Twilight Diamond!

We needed THREE of the five Twilight Diamonds and a soul of a remnant. A remnant like me. A remnant like Lucero. But why must WE die? ANY remnant would do...

Lucero enters Sidus Cemetery.

Lucero: FAITH!

He scans the cemetery in search for either Faith or Saku. Two dark figures glided past Lucero's vision. The figures had voices. One of them was a male's voice.

???: Is that him Abyss?

The female voice, Abyss, laughed.

Abyss: Why, yes it is, Scythe. I didn't expect him to come...

Scythe: Hmph...

Lucero: Where are you?

Lucero pulls out his sword. A feminine figure stood in his vision, hands in the air.

Abyss: No need to get into rash fights! My name is Abyss.

Lucero: Abyss?

Abyss pranced around the misty tombstones. She walked up to Lucero. Abyss's height was much shorter than Lucero's.

Abyss: Don't be alarmed.

She giggled. Abyss's face was unveiled. She was a very young female hedgehog. Her fur color was gray, which was much darker than the snow white color of Lucero. Her hair was tied in a rather loose bun with hair sticking out in every direction. One of her eyes was green while the other was blue.

Abyss: You must be Lucero! The creepy guy wants to see you.

The other shrouded figure, Scythe, appeared behind and seizes Lucero. Lucero struggles and drops Faith's diary and the two messages.

Lucero: What the-?

Abyss: I'll take that!

She steals Lucero's sword. She notices the diary and the notes.

Abyss: What's this?

Abyss picks up the diary and the crumpled messages. After a quick read through, she crumples both notes into a paper ball and throws it at Lucero's head. Lucero couldn't catch them, due to being held against his will. Abyss giggles as she opens the diary. She skims through the pages, laughing silently as she reads.

Abyss: Awwww... It's like a love story!!! Hehehehe....

She tosses the book at Lucero. It falls on the ground next to the crumpled messages.

Abyss: It's a little sad, though. Such an innocent, tortured soul...

Lucero: What are you talking about?

Abyss picks up the diary and messages that were on the ground.

Abyss: Don't you get it? She loves you. And you...

She turns her back on Lucero.

Abyss: Well, you never had spoken of your love to her.

Lucero: But-

Abyss: She doubts you...

Scythe: Abyss!

Abyss: You're certainly not the one for conversations, Scythe. Hmph. Fine, I'll get you to the creepy guy...

Abyss leads Lucero, who is still seized by Scythe through the cemetery. They pass by unfamiliar tombstones covered in dirt and dust. However, in the back of the cemetery, were dark figures gathered around a large tombstone. Lucero noticed only two from the crowd: Saku and Faith. Faith was seized by two dark figures. Saku stood in front of the tomb. A sinister grin stretched across his face.

Saku: Lucero! You finally came...

He laughed.


ATTENTION: People Who Like Anime.

I found a great anime, called Elfen Lied. I find it very emotional throughout almost all the episodes (although the English voices are not quite good). However, watch at your own risk! There is nudity, graphic violence, gore, and the portrayal of the dark side of human nature. This is meant for a mature audience of ages 18 and up. You'll find it disturbing, but it's really a very nice story.

Traveler of Light: Chapter 14


Two weeks passed since the incident. The abyss widens to engulf all that stands in its way... only to throw itself into oblivion.

shadow_17705 Presents

Traveler of Light
Chapter 14: Disorder



The white hedgehog stands in the hospital's courtyard. A harmonious ring echoed through the clear air. It abruptly stops, followed by a melodic voice.

???: Nara?

Nara: Saku?

Saku: Speaking...

Nara: We found another diamond.

Saku: Yes... It's locked in a puzzle... carried by some old black wolf.

Nara: You knew?

Saku: ... Precisely.

Nara: Saku... I'm worried.

Saku: You have no reason, Nara.

Nara: Zeto's impatient.

Saku: Let's not have Zeto create havoc just yet.

Nara: But-

Saku: He'll have his favorite moments, Nara. But wait, I have a plan...

Nara: Be careful.

Saku: Bye, my love.


The bell of the clock tower rang to count out the hours: two in the afternoon. On the park bench, was Saku. His left forearm was uncovered from the gauze that was wrapped tightly, revealing many long, scars. In his right hand, was a pocket knife. He sighed and carved deeply into his left forearm.

Saku (thinking): No matter how much wounds I have given, I cannot feel the pain and I cannot bleed...

He carved another empty gash.

Saku (thinking): Soon, Shadesu... soon...

He puts away the pocket knife. He carefully rewraps the gauze around his wounds. He looks at the familiar figure.

Saku: Lucero.... It's a quarter after three. You're late.

Lucero: Well, I agreed to your fencing match. So, I though it might be interesting. Anyway, I'm here.

Saku stood up.

Saku: Follow me! I know this... good place. It's not far from here, you know.

Saku walked, leading Lucero. Lucero glared at Saku, wondering.

Lucero: What were you doing just now?

Saku: Oh nothing. Just a little habit...

Lucero (thinking): A habit?

Soon, the two snow-white hedgehogs walked to a large mansion. Saku walked up the steps, gesturing Lucero to follow. Saku then rang a doorbell and waited for what seemed to be an eternity for someone to open the large doors. A 10-year-old male wolf with jet black fur and cobalt blue streaks on his arms and legs and a blue tip on his tail opened the doors, looking up at the two white hedgehogs. Behind the wolf, was a 9-year-old male crimson-red hedgehog. They were both holding wooden swords, staring innocently at Lucero and Saku.

Black Wolf and Crimson Hedgehog (in unison): Um........ Hi?

Saku: Damien...

The young black wolf nodded.

Saku: Cross...

The crimson hedgehog shuddered.

Saku: Do you know where Vladimir is?

Damien nodded again and ran through the hallway. Cross retreated, panicking, and ran after Damien.

Damien: Dad! Mr. Saku and some other guy's here to see you.

A rough voice answered.

Vladimir: Very well then...

Damien and Cross came back to the door where Lucero and Saku stood. Soon, Vladimir was behind the children. His appearance was much like Damien's, only older and wiser. Vladimir's eyes were gray, despite his son's being a bright, innocent blue. He didn't have any blue on his fur that Damien has. Vladimir was rather. Vladimir had worn gauntlets which had numerous wristbands and bracelets. Around his neck, were a few chains. His pants were torn and his boots were damaged.

Vladimir: Saku. I didn't expect to see you here.

Saku was about to speak, almost excited, but was interrupted.

Vladimir: ...and who's this?

Saku: Lucero! H-He's-

Vladimir: Lucero... Yes.... I've heard of you before. I am Vladimir.

Saku glanced at Lucero, wondering. Vladimir grinned, flashing his sharp teeth.

Vladimir: Takashi told me about you. Come, come!

Vladimir led Lucero and Saku through the giant halls, passing both Damien and Cross.

Cross: Damien?

Damien: Yeah?

Cross: There's something about Saku...


Two rapiers clash against each other in an open courtyard. Lucero and Saku, without any armor, anticipate each other's move... waiting for any opening to strike. Sparks fly towards the ground. Saku soon pokes his sword at Lucero.

Saku: Hmph.

Lucero: What? You win.

Saku: Are you even trying?

Lucero: Fine... Best two out of three.

Saku twirled his rapier with his fingers. He slashed up, only to be parried by Lucero. Saku then thrusts his sword at Lucero, again to be denied. He slashed up only to have his sword locked with Lucero's.

Saku: Ah... You were holding back.

Saku kicks Lucero down. Saku grins and then begins to plunge his sword into Lucero's body. However, Lucero rolled on the ground to the left, dodging the oncoming, threatening attack. He gets up and slices right, which knocks Saku's rapier out of his hand. Saku straightens and holds his hands up, while Lucero points his sword at him.

Saku: We're tied. That was rather quick...

Lucero: Let's leave it at that.

Lucero and Saku re-entered Vladimir's manor.

Lucero: Saku.

Saku: Hm?

Lucero: I've been noticing, you seem a bit edgier that usual.

Saku: I-I don't understand what you're saying L-Lucero.

Lucero: You were eager to pay Vladimir a visit. What are you thinking?

Saku: ......Vladimir!

Vladimir: Back so soon? I thought it would take longer. Lost interest?

Saku chuckled as he led Lucero to the front door.

Saku: Speaking of which, Lucero, why don't you leave?

Lucero: What?

Saku: I... I hear Faith needed to talk to you immediately.

Saku opens the door, gesturing Lucero to go.

Saku: Well go on. I don't want you to keep Faith waiting.

Lucero moves in front of Saku. He turns to face Saku, confused.

Saku: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Hurry, before she gets impatient.

Lucero doesn't move. Saku's face changes from friendly to stern and serious.

Saku: No, really. Go.

He pushes Lucero out, closing and locking the door behind him. Saku sighs.

Saku: Well, Vladimir... How about a little battle?

Vladimir: If you insist.

Saku: But let's make it interesting. If I win,

He points to a mysterious orb.

Saku: ...I get that puzzle.

Vladimir: The puzzle? It seems impossible to solve. However, I already know what's inside it: a Twilight Diamond. There are three stages to it.

Vladimir: In the first stage, you have to dismantle the pieces to get to the second stage. It's like a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, but you have to press on the pieces in order to take that piece out. There are 337 pieces and they have to be dismantled in a certain order, so if you press the wrong piece at any point, you will have to completely redo the entire first stage. Be fast, because you're under a time limit of exactly 90 seconds and then you will have to restart the whole stage again if you fail.

Vladimir: Although I haven't completed the first stage, I've heard what's after this stage. The second stage is a smaller orb that was closed within the first stage. This stage encases a key and the third stage. The second stage has a hole in it. You have to put your fingers in it and take the key out. You have 5 seconds to get it out before needles come out and puncture your fingers. That key opens the second stage to reveal the third and final stage.

Vladimir: The Twilight Diamond is enclosed within a glass orb. The final stage is simple: you have a choice. You have to decide between what you cherish most and your lust for power.

Saku: It must be quite a burden.

Vladimir: You might say it is.

Saku: So... if you win...

Vladimir: You join the Travelers as Traveler of Oblivion.

Saku: Very well... I agree.

Sonic Chronicles!!!!

I just got Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. I decided to take a little break from it. It's very good. I'm trying to create as much SonAmy moments as I can. Rouge is very funny. She'll never get Sonic!!! Anyway, great game! The Marauders are very interesting and I'm glad that you can say different kinds of things. Why hasn't GS wrote a review yet?!?!